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Meeting May 17, 2006


  • ogra - AMD64 CD still over on space, by 3Mb, Considering dropping kstars from AMD64 ISO, as it would save 4.3Mb on space.

    • schoolinux and JaneW - expressed concern at dropping kstars and the impact on Edubuntu use, but it was largely felt that seeing as this was only on the AMD64 arch, people could download it after install.

    • jsgotangco - Suggested kvoctrain, but checked it for size 800k, which wasn't enough

    • flint - Suggested just having DVD for the AMD64 arch, ogra pointed out that the CD was needed for the DVD iso.

  • ogra - asked for testers to test the RC release from Monday 22/05/07 all week, and asked if an upgrade from breezy to dapper could also be tested, espcially in the realm of LTSP.

    • cbx33 - volunteered testing

    • JaneW - Asked for kids to test the RC, to which cbx33 volunteered the YouthLUG

  • JaneW, ogra and cbx33 - Decided there should be a Grand Unified Arch


  • All - sent congratulations to LaserJock, highvoltage and jsgotangco on their acceptance for the Paris Summit.

  • jsgotangco - to draft the release announcement, JaneW expressed a concern of getting a good balance of technical and exciting text into the announcement.

  • JaneW - Expressed encouragement for all to advocate Edubuntu 6.06, ogra suggested doing a dance.

  • JaneW - Announced next meeting at 20:00 UTC 24/05/06


  • ogra - Artwork finalised

    • ogra - Homies made it into youth theme

    • ogra - said that there possibility exists a chance that we'll get a last minute change in usplash artwork


  • jsgotangco - Firefox page and About Edubuntu both completed but not translated, conclusion by those present that English was acceptable, though ogra said mhzhad made a translation

  • ogra - expressed that he wished to get the Getting Started Guide and About Edubuntu into the CD

  • JaneW - enquired as to the state of the Cookbook, it was stated by several people that pygi and HedgeMage were working on it, as far as people were aware all docs were being stored locally.

  • JaneW - asked everyone to put their cookbook contributions on the wiki for initial proofing and comments.

  • cbx33 - stated ESA was goign to full freeze on friday and urged everybody involved to finish up. HedgeMage was working on screenshots. It was discussed that the ESA would hopfully be translated into other languages, and major languages printed, possibly in a downsized format.

  • cbx33 - announced he was working on collecting all the LTSP documents togethre under UbuntuLTSP, ogra mentioned that there should be an alternative to the thinclient howto, cbx33 agreed and suggested putting a advanced link at the bottom.

  • JaneW - also mentioned the Edubuntu Install video and said she would talk to Chris for permission.


  • JaneW - PeteSavage to minute meetings from this point forward

    • All agreed - specify if you want something in particular to be included in the minutes

