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The Ubuntu Documentation Project meetings are scheduled on an individual basis, and announced on the mailing list. If you feel we should have a meeting, please email the mailing list.

The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, February 6th @ 22:00 UTC. We will meet in #ubuntu-doc on

As always, the Documentation Team meetings are open to everyone who wants to contribute to Ubuntu Documentation.


New Business

  • Ubuntu Classroom Sessions scheduling

  • Progress on Desktop Docs GNOME documentation sync
    • Approximately when will a basic version of the 14.04 docs be ready for review?
    • There have been two recent e-mail threads on the subject of GNOME docs sync and such moving forward. Recent Merge Proposals and revisions are already deviating from the GNOME look and feel. The submission is that re-syncing with GNOME again and going forward is untenable. Action for meeting: Agree or disagree.
  • Guidelines about wiki work
    • There was some talk on the list about the use of tags and method for deleting pages. Conclusions from those discussions?
  • Guidelines about using prefixes in mailing-list (belkinsa)
    • There was some talk about using prefixes to create less confussion on the mailing-list

Follow up on previous meeting

  • Follow up.

Past meetings

Past meetings are shown on the MeetingLogs/DocTeam page.

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