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This is the log of our fifth IRC meeting, held on #ubuntu-ae channel on Saturday, 24th September 2011:

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[18:51] <iOmar> I am away  ... joining in 10 mins
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[18:59] <ragesh> hii guys
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[19:04] <iOmar> Hi everybody I am in
[19:04] <Uxthui> Ditto.
[19:04] <ragesh> hii
[19:04] <iOmar> Sorry for being a bit late ...
[19:04] <iOmar> Lets get cooking
[19:05] <iOmar> So for today's meeting I did post up that I would like to 
discuss with the community the future format of the monthly sessions
[19:06] <iOmar> as I have been running out of ideas and I think it would be 
good for variety comming from different members
[19:06] <iOmar> I did discuss a couple days back with Toki on that briefly
[19:07] <iOmar> I would suggest the following format
[19:07] <iOmar> Divide the the monthly session into 3 parts
[19:08] <iOmar> First is a 10 mins overview of Ubuntu for newbies
[19:08] <iOmar> Second is a How to Session on an Ubuntu related topic
[19:08] <iOmar> Three is Tea, Coffee and Snacks for a social end to the night.
[19:09] <iOmar> Well thats my two cents ... for the session
[19:09] <iOmar> I would like to hear everyone's thoughts so please go ahead
[19:10] <Uxthui> I think that's a satisfactory arrangement. But what exactly do 
we do in the first part?
[19:10] <ragesh> that would be a good idea
[19:11] <iOmar> The first part would be a brief intro to Ubuntu similar to the 
"What in the world is Ubuntu"
[19:11] <iOmar> presentation
[19:12] <ragesh> that's really good
[19:13] <ragesh> else newbies wont understand whats goin on
[19:13] <iOmar> We can then rotate the sessions between core members who can 
present How to sessions 
[19:13] <Uxthui> Excellent. In support of that idea, a good how-to will 
demonstrate the flexibility and prowess of Ubuntu to draw more newbies.
[19:14] <rverrips> Forgive my ignorance (maybe I was late) what are we talking 
[19:14] <iOmar> Hey Roy good to hear from you
[19:15] <ragesh> i remember from newbies, joseph was talkin abt free training
[19:15] <ragesh> for newbies
[19:15] <rverrips> Are Monthly sessions same as what we used to call Loco 
[19:15] <iOmar> Well we were discussing the format of the sessions to have a 
more rigid format
[19:15] <iOmar> yes .. 
[19:15] <Uxthui> rverrips, yes.
[19:15] <rverrips> Ok, got it Â… sorry for the diversion - Please continue
[19:16] <iOmar> The idea is to have a 10 mins intro to Ubuntu 
[19:16] <Uxthui> I'd prefer the term consistent instead of rigid. :)
[19:16] <iOmar> then a How to Session and finally a close with a social 
gathering over coffee and tea
[19:16] <iOmar> consistent it is Toki ..
[19:17] <iOmar> so I would like to have people designated as speakers for the 
community such as a  the likes of you Roy ..
[19:17] <iOmar> and they can have a small How to session every couple of months 
which cycles between great speakers
[19:17] <rverrips> Happy to help where I can, iOmar - Any opportunity to talk 
about linux and I'm there :-)
[19:18] <iOmar> GREAT!
[19:18]Â Â * rverrips I think ragesh was at the KVM presentation I did?
[19:18] <iOmar> The intro can be the same one i presented to the students at 
AUS or an updated one like
[19:19] <iOmar> Ragesh?
[19:20] <iOmar> Can you suggest people from the group who you think can present 
at the monthly events
[19:21] <rverrips> I think Joseph has some helpful input/presentations he 
mentioned to me a while ago?
[19:21] <iOmar> Yes Jospeh is a great resource
[19:21] <rverrips> If we can track down Daniel again he had some fun stuff with 
kernel hardening he mentioned Â…
[19:21] <iOmar> Daniel moved back to Canada just recently
[19:22] <ragesh> i'm sorry guys i was a lil busy
[19:22]Â Â * rverrips sighs Â… miss Daniel Â… 
[19:22] <ragesh> rverrips: I was not there
[19:23]Â Â * rverrips apologies ragesh, must've been another ragesh :-)
[19:23] <ragesh> rverrips: I didnt know abt the presentation else i would have 
[19:23] <ragesh> :)
[19:24] <iOmar> Well since now we have a great venue we can plan things in a 
more concrete fashion.
