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This is the log of our third IRC meeting, held on #ubuntu-ae channel on Sunday, 24th April 2011:

[15:39] <iOmar> Hi guys
[15:40] <iOmar> Lets get going for our meeting
[15:40] <nlsthzn> Hey iOmar :)
[15:40] <bassem_lap> iOmar, hi Omar
[15:41] <iOmar> Hey Neil, thanks for your support online! In the UCW.
[15:41] <Uxthui> Right about that, sorry I couldn't attend, I was out. :(
[15:42] <iOmar> Since I am not very familiar with the commands, please correct 
me if I do something wrong.
[15:42] <Haden> Hey Omar
[15:42] <nlsthzn> iOmar, ? Not sure what I did but it was a pleasure :)
[15:42] <iOmar> I would like to update the group on yesterday's session
[15:42] <Haden> I'm still stuck at work :( .. Try my best to participate
[15:42] <iOmar> For those not aware yesterday was the second day of the Ubuntu 
Community Week
[15:43] <iOmar>
[15:43] <iOmar> If you open the link there is a time table of IRC session from 
all over the world
[15:44] <iOmar> I was invited to present a session on behalf of the local 
[15:44] <nlsthzn> also if you install lernid is makes it so easy to 
participate... #pro-tip
[15:45] <iOmar> It went well and I will try to get the Google Analytics for our 
meetup website for the visitors
[15:45] <Haden> Congrats :)
[15:46] <iOmar> The session log can be found online for those who would like to 
have a read about it.
[15:46] <nlsthzn> Glad it was a success :)
[15:46] <iOmar> "How I Started an Ubuntu Group in My City and How You Could 
Too!"  A young and budding group has started in the famous Middle Easter 
cosmopolitan city of Dubai. This session will show you how the Emirates' first 
Ubuntu community was started. It will describe the tools and methods the team 
used to ensure a smooth start, so you can too!
[15:46] <iOmar> I really liked the "Middle Easter" part
[15:47] <nlsthzn> :)
[15:47] <rverrips> :-)
[15:47] <iOmar> I will post the link to the slides which I presented just a sec
[15:47] <nlsthzn> Cool... at least one person can sign my card :D
[15:48] <iOmar> ^.^
[15:48] <iOmar>
[15:49] <iOmar> The slides where basically a quick overview of tools which I 
use to organize the community in addition to some general guidelines for 
community leaders
[15:50] <iOmar> If any one does have any questions please go ahead
[15:50] <Uxthui> se
[15:51] <nlsthzn> Well... we have all been here so I guess we have first hand 
knowledge :p
[15:52] <iOmar> No problems ...
[15:53] <nlsthzn> Problem with slide are they tell so little...
[15:53] <nlsthzn> *slides
[15:53] <iOmar> The time was limited so I barely managed to get through them
[15:53] <iOmar> It was an hour session.
[15:55] <nlsthzn> I saw that IRC is a very different platform for 
presentations... but a far reaching one :)
[15:55] <iOmar> Yes the sheer number of attendees was a bit intimidating but 
the fact they cant see you or hear you is reassuring. Interesting position to 
be in  one.
[15:56] <Haden> :)
[15:57] <iOmar> Shall move on to the topic of the meeting "Discussing the 
feedback collected from the UAE's first InstallFest"
[15:57] <nlsthzn> Sure
[15:59] <iOmar> The InstallFest was a great success, thanks to everyone who 
participated, especially those who left their day jobs, walked out of a plane, 
travelled the arabian desert all to reach the venue.
[15:59] <iOmar> Thank YOU!
[16:00] <iOmar> As for some of the indicators that measured success we did put 
down some KPI's to measure
[16:00] <nlsthzn> Did we pass or fail? :p
[16:02] <iOmar> Since this was the first time
[16:02] <iOmar> We did put a tentative figure of 50 pcs but that was a loose 
figure. I say we PASSED with FLYING COLORS!