   02:03 JaneW        hi all
   02:03 ogra         flint, heh, for guys like you we made up that new schedule :)
   02:04 JaneW        hi spacey
   02:04 flint        ogra, you software wenies are just out to confuse us old fools :^)
   02:04 JaneW        ok is everyone here?
   02:04 JaneW        ok meeting notes are an issue
   02:05 cbx33        Yes,
   02:05 flint        JaneW, Good Morning
   02:05 cbx33        I was going to bring that up
   02:05 ogra         JaneW, i heard we'll get some kind of newsletter ?
   02:05 cbx33        I'm working on the new wiki fromt page
   02:05 JaneW        I would love to have someone voluteer to help with posting a meeting synopsis somewhere
   02:05 JaneW        ogra: possibly...
   02:05 JaneW        ogra: TBD
   02:05 cbx33        and I wanted to include meeting notes
   02:05 ogra         JaneW, that should just be aq fleshed out version of the meeting notes then i think
   02:05 JaneW        I find it hard to do all the talking/typing, and summarise in note format too
   === cbx33 's hand is wavering to volunteer
   02:06 JaneW        cbx33: done
   02:06 cbx33        but thinking about all the doc writing I still have to do
   02:06 cbx33        oh what the hell
   02:06 cbx33        sign me up
   02:06 JaneW        cbx33: you are it
   02:06 cbx33        thought so
   02:06 JaneW        cbx33: we love you
   02:06 cbx33        :p
   02:06 cbx33        seeing as I'm doing the wiki front makes sense I think
   02:06 ogra         welcome our new official edubuntu secretary :)
   02:06 JaneW        note to all if something needs to be noted pls try to explicitely mention it to cbx33 so he doesn;t have to wade through everyone
   02:06 cbx33        can I just mention we have a YouthLUG member today dave-YL is joining us for the meeting :D
   02:06 JaneW        something like cbx33 please make a note of that ^^
   02:07 JaneW        hi dave-YL
   02:07 dave-YL      hi
   02:07 cbx33        he's on work experience with me in the office so I thought I'd bring him along :D
   02:07 JaneW        cbx33: does that sound ok? re the explicit note requests?
   02:07 cbx33        show him how cool the edubuntu gang are :p
   02:07 cbx33        JaneW: that sounds great
   02:07 JaneW        I found that helped when I was doing minutes (in my youth)
   02:07 spacey       YouthLUG?
   02:07 cbx33        :p
   02:07 flint        dave-YL, Hi how youthful is youthful?
   === ogra puts on his ice suit
   02:08 JaneW        so instead of recording a 2 hours debate, just get the results down
   02:08 dave-YL      14
   02:08 JaneW        ok back to the business at hand
   02:08 cbx33        indeed
   02:08 JaneW        Edubuntu
   02:08 JaneW        15 days to RELEASE DAY
   02:08 cbx33        Yikes :p
   02:08 ogra         tech update ... not much, apart from artwork being final (usplash still arguable)
   02:08 JaneW        before we plan the party, are we ready
   02:09 cbx33        the homies have a crib :p
   02:09 JaneW        ogra: so artwork is in?
   02:09 ogra         amd64 was down to 1.3M oversizednedd last week, but is up to 3M again
   02:09 ogra         *ness
   02:09 JaneW        what's the issue with usplash?
   02:09 ogra         so i'll need to find something big to drop *again*
   02:09 cbx33        ogra: are we goign to have to drop a package?
   02:09 ogra         sigh
   02:09 ogra         there is not much left on amd64
   02:10 ogra         i'm inclined to drop kstras to solve it once and for all
   02:10 ogra         *kstars
   02:10 cbx33        hmm, not good
   02:10 JaneW        ogra: why is and64 so much larger?
   02:10 spacey       binaries so much biggier on amd64?
   02:10 ogra         not mutch, but it sums up
   02:10 cbx33        ogra: is ther a possiblilty of just removing some of teh data files for kstars?
   02:10 JaneW        are the other arches at capacity?
   02:10 sladen       ogra: did /var/log/* getting cleared?  and do a du -sch on /usr/share/doc
   02:10 ogra         i386 is exactly at 695M (max value)
   02:10 JaneW        yikes
   02:10 ogra         amd64 in sum is at 698
   02:10 JaneW        ogra: is it safe to fill it that much?
   02:11 ogra         sladen, on the CD ?
   02:11 ogra         JaneW, yep
   02:11 JaneW        ok good
   02:11 sladen       ogra: the LiveCD was not getting its logfiles cleared after creation
   02:11 ogra         its fine unless we slip over 695
   02:11 cbx33        sladen: i hear you down in soton tomorrow, really bummed I can't make it
   02:11 JaneW        ogra: you said usplash was arguable, what/who is arguing?
   02:11 ogra         sladen, ah, i dont care about live, we wont ship it
   02:11 flint        ogra, would it be a safe assumption that anyone running an AMD 64 has access to a DVD?
   02:12 cbx33        flint: I'd say not :p
   02:12 ogra         flint, sure, and the DVD is available, thats not the prob
   02:12 flint        ok then what?
