Minutes of Meeting EmiratesTeam/Meetings/IRCMeetingSummary20110424

This is the log of our second IRC meeting, held on #ubuntu-ae channel on Sunday, 24th April 2011:

[17:02] <bojicas> #startmeeting
[17:03] <bojicas> [TOPIC] Progress, Toki's comments, Follow-up, Release Party
[17:03] <bojicas> Details:
[17:03] <bojicas> 1. Progress
[17:03] <bojicas> 2. Toki's comments
[17:03] <bojicas>
[17:03] <bojicas> 3. Follow up previous meeting
[17:03] <bojicas>
[17:03] <bojicas> 4. Release party ideas
[17:03] <bojicas> 5. Next meeting. Date/time. New Topics
[17:04] <bojicas> Humans, welcome to our second irc meeting.
[17:04] <bojicas> Let's see who is attending:
[17:04] <bojicas> bojicas - Silviu Bojica
[17:04] <bassem_mobile> hi all, i'm ready
[17:04] <rverrips> rverrips - RoyVerrips
[17:04] <bassem_mobile> Bassem Jarkas
[17:04] <nlsthzn> nlsthzn - Neil Oosthuizen
[17:05] <bojicas> 4 people.
[17:05] <bojicas> 1. Progress.
[17:05] <bojicas> based on we have:
[17:06] <bojicas> [DONE] follow up to get ubuntulog monitor #ubuntu-ae irc
channel ( bassem_mobile )
[17:06] <bojicas> [DONE] create the FB page (
hadenx )
[17:07] <bojicas> DONE] coordinate registration of and redirect to our
wiki ( rverrips )
[17:07] <bojicas> [DONE] create a Linked In group link
[17:07] <bojicas>
[17:07] <bojicas> Anything else to be recorded as done?
[17:08] <nlsthzn> I liked the Facebook page :p
[17:08] <bojicas> me too :)
[17:08]  * rverrips is grateful for the FB likes - Need another 18 to register
[17:09] <bojicas> thx to rverrips , we have
[17:09] <nlsthzn> cool that all the actions where completed... thanks to all the
guys for the efforts!
[17:09] <bojicas> I think it would be nice to use it as our main reference
(currently it point to our wiki team page)
[17:10] <bojicas> [VOTE] Shall we use as our main
[17:10] <rverrips> +1
[17:10] <bojicas> +1
[17:10] <bassem_mobile> bojicas: domain!
[17:10] <bassem_mobile> +1
[17:10] <nlsthzn> Just some clarity... do you mean a home page with all the
relevent info and links?
[17:12] <bojicas> yes, actually on next point, we'll discuss Toki's comments. He
complained about last installfest that the attendees were "ill-informed of our
presence on the net"
[17:12] <nlsthzn> +1
[17:12] <bojicas> so, to address this, points to our wiki
page, which is the main page and contains all links to all resources
[17:13] <bojicas> a total of 4 votes.
[17:13] <rverrips> I agree with bojicas - if/when we get best to
switch to that.  Voted to use until then ...
[17:13] <nlsthzn> why if I may ask?
[17:14] <bojicas> is provided by canonical
[17:14] <rverrips> nlsthzn - it's a naming standard for ubuntu loco's
[17:14] <nlsthzn> did not know... cool... got to do that then :)
[17:15] <rverrips> just another point - both and resolve to the wiki ... isn't www redundant?  (it's, not
[17:15] <bojicas> however, till we'll get, we'll considered as our reference page
[17:15] <nlsthzn> rverrips: as long as both work we are covered :)
[17:16] <bojicas> with or without www it should work.
[17:16] <rverrips> Both work(www or non), but which one do we "publish"?
[17:16] <bojicas> ?
[17:16] <bassem_mobile> the shorter!
[17:16] <rverrips> +1 for the shorter
[17:17] <bojicas> nlsthzn: you have the deciding vote :)
[17:17] <nlsthzn> and if I abstain? :p
[17:17] <nlsthzn> +1 for shorter because I am lazy by nature
[17:17] <nlsthzn> ;)
[17:17] <bojicas> gets 2:1, so the shorter goes
[17:18] <bojicas> [AGREED] will be our official domain /
community web reference
[17:19] <bojicas> 2. Toki's comments
[17:19] <bojicas>
[17:19] <rverrips> wait a bit ...