[16:03] <Haden> :D
[16:03] <nlsthzn> It was a good day... long but good... :)
[16:03] <bassem_lap> nlsthzn, are you talking about something new, and I missed 
[16:04] <nlsthzn> bassem_lap, there has only been one installfest I am aware 
[16:04] <iOmar> The KPIs we set during the planning meeting we held at Costa in 
Dubai Mall
[16:04] <iOmar> 1) Number of Email Shots sent  2) Number of Backups made of 
users data  3) Number of Overall Ubuntu Installation  4) Number of Dual Boot 
Installations  5) Number of Pure Ubuntu intallations  6) Number of Successful 
Installation  7) Number of Installations with issues
[16:06] <iOmar> As for the KPI - 1 Number of Email shots sent , there were 
several around 3 I recall from the IEEE guys to around 2000 email addresses
=== rverrips_ is now known as rverrips
[16:06] <iOmar> All to the Engineering College students and faculty
[16:07] <iOmar> KPI - 2 was not measured since we opted not to backup any data 
from any PC
[16:07] <iOmar> KPI - 3
[16:07] <iOmar> Number of Ubuntu Installations Overall = 32 (Successful + 
[16:08] <nlsthzn> Felt like so many more...
[16:08] <iOmar> KPI - 4 = Number of Dual Boot Installations = 30 Successful
[16:09] <iOmar> KPI - 5 = Pure Ubuntu = Zero ( I might be wrong as one student 
brought a humoungus desktop [see photos] and Joseph was working on it, no too 
[16:09] <iOmar> KPI - 6 = Number of successful Installation = 30
[16:10] <iOmar> KPI -7 = Number of Installation with Issues = 2 laptops did not 
manage to get Ubuntu on them and thus just evil OS remained ^.^
[16:11] <iOmar> So that wraps up the numbers
[16:11] <nlsthzn> the desktop was a full install by accident...
[16:12] <nlsthzn> the person gave the wrong drive number to us and windows was 
wiped :p
[16:12] <iOmar> oh I think that was a good thing to have happened so that makes 
KPI 7 = 1
[16:12] <rverrips> One of the 2 that didn't get it was a Mac which was already 
dual-booting OSx and Windows 7 ... There wasn't enough free space to created 
the partition needed for Ubuntu
[16:12] <iOmar> Cool
[16:12] <Uxthui> Windows can run on Macbooks?
[16:13] <iOmar> Oh yeah I remeber that one, thanks Roy you did your best on 
that one!
[16:13] <nlsthzn> Uxthui, sure
[16:13] <rverrips> Yup - It's alled Bootcamp - a set of drivers that'll let 
Intel Mac's work pretty ok with Windows ...
[16:13] <Uxthui> I see, it's thanks to Apple moving away from PowerPC...
[16:13] <iOmar> Is that similar to Parallels?
[16:14] <rverrips> No, Bootcamp runs it natives - Parellels is a Virtual PC 
inside OSx ... but let's not stray off-topic :-)
[16:14] <Haden> Parallel is a more like a virtual pc
[16:15] <iOmar> Bringing back the subject to the InstallFest
[16:15] <nlsthzn> Do we have any feedback from those we installed on that 
[16:15] <iOmar> I do recall some had suggestions and comments, so why dont we 
start noting them down
[16:16] <iOmar> Feel free to add a suggestion or comment
[16:16] <Uxthui> iOmar, use the bot note down the points.
[16:17] <Uxthui> *bot to
[16:17] <iOmar> Those who know how to do this please help!
[16:17] <nlsthzn> Next time we can optimize the layout and work flow... and 
also the paperwork and also we can give much more info about the loco etc...
[16:18] <iOmar> Yes thats right
[16:18] <Uxthui> iOmar, I PMed the links to instructions.
[16:18] <Uxthui>
[16:20] <iOmar> Just a question has anyone issued the startmeeting command
[16:20] <rverrips> Yup, Neil pretty much summed it all up ... I tried to "log" 
the time / steps on the forms I got to help "debug" and draw up KPI / estimates 
for the next one.
[16:21] <Uxthui> iOmar, no.
[16:21] <Haden> Lol.. Maybe next time
[16:21] <iOmar> #startmeeting
[16:21] <Haden> Silviu was good at this stuff
[16:22] <Haden> Dude disappeared ..
[16:22] <nlsthzn> :/ not really needed... someone will go through the log and 
update the wiki manually...