   02:12 ogra         the prob is that if we dont have a working iso on release day, we wont have that arch at all
   02:12 ogra         a CD iso that is
   02:13 flint        a DVD iso would suffice for AMD 64 IMHO.
   02:13 JaneW        ogra: how when can you sort it all out?
   02:13 ogra         flint, we wont have a DVD iso if we dont have a CD
   02:13 JaneW        ogra: are all changes frozen now? so the size won't vary daily anymore...
   02:13 cbx33        i'd say go for the kstars drop
   02:13 ogra         JaneW, i'm doing it alongside with my last minute ubuntu bugwork
   02:13 JaneW        ok
   02:13 ogra         needs to be sorted until flight8
   02:13 JaneW        how utilized is kstarts?
   02:14 flint        ogra, it was merely a thought... :^)
   02:14 JaneW        stars
   02:14 ogra         some MB
   02:14 JaneW        let's cut it if that's the best bet
   02:14 JaneW        but you may get complaints if it is popular and ppl can;t find it
   02:14 cbx33        people can alsways install it later
   02:14 ogra         kstars itself is quite small, but it puls in a huge amount of data
   02:14 JaneW        but I guess they can d/l it
   02:14 cbx33        JaneW: true
   02:14 ogra         yep
   02:14 JaneW        ok done
   02:14 cbx33        we can possibly put a note on the AMD64 page?
   02:14 ogra         it wont just be in the default install on an arch we dont send through shipit
   02:14 JaneW        cbx33 please make a note of that ^^
   02:15 cbx33        :p
   02:15 spacey       you kick it out of amd64 only or all arches?
   02:15 JaneW        ogra: did you test the shipit site?
   02:15 ogra         the only real important arch for us is i386
   === Hirion [n=hirion@draugr.de] has left #ubuntu-meeting []
   02:15 ogra         yep
   02:15 ogra         all others are just nice to have ones
   02:15 JaneW        ogra: and all working well?
   02:15 ogra         yep
   02:15 JaneW        great
   02:15 ogra         i didnt get any virtual CD yet though :P
   02:16 JaneW        it takes up to 8 weeks :P
   02:16 flint        ogra, the i386 imperitive is clear.  That is why we should get out of the box (or CD) for the AMD 64...
   02:16 ogra         but probably "a bunch" inst a proper volume for marilize :)
   02:16 JaneW        ok what else are you doing ogra, but and testing?
   02:16 JaneW        but=bugs
   === pips1 [n=philipp@hsz-hgkz.isz.ch] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   02:16 ogra         bugs
   02:16 ogra         lots of missed ubuntu bugs still
   02:16 JaneW        ok, what do you need from us all for the next 2 weeks?
   02:16 ogra         will have at least one nightshift
   02:17 ogra         CD testing indeed
   02:17 JaneW        cbx33 please make a note of that ^^
   02:17 ogra         we'll start with the tests for release candidate on monday
   02:17 JaneW        whoever is able to test please do
   02:17 JaneW        and feedback results and issues
   02:17 ogra         especially people who can test ltsp
   02:17 JaneW        we need this realease to be really great
   02:17 flint        ogra, will this test iso be called flight 7 essentially?
   02:17 JaneW        we are hoping to do great things with it
   02:17 pips1        (sorry for being late) what should I test?
   02:18 JaneW        pips1: the CD images
   02:18 ogra         (and no, i dont mean powerpc clients on amd64 servers or other exotic stuff :) )
   02:18 pips1        which flight?
   02:18 cbx33        ogra: you know I'll test
   02:18 ogra         pips1, from monday on we'll need to test extensively
   02:18 JaneW        and let some kids try it too if at all possible
   02:18 pips1        ok
   02:18 cbx33        JaneW: youth lug will be helping
   02:18 cbx33        right dave-YL ?
   02:18 JaneW        ogra: how's the art looking now that it's packaged, has it come together nicely?
   02:18 ogra         there will be no changes anymore from next week on
   02:18 flint        ogra, can efts fly? :^)
   02:18 JaneW        cbx33: awesome, thanks Youth LUG
   02:19 JaneW        flint: no they scuttle (at best)
   02:19 ogra         JaneW, its fine ... i'm still not thrilled by chalkboards but it fits into the rest now
   02:19 cbx33        were we ever thrilled with chalkboards :p
   02:19 ogra         we have one open bug about NZ missing on the map
   02:19 JaneW        ogra: good, let's see how;s it received, maybe we'll get rave reviews :P
   === cbx33 chuckles
   02:19 ogra         so we might get a last minute change here
   02:19 JaneW        ogra: LMAO
   02:19 flint        JaneW, so the first new release will be called a scuttle?  I like it!!!
   02:19 ogra         silbs is on it
   02:19 flint        :^)
   02:20 JaneW        flint: no that was my sugestion though, doubt it will be taken...
   02:20 ogra         oh, and the homies are in as well
   02:20 JaneW        YAY
   02:20 flint        JaneW, got my vote!
   02:20 JaneW        flint: thanks
   02:20 JaneW        ok so Edubutu 6.06 ROCKS