[17:19] <bojicas> i guess you are all aware of toki's comment. check the link.
[17:19] <rverrips> There was still some reporting on progress pending ...
[17:20] <rverrips> (at least, I had some?)
[17:20] <bassem_mobile> bojicas: write it here, and let's dicuss it one by one
[17:20] <bojicas> Bots, I don't see why we need anything more than help in
summarising meetings, but it's not important so I rest my case.
[17:20] <bojicas> we voted last time this issue, so next..
[17:20] <bojicas> Mailing list, I am very opposed to the decision taken.
Launchpad automatically subscribes members to mailing list, yet we're ignoring
that and introducing another step to subscribe to a separate mailing list.
[17:21] <bojicas> rverrips: get admin rights from existing admin (ubuntu-ae
mailing list) - from our last meeting
[17:22] <bojicas> do we have yet ownership to the mailing list?
[17:22] <rverrips> about mailing lists - I think haden (or perhaps bassem) was
going todo that - I was going to do and twitter
[17:22] <bojicas> bassem_mobile ?
[17:22] <rverrips> Interesting thing about and are both being run by same guy, who was at one of our
meetings (The January one, I think)
[17:24] <nlsthzn> so there are three possibilities... meetup, launchpad or
ubuntu's official mailing lists we can use right?
[17:24] <bassem_mobile> bojicas: not me!
[17:24] <rverrips> He's one of the guys behind Habl Consulting ... out of the
country at the moment, but I can't see why we wouldn't offer those once he
returns ...
[17:24] <bojicas> I have noticed this one too.
[17:24] <bojicas> it is Zulfiqar Al Khan
[17:24] <rverrips> That's him - you know him?
[17:25] <bojicas> so, you know him. that means we should wait maybe more...
[17:25] <bojicas> But whom contacted him?
[17:25] <rverrips> I'm happy to try track him down - He's also in the meetup
group member list
[17:25] <bassem_mobile> Haden i think
[17:26] <bojicas> he is not present today, we should ask Haden for a follow up,
however, no rush...
[17:26] <bojicas> Third-party websites, I give in that we do need it, but as
with every decisions, we're rushing. There's no need for it now since our only
contact with end users was at AUS, and they were ill-informed of our presence on
the net. Our next target are school system, again they are not end users, so
currently third-party websites are useless.
[17:26] <nlsthzn> haden said I will be late... maybe be here around 9
[17:27] <rverrips> I think Haden got hold of the guy in charge of ubuntu
maillist -
[17:27] <bojicas> noted. if haden shows up, i'll ask this.
[17:27] <nlsthzn> doesn't matter what web presence we have... if we don't tell
people they wont know
[17:28] <nlsthzn> so no matter the url, we need to sharpen up on getting the
word out
[17:28] <bojicas> actually this was just decided with our first vote:
[17:28] <bojicas> One thing that was completely missed in the discussion was
moving away from Meetup.
[17:29] <rverrips> Regards Toki's statment - I think the point of having
3rd-party websites is to that we will have a way to involve/attact others ... at
AUS it would've been great to say something like "Friend us on Facebook" or
follow us on twitter ...
[17:29] <nlsthzn> yup, easy is best
[17:29] <nlsthzn> they were windows users after all can't make it to difficult
[17:29] <nlsthzn> :)
[17:30] <rverrips> nlsthzn - They're ubuntu users now :-)
[17:30] <nlsthzn> rverrips: we hope :)
[17:30] <bojicas> they must be :)
[17:31] <nlsthzn> maybe if grub doesn't show there windows partition :p
[17:31] <rverrips> back to the topic - I believe there was a vote to keep meetup
at the last meeting?
[17:31] <nlsthzn> maybe if grub doesn't show there windows partition :p
[17:32] <bojicas> it was actually one miss-understanding with "format d: drive"
[17:32] <bojicas> and the guy had windows installed on that d: drive :)
[17:32] <bassem_mobile> hah?!!