[16:22] <iOmar> Oh okay
[16:22] <iOmar> Coming back to the topic
[16:23] <iOmar> Thanks Neil and Roy , yes there were issues with the paper 
work. Neil can you be more specifc on the paperwork?
[16:24] <nlsthzn> We can have a better form, to log much more important info...
[16:24] <nlsthzn> I think the best would be to have a session and hammer out 
one with  info from several peeps
[16:25] <nlsthzn> something that assists in following up afterwards and helps 
with the workflow...
[16:25] <nlsthzn> so we don't have times when nobody was sure who was supposed 
to do what when etc :)
[16:26] <nlsthzn> the form now is just a disclaimer
[16:26] <Haden> :)
[16:27]  * nlsthzn types slow with one hand while eating pizza with the other :p
[16:27]  * Haden types with one finger while staring at a windows desktop :/
[16:27] <iOmar> :) I did base the InstallFest template on this
[16:28] <nlsthzn> pffft red hat... they just worried they would get sued :D
[16:28] <nlsthzn> it is a good form... just needs more :)
[16:29] <nlsthzn> be like a dossier... cradle to grave :)
[16:30] <iOmar> Also in terms of distributing a paper that had our contact 
details or how to get help, that didnt exist. Funny no one came up with the idea
[16:30] <nlsthzn> :) so we learn... we should also add some handy links on the 
desktops :)
[16:31] <iOmar> Joseph tried to jot down our meetup page URL on a note it but 
half way through the day I noticed the URL was wrong , but I have to give him 
he came up with the idea on the fly, Hats off to Jospeh!
[16:31] <nlsthzn> :)
[16:32] <iOmar> I think we need to create some sort of calling card. With all 
our details websites etc.
[16:32] <nlsthzn> Sounds good
[16:32] <Haden> Ubuntu Business cards ? :)
[16:33] <nlsthzn> members only
[16:33] <iOmar> I will work on some samples and share them with you possibly 
next IRC meeting
[16:33] <nlsthzn> afaik
[16:33] <iOmar> I was thinking of making them more generic and not personal 
ones so that anyone can pick them and share them
[16:34] <nlsthzn> Something easy to have and share at anytime :)
[16:34] <iOmar> Just to set the expectations of this meeting what time does it 
end (9:00 PM?)
[16:34] <Haden> I think we can all contribute to get them printed
[16:35] <iOmar> Great idea Haden
[16:35] <Haden> Any idea how much it costs ?
[16:35] <Haden> For a 100 pack ?
[16:36] <iOmar> I have done some prints before depends on the (Thickness of 
Paper, Laminated or not, Glossy or Matte) etc...
[16:36] <iOmar> A pack of 500 cards
[16:36] <iOmar> Business cards sized
[16:36] <Haden> Cost of non laminated matte ?
[16:37] <iOmar> Thick enough so that they stand in between other cards as high 
quality and laminated and matte with a smooth texture to give a high finish 
effect = 750 DHS I think
[16:38] <iOmar> Or 1000 they were I will double check but will let you guys know
[16:38] <Uxthui> We don't need quality stuff, just minimum readable card will 
do, methinks.
[16:38] <Haden> Btw.. Should we discuss about next meetups agenda ?
[16:39] <iOmar> Thanks Haden will do but before we do we just need to finish 
the InstallFest feedback
[16:40] <Uxthui> Now that we're back on topic, how should we contact the IEEE 
[16:41] <nlsthzn> I would like to get feedback from the people that we helped 
last time... I think we left them a bit high and dry...
[16:41] <nlsthzn> Not the best we should/could have done...
[16:42] <iOmar> The IEEE people are one holiday and I have their emails but 
never got in touch ever since
[16:43] <iOmar> We can reach out to them as Toki suggested to let them send out 
an email to the students, who we have their emails in the forms.
[16:43] <Uxthui> Not staying in touch was a mistake.