   02:20 ogra         i had to make them a jpeg instead of png to reduce the size
   02:20 cbx33        ogra: np
   02:20 JaneW        I think I may need to back a cake
   02:20 cbx33        do as you wish
   02:20 JaneW        or draw on a chalkboard or something
   02:21 cbx33        at least the Homies have a Crib :p
   02:21 ogra         cbx33, i did as i *could*
   02:21 cbx33        hehe
   === jsgotangco [n=jsg@] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   02:21 JaneW        ok docs
   02:21 ogra         if someone would listen to my whishes, we'd have 800MB default CDs :)
   02:21 cbx33        oooh big things happening in docs
   02:21 JaneW        jsgotangco: and not a moment too soon :)
   02:21 pips1        junior = homies, default (= senior?) = chalkboard, plain = ?
   02:21 ogra         plain = plain color
   02:21 pips1        ah
   02:21 ogra         no wallpaper
   02:22 JaneW        ok what's the status of the docs
   02:22 flint        ogra, I see your point.
   02:22 JaneW        About Edubuntu - done?
   02:22 JaneW        did it get translated in the end?
   02:22 ogra         pips1, http://people.ubuntu.com/~ogra/edubuntu/dapper_art/Screenshot_plain_2.png
   02:22 jsgotangco   sorry im late
   02:22 JaneW        jsgotangco: np
   02:22 jsgotangco   (really bad traffic)
   02:22 jsgotangco   yes
   02:22 jsgotangco   so is the FF page
   02:22 jsgotangco   no
   02:22 JaneW        huh>
   02:22 JaneW        ?
   02:22 JaneW        yes no
   02:23 jsgotangco   yes
   02:23 jsgotangco   lag
   02:23 jsgotangco   he
   02:23 JaneW        oic, done but not traslated?
   02:23 ogra         i havent gotten any translations for it
   02:23 ogra         i know mhz made one though
   === jsgotangco in breezy now can't check
   02:23 ogra         but thats the only one i'm aware of
   02:23 jsgotangco   yeah
   02:23 JaneW        is it a problem that it's not translated?
   02:23 cbx33        has it been posted on to docs ml for tans?
   02:23 JaneW        and it the deadline passed? I think it is...
   02:23 ogra         JaneW, not imho
   02:23 jsgotangco   its too late in the cycle
   02:24 cbx33        ok
   02:24 jsgotangco   unless we delay our release :)
   02:24 ogra         JaneW, we decided to make our deadline for our doc and artwork teams ourselves
   02:24 ogra         so what i can get in before tomorrow will get in
   02:24 JaneW        ogra: but just how far can you push it
   02:24 JaneW        we are WAY past the official ubuntu deadline
   02:24 ogra         but i'm merely busy with uibuntu stuff so bets are not good
   02:24 JaneW        ok so your deadline is flight 8?
   02:24 ogra         yep
   02:25 JaneW        ok, but we don;t want to rush stuff through, too risky
   02:25 JaneW        shall we stick to english?
   02:25 jsgotangco   yes
   02:25 cbx33        I'd say yes
   02:25 ogra         yep
   02:25 JaneW        I am biased being english
   02:25 JaneW        will the rest of the world accept that?
   === jsgotangco doesn't really want to do translation uploads after relesae as patches
   02:25 cbx33        hehe
   02:25 JaneW        ok good done
   02:25 ogra         i'd like to get the gettingstarted guide in and probably about edubuntu
   02:26 ogra         but that really depends if i survive tonight
   02:26 JaneW        cbx33 please make a note of that ^^
   02:26 cbx33        will do
   02:26 JaneW        ta
   02:26 JaneW        ok CookBook
   02:26 ogra         ubuntu is higher prio by mdz's call atm for me
   02:26 JaneW        I appologise that I have not been in a position to help with it
   02:26 JaneW        as I expected
   02:26 ogra         same for me
   02:26 cbx33        i've been trying to....
   02:26 JaneW        so with that in mind, has anything been done
   02:27 ogra         a lot
   02:27 JaneW        and is it in a useable form yet?
   02:27 jsgotangco   dunno
   02:27 JaneW        I know ppl have been working
   02:27 flint        ogra, mdz has you laboring on ubuntu flight 8 eh?
   02:27 JaneW        which is very encouraging
   02:27 JaneW        spacey: you have an update?
   02:27 spacey       partly
   02:27 cbx33        partly an update :p
   02:27 ogra         flint, nope, he complained that i didnt do enough ubuntu bugwork this release (which is totally true)
   02:27 JaneW        pygi is not here
   02:28 JaneW        has he been working on it?
   === schoolinux [n=saeed@] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   02:28 spacey       pygi said he was working on it
   02:28 cbx33        yes and hedgemage too
   02:28 spacey       but didn't see it in the wiki
   02:28 JaneW        yes that's right
   02:28 spacey       didn't talk to him for the last two weeks
   02:28 cbx33        it's all on their locals at the mo, or was last time I heard
   02:28 spacey       i was really busy
   02:28 ogra         i think LaserJock did also a good bunch of work there
   02:28 spacey       i'm a bit behind schedule
