A Documentation Team meeting is planned for the first Tuesday of every month @ 17:00 UTC.

Freezes for Zesty – String Freeze March 16 – Non-language packs March 30

Date, time, place

The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, October 6, 2015 @ 17:00 UTC. We will meet in #ubuntu-meeting-2 on

Documentation Team meetings are open to everyone who wants to contribute to Ubuntu Documentation.


The chairs are the drivers of the four sub-teams along with one main chair who commands the bot.








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  • Stephen M. Webb mentioned the Desktop-Next/Unity8-Desktop user guide on the list. How to mobilize an interest among the team members to work with this new area of docs?

  • Unity 7 status: The wily version of the ubuntu-docs package will be uploaded in a few days. Basically it will be identical to the vivid version. Doug has updated a couple of icons, but the textual contents remains unchanged.


  • Ted Cox fixed several bug reports during the sprint portion of the OpenHelp conference. Very soon now we will branch the 14.04 serverguide out of the trunk, and the trunk will begin to have 16.04 specific edits added. If possible it might make sense to do an update and publish cycle of the 14.04 serverguide first, perhaps immediately following the 15.10 release.

Ubuntu Manual



  • Gunnar's membership in the doc committers team has been upgraded to administrator. The reasoning is that we should always have at least two active administrators for any team. Although we expect him back in early 2016, Kevin (the other admin, besides Doug) is still busy with his dissertation.
  • If his work duties allow, Ted Cox (and maybe Svetlana?) will be available for any follow up discussion on the OpenHelp conference.

  • The date and time of the monthly doc team meeting: Sometimes, we have a conflict with the "Ubuntu Technical Board", which meets every two weeks. While we thought we solved the problem by moving our meeting one hour later, actually the technical board shifts it's meeting with respect to UTC as a function of daylight savings or standard time. So sometimes the conflict will continue. What shall we do?
  • At the request of Alberto (and it was a good suggestion), the launchpad doc team renewal frequency has been reduced to once per year from two times per year, after a new team members first half year.

Past meetings

Past meetings are shown on the MeetingLogs/DocTeam page.

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