[16:43] <iOmar> Correct Toki
[16:44] <Haden> Brb guys
[16:45] <iOmar> What would be the best approach in terms of reaching out to 
those students? Do we send them a personalized email asking them for feedback 
and if they need help>
[16:46] <iOmar> A side note guys in terms of timing this meeting should try to 
wrap at 9:00 pm I suggest
[16:46] <Uxthui> Hopefully, if our feedback campaign works out, we can maintain 
a permanent relationship and organize InstallFest and support events on a 
yearly basis Ahmad suggested.
[16:46] <nlsthzn> The ones we have done I don't know... but some sort of direct 
communication one week, then a month, etc. for new peeps would be cool
[16:47] <nlsthzn> iOmar, agreed... we need to stream line the IRC meetings... 
they tend to be to long
[16:47] <Uxthui> I think we should first ask what the IEEE's impression was, 
and based on that move on to survey the general participants.
[16:48] <iOmar> Ok so we reach out to the IEEE guys first and then send an 
email personalized to the person who we installed Ubuntu for
[16:48] <iOmar> ?
[16:48] <Uxthui> Exactly.
[16:48] <iOmar> Any other suggestions
[16:49] <nlsthzn> OR the IEEE could do it...
[16:49] <Uxthui> We need to show that we're still interested in how Ubuntu 
worked out for them, and how we could improve the experience.
[16:50] <iOmar> Good idea Neil
[16:50] <Uxthui> Yes, the IEEE will send the personalized emails on behalf of 
[16:50] <iOmar> Personalized is the way
[16:50] <iOmar> NOTE 10 mins remaining to wrap this meeting.
[16:50] <nlsthzn> I just think we might have waited to long since the last 
one... and we could maybe make sure not to repeat this in the future...  but 
some feedback would just help us to get some feeling about how the students 
felt about it and we can learn some more from it
[16:51] <Uxthui> Need to start designing survey forms as well.
[16:51] <iOmar> We can still invite them to our meetup site by sending an 
invite, there is a tool to recruit new members in meetup
[16:51] <Uxthui> Oh that's right, do we do an online survey or paper?
[16:52] <Uxthui> The invitation should be sent along side the survey request.
[16:52] <iOmar> An email might be enough, going through a survey might be a bit 
taxing on some
[16:52] <iOmar> me personally
[16:52] <nlsthzn> nobody likes surveys :p
[16:53] <Uxthui> You mean ask them to send a simple feedback email?
[16:53] <iOmar> They can just reply to the email and that might make it more 
attractive since no specifc format has been imposed on them
[16:53] <Uxthui> I don't think it will be informative enough.
[16:54] <Uxthui> I see.
[16:54] <iOmar> If they do reply to the email we can invite them to fill out a 
[16:54] <iOmar> that will filter out the intrested
[16:54] <iOmar> from those who weren't
[16:54] <nlsthzn> sounds good
[16:54] <iOmar> Cool
[16:55] <iOmar> So would any one like to write up an email?
[16:55] <iOmar> NOTE 5 mins remaining to wrap this meeting.
[16:56]  * nlsthzn doesn't mind to draft one and put it on the message board 
for approval/tweaking
[16:57] <Uxthui> nlsthzn, your blog posts are very lively, why don't you give 
the email a try? ;)
[16:57] <Uxthui> Oops, too late.
[16:57] <iOmar> Great so Neil is going to draft one
[16:57] <iOmar> done
[16:57] <nlsthzn> just give me a day or two with work etc
[16:58] <iOmar> Take your time no students are in school its summer.
[16:58] <iOmar> Ok action items
[16:58] <Uxthui> What's our time table to getting this done?
[16:58] <Haden> Keep it informal
[16:58] <iOmar> Let target the begging of the school year
[16:58] <iOmar> *begining
[16:59] <nlsthzn> Oh, ok... np... lots of time then :)
[16:59] <iOmar> 1) Sample callign card = Omar
[16:59] <iOmar> 2) Costs of printng = Omar
[16:59] <iOmar> 3) Email draft = Neil
[16:59] <Uxthui> iOmar, seconded. Also the possibility of yet another 
InstallFest targeting the freshmen as Ahmad suggested.
[16:59] <iOmar> Lets continue in our next IRC meeting
[17:00] <Haden> Guys what do you think of a google apps account ?
[17:00] <nlsthzn> Sounds good...
