Taskid: A Student Homework Journal


The Idea of this application is to provide with a solution for School Journals (Diaries or Planners). All kids get assignments at school and this app helps kids to keep track of their schoolwork. it can be used in the classroom or at home should the student have the app available on an edubuntu box at home.


This app represents a habitual tool for the student in the classroom. The Student will be provided with a tool for keeping his school journal (school diary) in a digital format. This helps further integrate his school tasks with the PC. currently, kids take a school journal (diary), generally a planner or simply a notebook, where they keep all the tasks assigned by the teacher. The idea behind Taskid is to get the assignments archived by subject sorted by deadlines and priority. This helps the student to organize his study time and the status indicator gives each task a sense of responsibility for the completion of each assignment.

This app can be considered and introduction to planning strategies for children. (they will see this in email clients and online applications)

Use Cases

Thomas is in class and just as his class is in the wrap up phase the teacher assigns some reinforcement task for homework. Thomas takes notes and saves it on taskid.

Maria is going to a friend's house to catch up on her school work because she has missed some classes. Her friend shares her Taskid notes with Maria.

Niko needs to write down dates for term finals and sets priorities to help him plan his study time.


Practical task management for school assignments

Design and Implementation

Grouping and Sorting Assignments

Tasks are grouped by subjects and each subject can be sorted out by deadline or by priority dynamically. the display of the data is done through a list view control.

Manipulating Data

The saving of data happens on files, which best suits the scenario. student can add/edit/delete tasks from his school journal file. the use of a file makes it very portable for a kid to have his assignments, It allows them to take notes you can read anywhere.



Determine how accessible it should be for a student to erase uncompleted tasks


Test load time and Open and Save documents on Classmate PC.

Implement further features:

  • LTSP and LAN based communication

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