[17:32] <nlsthzn> on the desktop :)
[17:32] <bojicas> the only desktop...
[17:32] <rverrips> another point regards Toki's comments - Launchpad doesn't add
users automatically to the mailing-list .  I believe that's the default, but
users can change it ...
[17:33] <nlsthzn> makes sense... not everyone wants to use a mailing list
[17:33] <bojicas> as it is set-up at the moment, launchpad's mailing list is
disabled, i think
[17:33] <bojicas> launchpad is required for the core team to have an account in
order to be officially approved
[17:33] <bassem_mobile> we can do that by using LP mailing list
[17:34] <nlsthzn> no prob, but having and using launchpad doesn't mean we need
the mailing list (or that most people will ever subscribe)
[17:35] <bojicas> Mailing Lists:
[17:35] <bojicas> use current meetup mailing list, until we can take over
ownership/co-admin the official ubuntu list, after, we should integrate them by
having meetup list as a member of ubuntu.
[17:35]  * rverrips not sure what bassem_mobile is talking about
[17:35] <bojicas> This is what we agreed last time
[17:35] <bassem_mobile> rverrips: auto subcribing to mailing list
[17:36] <nlsthzn> only problem with the integration is that some of us will get
double e-mails ....
[17:36] <rverrips> bassem_mobile - It's a user preference, as well as a group
setting.  I would suspect user peference overrides group pref.
[17:37] <bojicas> let's stick with latest agreement and wait for the ownership
of the "official" mailing list?
[17:37] <bojicas> +1
[17:37] <nlsthzn> +1
[17:38] <bojicas> one more + vote to pass :)
[17:38] <nlsthzn> +1
[17:38] <nlsthzn> :p
[17:38] <bojicas> :)
[17:38] <rverrips> _1
[17:38] <rverrips> sorry, that was +1
[17:38] <bojicas> AGREED: same as last meeting re mailing lists
[17:39] <bojicas> meetup - another point raised by Toki.
[17:40] <bojicas> Personally, I think meetup is useful... so there is no reason
to move away
[17:40] <rverrips> I believe there was a vote to keep meetup at the last
[17:40] <bassem_lap> meetup is great platform to organize meetings
[17:41] <nlsthzn> Well, it is a tool to plan meetings basically... so let us use
it for that
[17:41] <bojicas> +1 to keep using meetup
[17:41] <bassem_lap> +1
[17:41] <rverrips> +1 to keep using meetup for meetings
[17:42] <nlsthzn> +1
[17:42] <bojicas> AGREED: we'll keep meetup to organize meetings
[17:42] <bojicas> And then there's who is in-charge of what. Bassem is already
in-charge of our Lp page, wiki and IRC. But third-party websites that's been set
up is divided among Haden (Facebook), Roy (provided he gets the Twitter account
under his control) and Silviu (LinkedIn). So if we want to relay some message on
third-party channels, we have to contact three different people. That just ain't
gonna cut it. What I'd like to see is one guy with a simple G
[17:42] <bojicas> wibber session connected to our channels sending message to
all of them at the same time.
[17:43]  * nlsthzn can hear is tummy rumble... just got home from work and then
a meeting... :D
[17:43] <rverrips> Just a question - If we're using meetup, shouldn't this
meeting be on there?
[17:44] <bassem_lap> bojicas, no one is in charge of the wiki and no one should
[17:44] <bojicas> Here my point is to not keep everything managed by a maximum
one admin + one backup guy, but rather a minimum one admin + backup gut
[17:44] <bojicas> guy
[17:44] <nlsthzn> we are a group of people... so it is natural that we need some
structure and people with responsibilities.... so we need to make sure as a core
group that things get done
[17:44] <bojicas> bassem_lap: agreed
[17:45] <rverrips> agree
[17:45] <nlsthzn> +1
[17:45] <bojicas> +1 no one in charge for wiki
[17:45] <rverrips> +1 for minimum admin+backup
[17:46] <bojicas> +1 for minimum admin+backup
[17:46] <nlsthzn> lol... I think we need to vote on one thing at a time...
