Edubuntu 12.04 LTS

The Edubuntu team is proposing that the Edubuntu 12.04 release be supported for 5 years as an LTS release.


  • Kubuntu LTS Support Cycle. Many of the packages shipped in Edubuntu that are not shipped in Ubuntu are covered by Kubuntu. Kubuntu is applying for LTS status as well with 5 years of support for critical security updates.

  • Dropped Packages. Certain packages may prove a challenge to support for 5 years and we will be dropping them. Since Mono won't be shipped in Ubuntu anymore, we will be dropping Mono as well. This means that we'll be dropping GBrainy since we aren't willing to support its mono dependencies for 5 years. It will still be available in universe and possibly in an extras meta-package. iTalc is being dropped since it has been abandoned by upstream. We will instead use Epoptis which has less features but is actively maintained. Update: Since mono will still be in main, we decided to keep mono and gbrainy. However, the Java runtime had to be dropped since Edubuntu can't maintain it internally. This brings in Freemind as a casualty to the default install.

Point Releases

List of proposed long-term support applications

Summary of packages in seeds:

  • Meta: edubuntu-artwork, edubuntu-live, edubuntu-fonts, ubuntu-edu-preschool, ubuntu-edu-primary, ubuntu-edu-secondary. ubuntu-edu-tertiary
  • KDE: blinken, kanagram, khangman, ktuberling, kalzium, kanagram, kbruch, khangman, kig, kmplot, ktouch, , ktuberling, kturtle, kwordquiz, marble, parley, step, kolourpaint4, umbrello
  • Tux4kids: tuxmath, tuxpaint, tuxtype
  • Other Science/Education/Math: gcompris, celestia-gnome, geogebra, stellarium, melting, yorick, lightspeed, xaos, laby, lybniz
  • Games: ri-li, atomix, gamine
  • Desktop Publishing/Ereader: pdfmod, scribus-ng, gimp, librecad, dia-gnome, inkscape, pencil,calibre, dia-gnome, freemind, liferea, opendict, freemind
  • Misc/Utils: arkose-nautilus, ltsp-livecd, python-x2go
  • Live CD: ubiquity-slideshow-edubuntu, gnome-session-fallback

Logs from Technical Board Meetings

28 November 2011

The Edubuntu team discussed the LTS Proposal with the [ Technical Board on 28 November 2011]. Logs from the TB meeting are available here.



  • Put together list of long-term supported apps (in progress - see above)
  • Follow up with Kubuntu on their LTS application (done)

12 December 2011



  • Waiting on Kubuntu LTS application status

9 January 2012



  • Approved by vote, modulo further discussion of calibre, VNC, possibly others

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