[17:00] <Haden> We can store documents .. Email .. Etc
[17:00] <Uxthui> iOmar, shall we have another next week or keep the once 
monthly schedule?
[17:00] <rverrips> Haden, I've can make accounts available via google 
[17:01] <iOmar> I am okay with next week depends on the communiyt
[17:01] <Haden> rvverrips was thinking the same thinking ..
[17:01] <iOmar> Cool idea but isnt it 50USD per account
[17:01] <Haden> *thing
[17:01] <iOmar> per year>
[17:01] <iOmar> ?
[17:01] <Uxthui> iOmar, it's free but only 10 accounts.
[17:01] <Haden> For non profit organizations it's free
[17:01] <iOmar> Cool
[17:02] <iOmar> So to wrap on this final note
[17:02]  * nlsthzn has no idea what you guys are talking about but he needs to 
go sleepy now :p
[17:02] <rverrips> I have 25 free accounts for ready to go ... let me 
know if want me pull the trigger on that ...
[17:02] <iOmar> action item 4 : Google Accounts for the team
[17:02] <Haden> rverrips go ahead..
[17:02] <nlsthzn> Guys... I will catch you online later... night
[17:02] <Haden> Night nlsthzn
[17:02] <Uxthui> Okay guys, shall we have another IRC meeting next week?
[17:03] <iOmar> So this wraps our session for today
[17:03] <Uxthui> nlsthzn, be seeing you.
[17:03] <iOmar> Toki propose it on meetup and see
[17:03] <Uxthui> Acknowledged.
[17:03] <Haden> Yup.. Go ahead
[17:04] <iOmar> Toki please copy paste the logs and post them on our wiki
[17:04] <iOmar> Thanks every one
[17:04] <iOmar> and bye for now
[17:04] <Haden> Thanks Omar
[17:04] <Haden> See ya ..
[17:04] <Uxthui> Well then everyone, let me thank you for responding to my 
meeting call.
[17:04] <Uxthui> Salam, iOmar.
[17:05] <Uxthui> rverrips, it's a shame you couldn't make it to the last meet 
[17:05] <rverrips> Do you want personal accounts, or "alias/forwarders" to 
existing accounts ...
[17:05] <Uxthui> How're you doing?
[17:05] <Uxthui> I think alias would be good enough.
[17:05] <Uxthui> I don't want yet another Google account.
[17:06] <rverrips> My feeling exactly - will setup aliases by default unless 
someone want's anything else
[17:06] <Haden> Aliases should do ..
[17:06] <Uxthui> Yes, and rverrips, do you know our existing accounts?
[17:06] <Haden> I wouldn't mind a though :D
[17:07] <rverrips> I'll me is so, Haden  ... which email to forward to?
[17:07] <Uxthui> Haden, it would be, but simply forwarded to 
your regular inbox.
[17:09] <Haden>
[17:16] <Haden> rverrips
[17:16] <rverrips> It's done Haden, give it a shot ...
[17:17] <Haden> Hold on...
[17:18] <Haden> rverrips got it ..
[17:18] <rverrips> sweet :-)
[17:18] <Haden> How do I send from ?
[17:19] <rverrips> You have to setup Gmail with another address ...
[17:19] <rverrips>
[17:20] <Haden> rverrips thanks .. Will take a look once I get home ..
[17:21] <Uxthui> We're all Google fans!
[17:23] <rverrips> Toki, can you send me a list of names and addresses and I'll 
set 'em up ... are we doing ""?
[17:23] <Uxthui> rverrips, I think that should be up to the person in question 
to decide.
[17:24] <rverrips> ok ... who'll co-ordinate?
[17:24] <Uxthui> First, let's decided who actually deserves mails.
[17:25] <Uxthui> I think the this meeting attendees is a good place to start.
[17:25] <rverrips> Yeah, that works better, thanks .. who'll decide?
[17:25] <rverrips> Tell you want, I'll create only what you send me - Being in 
charge of community and all that sounds like a good call for you to make.  Send 
me a let whenever and I'll do it ...
[17:25] <rverrips> Anyway, I'm going to watch some "A-Team" now :-)
[17:26] <Uxthui> rverrips, will do.

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