[17:46] <bojicas> there are 2 votes now...
[17:46] <nlsthzn> +1 for the above
[17:46] <nlsthzn> but I feel this applies to the wiki also
[17:46] <bassem_lap> bojicas, ???
[17:47] <bojicas> about wiki, it should remain public
[17:47] <bassem_lap> nlsthzn, wiki is running under ubuntu server! we have just
to maintain pages!
[17:47] <bassem_lap> nlsthzn, add content and so on ...
[17:47] <bojicas> everytime i edit something, i see that an email goes to
certain people away, so it is moderated
[17:47] <nlsthzn> sure all should add... but if something goes wonky... who is
the person to rectify it?!
[17:48] <rverrips> Revision control can rectify the wonky
[17:48] <bojicas> yep, the revision control
[17:48] <nlsthzn> then no prob...
[17:48] <nlsthzn> +1
[17:49] <bojicas> if it is a disagreement in content, we should debate it on a
meeting or something...
[17:49] <rverrips> bojicas - That sounds just like the "Ubuntu Code of Conduct"
[17:49] <rverrips> to me
[17:49] <nlsthzn> :)
[17:50] <bojicas> minimum of admin+backup should satisfy Toki requirements as
well (one person can prove active in all areas and get co-admin status)
[17:50] <bojicas> regarding ubuntu code of conduct, everyone should sign it
[17:51] <nlsthzn> all core peeps should...
[17:51] <nlsthzn> I am sure there will be some people that couldn't care less
about it
[17:51] <bojicas> so, let's put this one as a task/action to be completed
[17:51] <rverrips> Agreed, but I'd think more concerning would be if we have
anyone who is opposed to signing it (it may just be an awareness thing if they
[17:52] <bojicas> [ACTION] Sign the code of conduct
[17:52] <bassem_lap> btw, why we should sign it?!!
[17:53] <nlsthzn> rverrips: I love FOSS, use openSUSE and I am willing to assist
the loco in furthering linux... maybe I don't want to sign the code of
conduct...?! just saying
[17:53] <nlsthzn> also it is a PITA to set up encryption etc :p
[17:54] <bojicas> The code of conduct is not forcing us to use Ubuntu only :) it
is a guideline on how we should behave in the community
[17:54] <bojicas>
[17:54] <nlsthzn> so if I don't believe in what it says I cannot be part if it?
[17:54] <bojicas> be considerate
[17:54] <bojicas> be respectful
[17:55] <nlsthzn> or if I am too lazy to sign it I must go away?
[17:55] <bojicas> be collaborative
[17:55] <bojicas> when we disagree, we consult others
[17:55] <rverrips> nlsthzn - I might give you the PITA to setup PGP (but a
little concerned) but the Code of Conduct is merely a summary of FOSS principles
- Can't see how you'd love FOSS and be opposed to sigining it
[17:56] <rverrips> GPG not PGP sorry
[17:56] <nlsthzn> oh is that why all other distro's have the exact same thing
right? ;)
[17:57] <bojicas> this is a guideline. I already done this some years ago :)
[17:57] <nlsthzn> just playing devils advocate btw... I will be signing it...
but I can see that people will not like being forced to do so...
[17:57] <nlsthzn> if my only reason was because the loco says I must then I
[17:58] <rverrips> nlsthzn - I don't think it's must to be part of the loco,
just if you want to participate ...
[17:58] <bojicas> it is not mandatory, but we should have the code of conduct in
[17:59] <nlsthzn> well vote then :)
[17:59] <rverrips> I'd suggest it should be mandatory if you're admin or backup
on any of the platforms?
[18:00] <rverrips> (I don't think everyone in the Loco needs to sign it)
[18:00] <bojicas> [VOTE] Should it be mandatory to sign the Ubuntu Code of
Conduct to be admin/backup guy?
[18:00] <rverrips> +1
[18:01] <bojicas> bassem_lap , nlsthzn ?