[19:24] <rverrips> iOmar, as you know I haven't been to the last few meetings - 
Am I correct in assuming the venue we meet at now allows for presentations and 
is less of a "Ubuntu guys having Coffee" scene?
[19:24] <Uxthui> So are we gonna choose someone to do a presentation next week 
or do you already have something, iOmar?
[19:25] <iOmar> Yup thats right Roy, Toki may be you'd like to volunteer .... I 
would like to confess that I need help in get the group's act together in terms 
of group governance
[19:25] <iOmar> and planning.
[19:26] <Uxthui> I'd love to volunteer and do a presentation, but I don't have 
any good how-to on mind right now. Maybe I'll ask Ubuntu Forums for help.
[19:26] <iOmar> In this venue we have a whole auditorium with beanbag sofas all 
for us.
[19:27] <rverrips> Venue sounds great - Send a thank you to whoever arranged 
that - I'm trusting it doesn't cost us anything!
[19:27] <ragesh> woow that would be great
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[19:27] <iOmar> It doesn't
[19:27]Â Â * nlsthzn waves hello
[19:27] <iOmar> The man the Legend has arrived
[19:27]Â Â * rverrips waves to nlsthzn - Good to see ye'
[19:27] <+nlsthzn> Sorry for being late :)
[19:27] <ragesh> hey neil
[19:28] <iOmar> Good to have you ..
[19:28] <Uxthui> Welcome, nlsthzn.
[19:28] <+nlsthzn> Thx all
[19:28] <Uxthui> Quick rundown some, nlsthzn?
[19:28] <iOmar> The venue doesnt cost us anything since we're a non-profit
[19:29] <+nlsthzn> Uxthui,  no worries... carry on :)
[19:29] <ragesh> and the organizer was iOmar right?
[19:29] <ragesh> he does all the great stuffs
[19:30] <iOmar> Maybe we can have Neil come in every couple of months to give a 
[19:30] <rverrips> +1 for seeing more of Neil
[19:30] <+nlsthzn> ;)
[19:31] <iOmar> So shall we collectively take up a month each and rotate in 
terms of presentations. Joseph, Neil, Roy, Omar, Toki ?
[19:32] <Uxthui> No objections here.
[19:32] <rverrips> I'm good for a schedule - Leave to whoever is "on" that 
month to work out a standin if he/she can't make it Â… gives us a long term 
plan as well!
[19:33] <iOmar> Cool would anyone volunteer to devise a schedule for the 
[19:33]Â Â * nlsthzn has not idea but it sounds good +1
[19:33] <rverrips> I'd suggest Toki setup the schedule Â… and put it on the 
[19:34] <Uxthui> What sort of schedule?
[19:34] <iOmar> Well basically put the speakers name, and date and timing.
[19:34] <Uxthui> I mean to tell who's going to do the presentation next?
[19:35] <Uxthui> Ah, well, if I can find the UCW page again, I can copy it's 
format. :)
[19:36] <Uxthui> Now that we're clear on that, can I ask for a change of topic?
[19:36] <+nlsthzn> Sounds good that we start using the Wiki more :)
[19:36] <Uxthui> Launchpad, and recent issues with Meetup has been on my mind.
[19:36] <Uxthui> Ditto.
[19:37] <rverrips> What issues with Meetup?  the site, of the 
actually meetings?
[19:37] <Uxthui> Site.
[19:38] <rverrips> Ok, what are the issues with
[19:38] <Uxthui> During the confusion with the absence of the Organizer, the 
one paying for the Meetup page, mailing list did not work at all.
[19:38] <+nlsthzn> I never knew (or failed to notice) Meetup costs money... and 
we have at our disposal all we need for free :)
[19:39] <iOmar> well my CC was absent ... :(
[19:39] <rverrips> +1 for not knowing before that that iOmar was our gracious 
benefactor in subsidizing subs
[19:39] <Uxthui> Only added to the confusion, since we could not contact each 
other and did not know the reason why, and what's going on.
