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This is the log of our third IRC meeting, held on #ubuntu-ae channel on Sunday, 18th January, 2012:

As you can see, the log is messed up. Will contact the team to find a better one. I lost my log when my internet got disconnected.

* Now talking on #ubuntu-ae

  • -ChanServ- [#ubuntu-ae] Welcome to #ubuntu-ae. This channel is publicly logged at Use of this channel implies acceptance of the terms at rverrips Hi Bassem rverrips Just you and me? rverrips (Neil said he'd be late) rverrips Bassem? Just me?

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  • amjjawad (d9a42afa@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #ubuntu-ae amjjawad Hi everyone rverrips Hi Ali - Just you and me at the moment (no everyone yet)

    amjjawad Oh ok Smile :) rverrips Not sure who'll attending - The IRC meetings have been a bit sparse the past few months. amjjawad And it's time to get it back to action rverrips Read 'bout you in Forums - You're the Ubuntu-WOW guy, right?

  • ragesh_ (56623908@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #ubuntu-ae ragesh_ hii rverrips here we go .. Hi Rajesh! amjjawad Yes, I'm the WOW Lubuntu guy

    amjjawad Hi Smile :) ragesh_ Hii rverrips Glad you made it rajesh - Using the web interface? amjjawad My real name is Ali and my username is amjjawad and that username will be everywhere in Ubuntu Forum, Lubuntu Mailing Lists and hopefully Emirates LoCo too Smile :) ragesh_ yeah.. the fastest way Smile :) amjjawad same here, the web interface as I did not install XChat yet rverrips IRC chat is loosing it's appeal these days, but in the days before IM, Tweets and micro-blogging it was all the rage ... ragesh_ roy, where are you didn't see you for the last meet rverrips IF you're running ubuntu you set it up in pidgin amjjawad Yeah, I'm aware of that but if truth to be told, I hate IRC :P rverrips I moved to Abu Dhabi Ragesh … sadly haven't been able to make the meet ups (in person or IRC) due mainly to that ... ragesh_ but soemtimes they are ral helpfull

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    amjjawad I gave up chatting long time ago but I have to use it to meet you guys Smile :) amjjawad Yes indeed specially now when I need to meet you virtually in here Smile :) uxthui Sorry, I nearly forgot... amjjawad Hi uxthui uxthui Evening, amjjawad ragesh_ rverrips nlsthzn ragesh_ Ali you said you have few plans ragesh_ good evng buddy amjjawad yes ragesh_ I do but first of all, we need to get to know each other Smile :) ragesh_ oh I'm so sorry I forgot that u r new here uxthui amjjawad: You seem to be very actice in the Ubuntu community already. Thanks for joining us as well. amjjawad My first quick plan is re-organize the team and contact the old dead team

  • rverrips introduces Toki (uxthui) to Ali - (Toki will be chairing this meeting, I believe)

    amjjawad my pleasure uxthui Smile :) rverrips Hi Ali - The "old dead" team is a bit more complicated than you might expect. amjjawad hi rverrips Smile :) well, let's see what we can do Smile :) uxthui Yes, amjjawad the one who was talking with Mr Zulfikar was rverrips rverrips Truth be told it was started as part of a commercial linux venture - All the members were employees, which is why it never got anywhere. Omar has tried a number of times to get it to merge with us, but no luck yet ... amjjawad for the time being, we need an active team even if we are few rverrips +1 for active team, regardless amjjawad I'll give it a go guys and will let you know Wink ;) amjjawad now, let's focus on our team and how to be more active and organized amjjawad that's Plan A Phase 1 amjjawad Plan A Phase 2 will be recruiting people Smile :) amjjawad two plans in few seconds and that's all for now :P rverrips I don't think our problem is organization … We can achieve anything with enough inertia Smile :-) amjjawad it's about quality rverrips not quantity Smile :) so YES we can do it

  • rverrips is wondering who's chairing the meeting and if we can start it officially, already half an hour overdue?

    rverrips +1 for quality, but then again, wouldn't mind some quantity either Smile :-) amjjawad Oh yes Smile :) ragesh_ Smile :) amjjawad so who will chair the meeting? ragesh_ believe TOki is there!! amjjawad ok Smile :) rverrips Take it away, Mr Toki (for those of you new here, Toki is our Community Manager) rverrips Oh yes, and Toki's handle is uxthui if you're really new Smile :-) amjjawad Nice to meet you, uxthui Smile :) uxthui zMy apologies for my delay again. amjjawad never mind uxthui

  • nlsthzn waves at everyone ragesh_ hii..
  • rverrips gives nlsthzn a high five ragesh_ good to see u

    ragesh_ Smile :) uxthui In any case, I believe ragesh_ mentioned something about an installfest, did you not? nlsthzn Nice to be seen... what I miss (or should I read)? rverrips We haven't started yet Neil, you're just in time - I believe Toki was just clearing his throat ... uxthui Would you like to elaborate? uxthui Hey, nlsthzn

  • Haden (~Haden@ has joined #ubuntu-ae nlsthzn Cool... uxthui , you chairing? nlsthzn 0/ to Haden too amjjawad nlsthzn: hey Smile :) Haden Hey guys Smile :) amjjawad hello Haden nlsthzn Hi rverrips , uxthui , amjjawad , ragesh_ (seems to be all)... and bassem uxthui Haden: !