   02:28 cbx33        I'm trying to help with the last sections when i get a spare second
   02:28 JaneW        so do we have anything to include (or space to put it in) or shall we leave it as an on-line resource?
   02:28 flint        ogra, he has Fabio... we need you.
   02:28 spacey       and would like to get rid of a chapter, or have suggestions what to put in it
   02:28 JaneW        either way it must be finished
   02:29 JaneW        it is worth it
   02:29 flint        :^)
   02:29 jsgotangco   id really suggest not beating release
   02:29 ogra         flint, in any case i need to do less work on edeubuntu in edgy
   02:29 ogra         we need more devs that help out with it
   02:29 JaneW        can we ask the contributors to put what they have done on the wiki so we can start reviewing it?
   02:29 cbx33        ogra: I'm working on that
   02:29 jsgotangco   flint, that's where i come in *gulp*
   02:29 cbx33        JaneW: I would
   02:30 JaneW        yes dev volunteers always welcome
   02:30 ogra         cbx33, i know, youre one of my big hopes ;)
   02:30 spacey       JaneW: that would be good in anycase, that everyone puts their stuff up in the wiki
   02:30 ogra         JaneW, we'll get there :)
   02:30 cbx33        teach me I'm a blank page :p
   02:30 cbx33        ^^ I'll not that too :p
   02:30 JaneW        everyone put your CookBook Contributions ON THE WIKI
   02:30 cbx33        JaneW: noted :p
   02:30 JaneW        :))
   02:30 spacey       before the end of this week? before next meeting?
   02:30 cbx33        ASAP
   02:30 JaneW        asap
   02:30 cbx33        :p
   02:31 jsgotangco   JaneW, i'd really suggest not rushing this, it'll still be good even a few weeks after release
   02:31 JaneW        before end of week please
   02:31 ogra         yesterday
   02:31 JaneW        jsgotangco: not rushing it
   02:31 ogra         jsgotangco++
   02:31 cbx33        jsgotangco: sure but people can start proofing and suggesting
   02:31 JaneW        jsgotangco: just applying some pressure
   02:31 spacey       :)
   02:31 JaneW        jsgotangco: ppl like pain
   02:31 JaneW        next is the whip
   02:31 spacey       JaneW: thats a good thing :)
   02:31 cbx33        JaneW pain
   === jsgotangco got tired of pain already
   02:31 ogra         jsgotangco, JaneW knows what she's talking about ;)
   02:31 cbx33        awww....
   02:31 spacey       some people only perform under pressure :P
   02:32 JaneW        also congrats to those selected for the Paris Summit
   02:32 jsgotangco   your call
   02:32 ogra         oh yes :)
   02:32 JaneW        jsgotangco, highvoltage and LaserJock
   02:32 spacey       who is going?
   02:32 spacey       ah
   02:32 ogra         looking forward to meet you all
   02:32 JaneW        they are representing Edubuntu
   02:32 cbx33        congrats guys, - wish I could have gone too :p
   02:32 ogra         highvoltage is final ?
   02:32 JaneW        and will be exoected to help to spec and plan the edgy release, so please start thinking along those lines
   02:32 ogra         cbx33, next time :)
   02:32 JaneW        ogra: yes
   02:33 cbx33        ogra: one can only hope :p
   02:33 ogra         cbx33, likely at a more exotic place :)
   === freeflying [n=freeflyi@ubuntu/member/freeflying] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   02:33 cbx33        yikes....
   === janimo [n=jani@Home03207.cluj.astral.ro] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   02:33 jsgotangco   JaneW, i will do it but i dare you to bring a whip
   02:33 cbx33        ok back to docs
   02:33 JaneW        cbx33: yes keep going and I am sure the next one (which will be bigger) will be a good target for you
   02:33 JaneW        jsgotangco: oooh a DARE
   02:33 ogra         jsgotangco, just bring some leaher armory
   02:33 cbx33        ESA is going to final freeze on friday
   02:33 jsgotangco   JaneW, and a nurse costume too
   02:33 JaneW        *blushe*
   02:33 ogra         lol
   02:33 cbx33        we're in the the SVN now and working hard
   02:33 JaneW        cbx33: great
   02:34 JaneW        cbx33: it almost done?
   02:34 cbx33        just somethings to tidy up which Corey is helping out with
   02:34 JaneW        awesome, that's a really great doc
   02:34 jsgotangco   i uploaded his patch a few hours ago
   02:34 cbx33        HedgeMage was working on some screenshots, but I know that there's pressure there for otehr things
   02:34 cbx33        so screenshots from others of the app in use would be great
   02:34 JaneW        cbx33: will it stay on the wiki too?
   02:34 cbx33        of course
   02:35 cbx33        we're thinking it maky be a little downsized for the pamphlet
   02:35 JaneW        cbx33: hows the web/wiki stuff coming along for the release too?
   02:35 spacey       whats ESA?
   02:35 cbx33        good
   02:35 cbx33        I'm working the new wiki front
   02:35 ogra         edubuntu school advocacy
