GPG: 83A61194
Launchpad: kirkland
Location: Austin, TX
Blog: blog.dustinkirkland.com

I am Dustin Kirkland, an Ubuntu Core Developer of Canonical's Ubuntu Server, and the Manager/TechLead of Canonical's Systems Integration Team.

My objective is to develop, extend, package, and support the software that comprises Ubuntu Server and Ubuntu Cloud, making it easy to use and secure. I actively triage and fix bug reports against Ubuntu Server packages and opportunistically develop command line tools.

2011 Ubuntu Technical Board Nomination

I was quite surprised and humbled to learn from DanielHolbach this morning that I had been nominated to the 2011 Ubuntu Technical Board elections. (I hold each of the current board members in such lofty regards, that the thought of filling their shoes is really quite intimidating!) I've been an Ubuntu user since 2006, joining Canonical's Ubuntu Server Team in February 2008, and becoming an Ubuntu MOTU and Core Developer in the following year. I live and breathe Ubuntu, running on nearly every device in my possession, and having donated numerous others to friends, families, and schools. Ubuntu is much, much more than a job to me -- I spend countless hours working on the project, both "on the clock" and "off". I firmly believe that the Ubuntu Code of Conduct is one of the most important documents in modern Internet social interaction, and that the Ubuntu Community is its leading bastion to the rest of the world. I hope to live and work and interact by the principles therein. I would be delighted and honored to serve on the Ubuntu Technical Board.

Ubuntu Contributions

Community Tools

General Contributions

Upstream Maintainer

I have authored (or co-authored) and continue to maintain the following open source projects:

  • LinuxPlumbers - PowerNap - Santa Rosa, CA (9/2011)

  • LinuxCon - PowerNap - Vancouver, BC, CA (8/2011)

  • Texas Linux Fest - Byobu - Austin, TX (4/2011)
  • SCALE 9x - Byobu - Santa Clara, CA (2/2011)
  • Ubuntu Hardware Summit - The Ubuntu Server Roadmap - Taipei, Taiwan (9/2010)
  • Texas Linux Fest- Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud - Austin, TX (4/2010)
  • LinuxConfAU Distro Summit - Launchpad.net - Wellington, NZ (1/2010)
  • Linux Filesystems Summit- eCryptfs - San Francisco, CA (4/2009)

Upstream Projects

I have previously contributed functionality to the following upstream projects:

  • Linux (kernel) - audit subsystem (comparators), SELinux labels

  • Audit (Linux audit userspace subsystem) - comparators

  • Yaboot (PowerPC bootloader) - software RAID, bootonce

  • Anaconda (Red Hat/Fedora installer) - software RAID for PowerPC, incremental ISO integrity check

  • Autotest (automated testing framework) - ltp-diff, conmux

  • LTP (Linux Test Project) - various tests for EAL certification


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