• Name the versions of affected packages targeted for edgy.
  • Multiarch integration not a hard goal for edgy, may be postponed for edgy+1.
  • Updates for the biarch setup.
  • Drop obsolete compiler packages

Other toolchain-related specs are GccSsp and JavaRoadmap.


Edgy has a short release cycle, so we will use edgy as a testbed for one major change (stack protection), but keep the rest of the toolchain rather un-edgy and use the time to prepare a solid work for edgy+1 (EdgyPlusOneToolchainRoadmap).


Required items

  • NPTL is enabled and the default in glibc-2.4, linuxthreads not enabled anymore
    • all release architectures and ia64 supported
  • upstream tools
    • glibc-2.4, in edgy.
    • binutils-2.17, needs testing and packaging, not yet available in unstable.
    • gcc-4.1.1, gcc-4.1.2 likely after edgy freeze; follow the 4.1 branch to some point, then apply patches for wrong-code/ice-on-valid failures.

Optional/time available items

  • multiarch/biarch related changes
    • no multiarch changes explicitely targeted for edgy, see if glibc, gcc, binutils can be changed to transparently install in multiarch locations.
    • biarch -m32/-m64 changes (See as well outstanding issues / discussion below)
      • on sparc, build a sparc64-linux (host) to sparc-linux/sparc64-linux compiler (target) defaulting to sparc-linux by default (requested by the sparc port).
      • for i386, build a non-biarch compiler, plus a i386->amd64 cross compiler, which still can be called using gcc -m64.

    • provide <triplet>-<tool> wrappers for the biarch compilers.

  • Demoting compilers to universe, which are not necessarily needed for main
    • gcc-3.3 based compilers
    • gcc-4.0 based compilers (although g++-4.0 may be needeed for regressions found in g++-4.1)

Outstanding issues

  • NPTL on hppa: certainly broken, hppa is a community arch, no explicit action is taken; maybe same situation with db4.3 on hppa dapper.

BoF agenda and discussion


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