   02:35 JaneW        when the release announcements go out the URL will get a lot of exposure so lots of traffic will hit the site, we need to make ppl want to stay there
   02:35 cbx33        https://wiki.edubuntu.org/EdubuntuWikiMock
   02:35 spacey       whats that?
   02:36 JaneW        and we need a release announcement!
   02:36 cbx33        ideas suggestions....put em in a mail :p
   02:36 ogra         and a working css for the homepage
   02:36 JaneW        ogra: is corparate handling that? I haven't heard
   02:36 cbx33        and mail it to someone whocares....oh that's me :p
   02:36 ogra         its broken since a while+
   02:36 JaneW        last time we did it ourselves
   02:36 cbx33        yes, highvoltage was working on that
   02:36 jsgotangco   i will draft the announcement
   02:36 JaneW        jsgotangco: *HUG*
   02:36 ogra         JaneW, no idea, i guess we'll have to list the features ourselves at least
   02:36 JaneW        jsgotangco: I mean *1 whipping*
   02:36 ogra         since management doesnt know about them
   02:37 JaneW        ogra: yes please do and take care to make them mdz acceptable
   02:37 cbx33        true :p
   02:37 ogra         JaneW, will do
   02:37 JaneW        ogra: he complained about the dteail in my last monthly report
   02:37 cbx33        mdz compliance :p
   02:37 JaneW        need a good balance between technical reality and exciting sounding consumer stuff
   02:37 ogra         JaneW, he also didnt understand why i summarized all flight features in the beta announcement
   02:37 JaneW        cbx33: that's it
   02:38 JaneW        ogra: made sense to me
   02:38 cbx33        ok, lastly I think from me is the LTSPDocs
   02:38 ogra         yep, to me too
   02:38 JaneW        cbx33: yes?
   02:38 cbx33        I've started, making a new page on wiki
   02:38 cbx33        UbuntuLTSP
   02:38 cbx33        which will detail ALL LTSP docs
   02:38 JaneW        cbx33: documentation?
   02:38 JaneW        really? ogra that the stuff you were trying to get to one day?
   02:38 cbx33        so I'm currently in the process of moving and updating all LTSP related material
   02:39 cbx33        to make it ubuntu generic
   02:39 flint        cbx33, the re-use of LTSP docs is a great idea.
   02:39 JaneW        cbx33: excellent
   02:39 cbx33        indeed
   02:39 ogra         JaneW, its partially my stuff, but cbx33 is doing great work in collecting *everything* ltsp realted
   === JaneW hands cbx33 one of her 'Virtual Gold Star's (TM)
   02:39 cbx33        if anyone has written an LTSP doc please update to make it ubuntu generic
   02:39 cbx33        oooooh
   02:39 JaneW        haven't used those for a while
   02:39 ogra         wow
   === JaneW is super impressed
   02:40 ogra         cbx33, they are really rare
   02:40 ogra         kepp it in a frame
   02:40 ogra         *keep
   02:40 cbx33        I'll contact all page maintaners
   02:40 cbx33        if I can
   02:40 jsgotangco   good luck
   02:40 cbx33        I'll put that i nthe meeting notes :p
   02:40 ogra         :)
   02:40 cbx33        my aim is to hopefully create an LTSP cookbook of sorts
   02:41 ogra         an alternative to the thin client howto would be fine ...
   02:41 cbx33        :p
   02:41 ogra         that doc is horrible, but it has useful advanced info
   02:41 cbx33        well u know what I mean
   02:42 cbx33        indeed, why I was goign to break it down a little
   02:42 cbx33        but we can talk abotu that later
   02:42 ogra         i'd like to have a doc that really only shows the three steps needed to get ltsp running
   02:42 cbx33        yes ogra definite
   02:42 ogra         thin client howto hides the easiness
   02:42 cbx33        and then links to some advanced materials
   02:42 ogra         yep
   02:42 cbx33        :D
   02:42 JaneW        things have come together really nicely this cycle
   02:43 ogra         things like NAT and hosts.allow/deny are surely overkill
   02:43 ogra         yep
   02:43 cbx33        they can go in advanced advanced section :p
   02:43 ogra         this cycle was a lot better than the last, but it was also a lot less work for me
   02:43 ogra         i.e. no main inclusion fighting for every single package
   02:44 ogra         the only one i had on my list for main inclusion disqualified itself
   02:44 cbx33        just as a note, I'd like to do so much more on edubuntu, but time is an issue for me :p
   02:44 ogra         (gobby)
   02:44 JaneW        cbx33: btw feel free to eidt the wiki as much as you want and write or trash stuff etc, much of what is there (esp front page) was thrown together by me, so there's lots of room for improvement
   02:44 jsgotangco   cbx33, who does?
   02:44 cbx33        jsgotangco: indeed
   02:44 jsgotangco   cbx33, before it was only me
   02:45 cbx33        JaneW: I'm taking as diplomatic approach as I can to the wiki :p
   02:45 JaneW        also once 6.06 is out we'd like to encourage ppl to evangelise Edubuntu, talk about it where you can and make it know to all
