Easy Ubuntu is a graphical tool for beginners and an easy way to make Ubuntu more usable in a few minutes by installing various restricted or proprietary packages, multimedia codecs, or plugins not included by default. With it you can use Ubuntu as your main system with little knowledge about Linux!

Easy Ubuntu allows you to:

  • Add extra repositories for installing a lot of additional software.
  • Install multimedia codecs for reading all videos, music and DVDs.
  • Activate the "audio preview" feature in Nautilus.
  • Install the most-needed Firefox plugins: Flash, Java, Real, Quicktime and Windows Media videos. Adds Microsoft fonts, GNOME's Firefox buttons, official Firefox icons.
  • Install archiving support for RAR and ACE.
  • Install the most-used peer-to-peer softwares: aMule (a clone of eMule) and Azureus (for Bittorent).
  • Install the "Skype" voice-over-IP software. (Warning: at this time Skype is not packaged for Breezy, so the install doesn't work)
  • Num lock: Active the num lock at system startup.
  • Replace the GNOME foot logo with Ubuntu's logo.
  • Install the NVIDIA or ATI driver for 3D hardware acceleration support.

For more information, visit the Ubuntuforums thread, the Creator's website or https://launchpad.net/products/easyubuntu


This would probably stand a better chance of making it into Ubuntu if the 'illegal in some jurisdictions' stuff like deCSS was separated out from the merely 'closed source but free beer' things like real player. Then we would also avoid the scary 'you may not be allowed to install this' warnings. The patent encumbered stuff could be installed with a separate installer or from a separate menu in Easy Ubuntu, making the difference clearer. -- HenrikOmma

I agree with HenrikOmma that the illegal in some places stuff should be separated from the proprietary software. I want to view my DVDs, but I don't want to install all this proprietary crap. And I removed the AMSN cvs suggestion, since AMSN 0.95 with webcam support has just been released. -- Jeroen

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