So you want to help Ubuntu but don't have a lot of time, skill or simply don't know how? Let's show you some of the easy things you can do.

These things should take less than 30 minutes and won't require a great deal of technical skill, if at all.

Marketing and Advocacy

  1. Tell somebody else about Ubuntu - Yes it is really that simple. Maybe order a few cd's through Ship It and give them one. See ConvertFriends and DIYMarketing for some more resources.

  2. Try and buy a computer with Ubuntu preinstalled - if you let the local retailers know there is a market for Ubuntu, they might start to offer it.


  1. Test your digital camera, scanner, printer or other device - Testing hardware is not hard. Simply plug the hardware in and try and make it work. Then tell us about it at HardwareSupport and file bugs (see ReportingBugs) for those that don't work.

  2. Try out a live cd - Take a live cd around to a friends house and try it out on their machine. Tell us about what doesn't work by filing bugs - see ReportingBugs.


  1. Create a little bit of art - the ArtworkTeam has compiled a great list at Artwork/Tasks.


  1. Adopt a wiki page - find a topic you know a lot about and make a good wiki page on it.

  2. Spell check a few pages - find a random page and spell check it.

For a guide on how to use the wiki, please read the WikiGuide page.


  1. Help a user - Go over to the Ubuntu Forums and look for questions from other users that you feel qualified to answer. Be sure to read the forum rules and recommendations for posting.


  1. Help a user, part 2 - Join the #ubuntu IRC channel on irc.freenode.org, ask questions, and stick around to help others!