   02:45 ogra         yeah
   02:45 ogra         do the big promotion dance
   02:45 JaneW        Breezy was kept low key, now we want everyone to know and everyone to use Edubuntu
   02:45 ogra         flint, ^^^^
   02:45 cbx33        JaneW: ESA !!!!
   02:45 JaneW        flint you and jelkner can go wild now
   === ogra imagines flint dancing
   02:46 JaneW        and use the ESA!!!
   02:46 ogra         yeah
   02:46 cbx33        would be excellent if we can get this printed off
   02:46 JaneW        get it printed locally etc
   02:46 cbx33        and sent to some of our more advoacative people
   02:46 cbx33        JaneW: think funding could be available for that?
   02:46 JaneW        we may get a small and selective marketing budget in this cycle
   02:46 JaneW        to use wisely
   02:46 cbx33        now that would be ace
   02:47 ogra         yeah
   02:47 JaneW        we are never going to have a big budget though so we need to be wise
   02:47 cbx33        indeed
   02:47 JaneW        ok next?
   02:47 ogra         i'd also like to have another edubuntu summit in edgya or edgy+1
   02:47 ogra         -a
   02:47 jsgotangco   JaneW, ok we'll resort to painting graffitti then
   02:47 ogra         if we have a bigger community
   === cbx33 starts work on this edubuntu graffiti stencils for maximum efficiency
   02:48 JaneW        jsgotangco: yes!
   02:48 cbx33        w00t just like the homies did :p
   02:48 flint        ogra, flint dancing == hindenburg landing at lakehurst nj...
   02:48 JaneW        jsgotangco: pictures of the homies
   02:48 ogra         flint, lol
   02:48 JaneW        ogra: yes I think another summit would make sense
   02:48 ogra         JaneW, we should have stickers for schoool toilets :)
   02:48 JaneW        I think to plan edgy +1
   02:49 ogra         yep
   02:49 JaneW        ogra: for school bags
   02:49 ogra         as well, yes :)
   02:49 flint        JaneW, we could produce a special brand of cigarretts - say with filters - edubuntu brand hmmm...
   02:50 jsgotangco   +1
   02:50 ogra         mmmm
   02:50 flint        :^)
   02:50 ogra         :)
   02:50 flint        ogra, down ma man...
   02:50 schoolinux   :)
   02:50 cbx33        :)-
   02:50 ogra         flint, got contacts to phil morris ?
   02:50 jsgotangco   ogra, i'd really like to advocate dopewars for main inclusion to edubuntu
   02:50 JaneW        flint: lol
   02:50 jsgotangco   :)
   02:50 flint        ogra, what do you need got the art?
   02:50 ogra         jsgotangco, beware of the DEA
   02:50 jsgotangco   heh
   02:50 flint        ogra, they need back into this market bad...
   02:51 ogra         flint, the art of smoking ?
   02:51 ogra         sure
   02:51 flint        ogra, i am a bad man...
   === cbx33 imagines it now...."it's ok miss, I'm puffing on some edubuntu goodness"
   02:51 flint        :^)
   02:51 JaneW        oh I nearly forgot
   02:51 JaneW        the edubuntu install video
   02:51 flint        JaneW, thanks.
   02:51 JaneW        I want to ask Chris if we can use it
   02:51 ogra         yeah, we need to put it on the wiki or website
   === [peruvien] [n=juan@] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
   02:52 cbx33        I could link to it on the wiki homepage
   02:52 JaneW        yes in .ogg and .wmp format
   === [peruvien] [n=juan@] has left #ubuntu-meeting []
   02:52 JaneW        I just need him to save the formats and let us use them
   02:52 JaneW        I'll contact him
   02:53 ogra         oh, one thing
   02:53 flint        JaneW, seriously, you bring up a good point.  a flash install product would be nice, but flash is not open.
   02:53 ogra         if someone could also test upgrades breezy->dapper including ltsp, that would be very helpful next week
   02:53 cbx33        ogra: I'll try my best buddy :p
   02:53 jsgotangco   how is amd64?
   02:53 JaneW        yes and test test tes
   02:53 ogra         flint, we support ogg out of the box in edubuntu
   02:54 JaneW        flint: yup, it;s a problem
   02:54 ogra         jsgotangco, 3M oversized again :(
   02:54 jsgotangco   doh
   02:54 ogra         i'm working on it
   02:54 JaneW        flint: he has a flash version, but says the original is a .wav
   02:54 ogra         looking for something to drop
   === jsgotangco couldn't grab
   02:54 JaneW        jsgotangco: kstars is being dropped
   02:54 jsgotangco   pfftt who needs it
   02:54 ogra         likely
   02:55 ogra         i still need to determine the exact numbers
   02:55 flint        ogra, indeed Ollie, but there is no product that uses the ogg format in a completed film maker package.
   02:55 jsgotangco   totem
   02:55 ogra         flint, there is ... edubuntu :)
   02:55 cbx33        should I put a note to that effect in ESA?
   02:55 flint        ogra, I heard that there  may be something called "wink" that does it...
   02:55 jsgotangco   kino
   02:55 ogra         cbx33, just link to the RestrictedFormats page