[19:39] <iOmar> Well I'm humbled Roy its nothing ... :)
[19:40] <Uxthui> And I recently became aware that the email I sent to the 
'core' members using Meetup never got to it's recipients. (the message asking 
for email)
[19:42] <iOmar> Do you mind sending it once more ..
[19:42]Â Â * nlsthzn gives a +1 for carrying meetup and other initiatives 
thus far!
[19:42] <Uxthui> I was already biased against using Meetup as the primary team 
page, and these issues makes it worse.
[19:42] <Uxthui> To check?
[19:42] <rverrips> I think is we "a core" we can more them to LP and keep for bringing folks in and arranging the meetings Â…
[19:43] <iOmar> +1
[19:43] <ragesh> +1
[19:43] <+nlsthzn> +1 (we can't just loose meetup, great place for people to 
find us0
[19:44] <rverrips> +1 for not loosing but I think we can do both LP 
for core and meetup for publicity
[19:44] <iOmar> +1
[19:44] <ragesh> +1
[19:44] <Uxthui> Speaking of LP, any progress with Mr Zulfiqar?
[19:45] <Uxthui> On LP we can create subteams, so if we decide to have our 
regular mailing list hosted by LP we can create a subteam for the core.
[19:45] <iOmar> Well to be frank I haven't reached out to him ... I wanted to 
your thoughts on this 
[19:45] <+nlsthzn> We need all things related to ubuntu-ae IMO
[19:46] <Uxthui> Honestly, I don't care if he will participate or not as long 
as he is willing to give us control of the EmiratesTeam domains that we require.
[19:46] <iOmar> This brings up a question
[19:46] <Uxthui> He can be be the owner and moderator, but he has to make at 
least one of the core members an admin.
[19:47] <iOmar> I have been told that the format for Ubuntu Local Teams is 
based on Cities and not Countries
[19:47] <iOmar> i.e Dubai Loco , Abu Dhabi Loco etc
[19:47] <iOmar> correct me if I'm wrong
[19:47] <Uxthui> I was under the impression that applies to big countries, a la 
USA, UK, Australia, etc.
[19:48] <Uxthui> For them it's like ubuntu-us-ny and the like.
[19:50] <iOmar> Roy , Neil?
[19:50] <rverrips> iOmar - seems to suggest it 
best to keep a country wide Loco if you can Â…
[19:50] <+nlsthzn> UAE is small enough... we can't afford to splinter more :)
[19:51] <Uxthui> Ditto.
[19:51] <iOmar> Agreeable Neil
[19:51] <rverrips> In the bit of discussion I've have had (via email) with 
Zulfiqar it doesn't sound like he's open to sharing
[19:51] <rverrips> +1 for not spintering
[19:51] <iOmar> +1
[19:51] <Uxthui> Can we somehow ask the FNC to make nationwide metro a reality 
[19:51] <Uxthui> :P
[19:51] <rverrips> if metro was open source it would be nationwide :-)
[19:52] <iOmar> Is there any reason which you can foresee in seeing Zulfiqar 
not helping if we ask him?
[19:52] <Uxthui> Free as a beer question applies. Even if the designs and 
blueprints are open-source, the materials aren't gonna magically appear.
[19:53] <+nlsthzn> on a side note the Dubai LUG seems to be gaining some 
momentum... which is nice... is Zulfiqar active there too?
[19:53] <rverrips> iOmar - I can't seem him not wanting to help Â…
[19:53] <rverrips> Â… but my experience with him is that he tends to delay, 
postponed, not reply Â…
[19:54] <rverrips> I'd suggest for now we remain an unofficial Loco Â…
[19:54] <rverrips> in a few months, when we've had some more event, meet ups, 
etc. and have built up some more cred' we can approach the Loco council
[19:54] <iOmar> can we talk and discuss things on LP based on our current 
requirements with the tools open to us as members?
[19:55] <iOmar> and not administrators?
[19:55] <+nlsthzn> rverrips, true... we are not there yet... but would be nice 
to start getting the house in order as we go :)
[19:55] <rverrips> agreed, Neil, and think if we do as much as we can with what 
we have, adding the last few pieces will be easier Â…
[19:56] <+nlsthzn> iOmar, launchpad really only gives us mailing lists AFAIK, 
[19:57] <+nlsthzn> (which we can already use :))
[19:57] <iOmar> Uxthui? rverrips?
