Hey All!

About Me

I'm mid-30s, married with children and a mortgage in Connecticut.


I work for a small(~ish) financial company in Hartford as a Developer (of sorts) and as #2 of a 2-man IT department (not including our boss). We are primarily a Microsoft shop (ASP.NET, SQL Server, Exhcnage, Office, Crystal Reports, etc.) although the two of us are looking to run a coup and change things around some (he's a BSD-guy).

Linux Experience

I started sometime around 2002, and if my memory serves me it

'twas the night before Thanksgiving and all through the house, not a creature was stirring except the fool installing RedHat Linux 8.0!'

Since then I've upgraded to RedHat 9.0 before changing gears completely and going with Gentoo. Within the past year I found and began running Ubuntu. I did try going back to RedHat by trying out CentOS but have since returned to Ubuntu which I will probably stick with (for now).

While I started with Ubuntu, I have looked into Kubuntu but so far have been bitten twice by the partitioning and installation process so unfortunately I'm going to skip this version for a while.

Currently I am running Edubuntu on a computer which I originally set up for the kids. I have been pleasantly surprised to find that it doesn't skimp on anything from Ubuntu.


I am part of the Connecticut Ubuntu Loco Team, Danbury Area Computer Society (DACS), fencing at Candlewood Fencing Center.

What else?

I split my time between family, Fencing (Epee), tabletop role-playing games (since about 1978) and computers.

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