   02:55 flint        jsgotangco, kino will?
   02:55 JaneW        ok we have 5 or so minutes
   02:55 JaneW        anything else?
   02:56 ogra         flint, wink is proprietary windows software iirc
   02:56 JaneW        or is it 'free play' time?
   02:56 cbx33        i meant about kstars being dropped, my connection is becomming slow...lots of lag
   02:56 ogra         cbx33, not yet
   === cbx33 holds up his gold star and kisses it
   02:56 flint        i recently looked at the window$ program Camtasia, anything like it in open?
   02:56 ogra         lest me see if it helps us first
   02:56 JaneW        next week at 20:00 (under duress)
   02:56 cbx33        yup
   02:56 flint        JaneW, the reason I asked was to develop docs...
   02:56 ogra         i suspect the data is in the kdeedu-data package, if thats the case we wont win with it
   02:56 jsgotangco   ogra, i was thinking kvoctrain
   02:56 ogra         i'll notify you
   02:57 ogra         jsgotangco, how big is the binary ?
   === jsgotangco checks
   02:57 flint        jsgotangco, i will look at kino... thanks.
   02:57 JaneW        flint: huh?
   02:57 jsgotangco   Size: 843724
   02:57 jsgotangco   pfftt
   02:57 ogra         800k
   02:57 jsgotangco   sorry
   02:57 ogra         thats not enough
   02:57 jsgotangco   yeah
   02:57 flint        JaneW, go look at the camtasia web page.  you will get it then.
   02:58 JaneW        flint: ok
   02:58 ogra         kstars is 4.3M
   02:58 cbx33        that's nothing
   02:58 ogra         that should help
   02:58 jsgotangco   ogra, kstars is ok
   02:58 flint        JaneW, there is a revolution brewing in educational software, and it is spelled FLASH.... sadly :^)
   02:58 cbx33        man my lag is slowa the mo....
   === cbx33 decides not to talk fro a hwile...I'll reconnect once meeting is over
   02:59 JaneW        flint: once we can use flash I will dance a jig
   02:59 ogra         flint, in norway they do their exams and tests in flash forms
   02:59 ogra         would be a major gain if we could ship it
   02:59 flint        JaneW, I can tell you how to use flash, but it will tick off Oliver, so I will not.
   02:59 schoolinux   excuse me, but dropping kstars will put away some astro guys
   02:59 JaneW        Cape Town may be under water soon, it has rained and rained for 18 hours
   02:59 cbx33        heheh flint :p
   03:00 jsgotangco   schoolinux, only for amd64
   03:00 ogra         flint, there is nothing wrong about flash ... just that its not shippable
   03:00 JaneW        and our swimming pool was very low, and is now overflowing
   03:00 ogra         schoolinux, only on amd64
   03:00 flint        JaneW, Masachusetts is in the same rain mode...
   03:00 jsgotangco   schoolinux, unless you can suggest somthing bigger to drip that is not used
   03:00 cbx33        we need a start up app...to display links to install all these extras
   03:00 schoolinux   there are astonomers there, too!
   03:00 jsgotangco   cbx33, edgy
   03:00 flint        ogra, I understand the issue.  Read Ventor Vinge and be very afraid...
   03:00 JaneW        flint: I have flash, and it's great, until all my FF windows just vanish suddenly
   03:00 cbx33        heheh
   03:00 ogra         schoolinux, we'll ship only i386 CDs anyway and that will pervent the amd64 arch from being dropped completely
   03:01 jsgotangco   schoolinux, its only 4.3MB we couldn't build amd64
   03:01 flint        JaneW, you have flash on your ubuntu box?
   03:01 JaneW        yes
   03:01 schoolinux   ogra, got it
   03:01 ogra         schoolinux, i'd love to keep it, but we only have 695M :)
   03:01 flint        JaneW, do not tell Oliver how you got it... and I will not use the "A" word.
   03:02 ogra         and amd64 binarys are bigger than i386
   03:02 JaneW        flint: he knows how, he just can;t package it, or include anything that relies on it
   03:02 flint        ogra, is that because they are 64 bits long?
   03:02 schoolinux   ogra, i understand that
   03:02 ogra         flint, sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree ?
   === jsgotangco raises the 64bit flag
   03:02 ogra         flint, yep, partially
   === JaneW votes for one unified architecture
   03:02 flint        ogra, interesting...
   03:02 ogra         also the kernel packages are bigger
   03:03 cbx33        JaneW: i second that
   03:03 flint        why cannot you declare your CD to be 100 mb bigger?
   03:03 ogra         JaneW++
   03:03 JaneW        cbx33: make a note of that ;) :P
   03:03 sladen       just proclaim that amd64 requires 700MB CDs
   03:03 ogra         flint, because that wont help, people need to have the media :)
   03:03 sladen       (which are the common case for alot of people anyway)
   03:03 ogra         sladen, we use 700MB CDs by default for all arches
   03:03 JaneW        ok our time is up
   03:03 cbx33        :)
   03:03 JaneW        thanks everyone

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