[18:02] <nlsthzn> +1 I guess :p
[18:02] <bojicas> bassem_lap , you are an admin, so what do you choose ? :p
[18:02] <nlsthzn> I feel it is important part of Ubuntu
[18:02] <nlsthzn> and for core functioning team it makes sense
[18:03] <bojicas> +1
[18:04]  * rverrips will help nlsthzn setup his GPG *evil grin*
[18:04]  * rverrips so he can sign the CoC
[18:04] <nlsthzn> rverrips: been there done that (twice) already.... lost both
my keys already :p
[18:04] <bojicas> [AGREED] an admin/backup guy should sign the Ubuntu Code of
[18:05] <bojicas> 3. Follow up of our previous meeting:
[18:06] <bojicas> most of the things were discussed already, like,
ubunut-ae mailing list, twitter accounts
[18:07] <bojicas> there is only one more thing which was assigned to hadenx, the
mootbot (to contact scribes team)
[18:07] <bojicas> 4. Release party ideas
[18:08] <bassem_lap> bojicas, no idea so +0
[18:08] <bojicas> there was geekfest, i think - a regular gathering of geeks
[18:09] <nlsthzn> This should have been planned and agreed and arranged last
week already (at the latest) IMO
[18:09] <bojicas> a bit more party-like, with some conferences going in
[18:09] <nlsthzn> maybe all the peeps getting together in beggining of may
meetup can have some  party hats and a cake and celebrate :)
[18:09] <rverrips> Just for clarity sake, how would you describe a launchparty
to someone who's never been (I've been to three, and each was very different)
[18:11] <nlsthzn> haden and bassem don't care, as long as there is beer :)
[18:11] <bassem_lap> nlsthzn, :-)
[18:12] <nlsthzn> I don't think there is a set standard
[18:14] <bojicas> it seems, that the meetup will be our releasy party, unless we
go from there for beer ;)
[18:14] <rverrips> sure, just wondering what the expectation was ...
[18:15] <bojicas> let me google a bit ...
[18:16] <nlsthzn> I know ubuntu-za always have a cake with the new name and a
picture of the release on the cake... etc.
[18:16] <rverrips> I will sadly not be able to attend the next Wednesday evening
meetup, so if that's the same night as the launch party than I'm a abstention
regarding voting for it (sorry)
[18:17] <rverrips> nlsthzn - Yeah, I believe one of their members works for a
hotel :-)   We got someone like that in our LoCo?
[18:18] <bojicas> random search for release party. here are some pictures from
kde release party;
[18:18] <bojicas> not too fancy
[18:18] <nlsthzn> :) guys... the IRC meeting of this small size shouldn't take
more than a half hour... I think we are doing it wrong :p
[18:19] <bojicas> this is the last subject before we'll set up next meeting
[18:20] <bojicas> i guess we'll have in the end the release party as part of the
regular meetup
[18:20] <bojicas> if no other ideas
[18:20] <bojicas> next meeting: date/time, topics, etc
[18:20] <bassem_lap> agree with bojicas
[18:20] <nlsthzn> not enough time.... we should start planning now for 11.10
[18:21] <bassem_lap> nlsthzn, it's not a must to have it the next day of the
release !
[18:21] <nlsthzn> I guess... but it feels cooler to have it then :p
[18:22] <nlsthzn> btw, next IRC meeting will have to be posted on meetup so more
people can attend
[18:22] <bojicas> Next meetup is on Wednasday May 4th. I think we should skip
next sunday
[18:23] <nlsthzn> also, maybe once every two weeks will be enough
[18:23] <rverrips> +1 For IRC meetings on Meetup
[18:24] <bojicas> [VOTE] next irc meeting date/topics to be decided on May 4th,
during meetup
[18:24] <bojicas> +1
[18:24] <rverrips> +1 for neet IRC data at May 4th Meetup
[18:24] <nlsthzn> +1
[18:25] <bassem_lap> +1
[18:25] <bojicas> let me understand - to have the irc meeting during meetup?
[18:25] <bassem_lap> bojicas, merge the both meetings!
[18:25] <nlsthzn> that would be silly
[18:25] <nlsthzn> lol
[18:27] <bojicas> ok
[18:27] <bojicas> thanx, i think we should call for the end of out irc meeting
[18:27] <bojicas> #endmeeting

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