[19:58] <Uxthui> Well yes, if we join ~EmiratesTeam now, there'll be no issues 
using the mailinglist.
[19:58] <rverrips> Yes, but LP it is also the preferred/recommend method to 
organize a loco Â…
[19:58] <Uxthui> But no administrative authority. (And subsequently no subteam).
[19:58] <iOmar> Time is running out .. people
[19:58] <+nlsthzn> rverrips, but I mean... what does it REALLY give us except a 
place for people to join and a mailing list :)
[19:59] <ragesh> exactly
[19:59] <rverrips> nlsthzn - nothing more than you said Â…
[19:59] <rverrips> but it buys some relational credit with Toki :-)
[19:59] <Uxthui> nlsthzn, fulfill one of the official LoCo requirement.
[19:59] <ragesh> :)
[19:59] <Uxthui> rverrips, good point.
[20:00] <iOmar> Till we get critical mass thats when we'd really feel the 
[20:00] <Uxthui> And also saves us from Metup mailing list trouble.
[20:00] <+nlsthzn> Oh for sure... I think we must make work of getting it but 
not let it stop us :)
[20:00] <iOmar> I would like to close on one last topic from last IRC meeting
[20:00] <Uxthui> And also saves us from Metup mailing list trouble. (which is 
the foremost reason I want to us LP mailing list)
[20:01] <iOmar> Members business cards / Ubuntu marketing material
[20:02] <iOmar> I did manage to get an Ubuntu designed card here
[20:02] <iOmar> and here
[20:02] <iOmar> front and back 
[20:03] <iOmar> You can use it as a personal calling card & promote Ubuntu at 
the same time

[20:03] <rverrips> I like the business cards - What are the costs?
[20:03] <+nlsthzn> wife has just yelled (again) that the food is ready and 
getting cold... +1 from me for any good ideas... if not back before the end ... 
cheers all...
[20:03] <iOmar> Some thing around .75 fils a card
[20:03] <rverrips> cheers neil ...
[20:04] <Uxthui> Affordable.
[20:04] <rverrips> What is the minimum order quantity?
[20:04] <Uxthui> But it's missing reference ubuntu-ae team and website.
[20:04] <iOmar> I might manage to get a low count 500 but I need to check
[20:05] <iOmar> This where we need to set things clear for the General Public, 
to what site shall they be pointed to?
[20:05] <rverrips> 500 unique ones (i.e. 500xiOmar) or 500 total (i.e. 
100xiOmar, 100xrverrips, 100xUxthui, etc.)
[20:05] <iOmar> I need to check possibly doable
[20:05] <iOmar> the latter
[20:06] <rverrips> I'd suggest to point them to - At the moment 
that's the Wiki - If we later decide something else we can change the site 
without changing the calling cards?
[20:06] <iOmar> +1 for the idea
[20:06] <Uxthui> Ditto for
[20:07] <iOmar> but what about Which has evrything about Ubuntu?
[20:07] <iOmar> Our wiki doesnt really show much
[20:07] <Uxthui> Well, in fromnt and at back?
[20:07] <rverrips> We should perhaps look at the wiki page ( and see 
how can change that to either be "people looking for info on ubuntu"-friendly 
or "people looking for ubuntu emirates"-friendly
[20:08] <Uxthui> Something like find us at
[20:08] <ragesh> rverrips good idea
[20:08] <Uxthui> Something like find us at and download at
[20:08] <iOmar> Guys I need to close this last topic and move it to Meetup 
discussion board. 
[20:09] <iOmar> Time is up
[20:09] <rverrips> +1 for time up
[20:09] <Uxthui> Wait, wait, who's doing presentation next month?
[20:09] <ragesh> toki
[20:09] <rverrips> You mean in two weeks?  +1 for Toki
[20:09] <iOmar> +1 for Toki
[20:09] <ragesh> +1
[20:10] <Uxthui> Guess it's decided.
[20:10] <rverrips> I should be able to do November - pencil me in
[20:10] <iOmar> Thanks folks for joining another great session. Bye for now.

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