Documentation Hug Days

NOTE: Documentation Hug Days are not currently operating.

The DocumentationTeam runs a monthly Hug Day - a day to concentrate on a specified area of the documentation, whilst bolstering community involvement by promoting and getting as many people involved as possible.


Documentation, the Community Wiki in particular, often has areas which require attention. These tasks fall into one of three categories:

  • QA - redundant pages, duplication and inaccurate information.
  • Structure - addressing changes to the structure of a site, such as migrating Wiki to Community.
  • Expansion - expanding existing areas specifically identified in requests from Brainstorm.

Identifying Tasks

Topics will be added to this page and picked based on discussion through the DocumentationTeam mailing list.

This is a list of suggested hug day topics and can be added to by anyone. Please add your name to your suggestion so that we can seek clarification if needed.

  • Categories to tags - These topics are in need of cleanup but they are labelled using category rather than a tag. Each page needs CategoryCleanup removed from the bottom of the page and a suitable tag added to clarify why it needs cleanup. --DougieRichardson

  • Wiki to Community - A lot of pages that are on the team Wiki should be on the community wiki. This page lists those which should be moved and how to do it. --DougieRichardson

  • System Documentation - Search for problems in the help documents, like identifying bad information, areas of missing information, typos, bad links, and so on. -- rocket2dmn 2009-05-09 23:46:31


Hug Days are initially monthly but might increase in frequency should there be both the level of participation and sufficient tasks.

It would be ideal to have a specific date, such as the first Saturday of the month say, in order to simplify marketing.

I suggest we look at availability within the team and discuss the best day.

The Documentation Team's Role

Documentation Team's members role would primarily be:

  • Being available on IRC to answer questions.
  • Ensuring that the Style Guide is followed.
  • Arbitrating disputes.

Members should be available throughout the day in #ubuntu-doc on any questions can be asked there. Members are asked to note what times are convenient for them and add their availability to this page, the more the merrier but as long as we can cover the whole period.


The promotion of Hug Days is essential, this section is to identify possible routes to our target audience. Initially establishing a high visibility for this initiative is essential for it to succeed.

  • Planet Ubuntu
  • LWN
  • Fridge
  • Ubuntu Weekly News
  • Prominent positioning on HUC
  • Ubuntu UK Podcast
  • Personal blogs
  • Documentation Team mailing list
  • Ubuntu Forums


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