  • ZAKhan (56605ef2@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #ubuntu-ae ragesh_ yes, the install fest the other person is away ie not in UAE uxthui A big turnout after a long time. nlsthzn Hi ZAKhan uxthui ragesh_: Sorry, I couldn;t tell from your handle. nlsthzn Welcome

    amjjawad Hi ZAKhan Smile :) ragesh_ hii haden ZAKhan Hi there ragesh_ hii amjjawad Ok so shall we start? uxthui nlsthzn: Please link us to the agenda you wrote up. Haden Hi everyone .. I've been caught up at work lately .. Haven't been able to participate alot . nlsthzn These are the points I quickly thought off - Haden Still at work .. Sad :( will listen silently .. rverrips ZAKahn … Zulfikar, that you? nlsthzn No worries Haden ZAKhan Yes Roy the one and only Smile :) ragesh_ same here haden

  • rverrips introduces ZAKhan to all - This is Zulfiqar, the lead of the other Ubuntu Loco in the UAE

    nlsthzn Welcome ZAKhan Smile :) amjjawad I know him already Big Grin :) uxthui ZAKhan: Thanks for attending today's meeting with us.

  • rverrips apologies for the interruption and gives chair back to uxthui Haden Glad to see you guys still actively involved ..

    rverrips So point number one as per nlsthzn was "LoCo responsibilities (doing the paperwork)"? nlsthzn Shall I elaborate a bit nlsthzn ? ragesh_ yes pls rverrips yes please Haden Yes ... nlsthzn As we get more busy and start doing more it is important we keep up with the less glamorous part of it... "paper work" nlsthzn Case in point - Our wiki nlsthzn We need to make sure we capture information there ragesh_ +1 nlsthzn Like our Agenda's, our minutes of meetings and what ever else we can think about Haden +1 to that as well.. rverrips +1 for using the wiki more

  • uxthui has quit (Ping timeout: 258 seconds) nlsthzn Will make it easier later when we try to become an official loco and to show the people what is happening in the UAE amjjawad +1 amjjawad this is what we do in Lubuntu, we try to keep everything on our Wiki ragesh_ +! ragesh_ +1
  • uxthui (0231d343@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #ubuntu-ae nlsthzn But part of this is making sure we have people doing it :p uxthui Please excuse me. nlsthzn no worries uxthui , wb uxthui Yes, as nlsthzn was saying, someone needs to responsible to keep everything updated on our Wiki. nlsthzn And for the record, I hate wiki's... they are annoying to work on :p

    Haden Last time .. I think Bassem and I updated it .. Bassem doing most of the work Smile :) uxthui nlsthzn already took care a few of our IRC meetings despite his annoyances, so thank you for that! amjjawad If it's about updating, I'm ready but not sure I got the time to write things from scratch nlsthzn No worries... I think we are starting to have enough "regular" peeps to make "teams" ... so it doens't fall to one person uxthui A certain Ragesh also documented a MoM for our physical meetups it would be great if that was done dirctly on the Wiki.

  • rverrips raises his hand for a quick question on Wiki vs. Google Docs amjjawad as some of you may know, I'm so busy with Lubuntu uxthui rverrips: Please shoot. Haden amjjawad , could you provide a link to the lubuntu wiki ? rverrips Is the reason we're not updating the wiki 'cause folks don't like it? Haden We could use a few pointers from there .. uxthui rverrips: Cause: uxthui 1. I was too lazy rverrips (I mean, it's hard to use, so we don't feel like updating it, etc.) uxthui 2. I didn't find much things to update

    amjjawad uxthui 3. No one really knows of it. nlsthzn FTR: Making an agenda in Google Docs 5 is much faster and easier than the wiki nlsthzn however the wiki reads better and looks better and is more accessable once the info is there ragesh_ I think we dont use wiki more coz we get the email updates for meetup site uxthui Maybe some web application that automatically spews out Wiki formatted text would be a help here? :P amjjawad I know some basics about Wiki so it's not a huge issue for me, it's just I need sometime to do this Haden nlsthzn , the reason we had a wiki was to make ourselves an official loco rverrips If you'd all rather move from a wiki to a Google Apps environment that's easy to achieve … we can do groups in the google apps environment too uxthui rverrips: Haden's point. amjjawad I vote for keeping the wiki and update it every now and then amjjawad Haden: uxthui amjjawad: We pretty much /need/ to, but dedication on that front is required. Haden If we are still planning on getting ourselves official .. Even in the near future , I vote we stick with wiki nlsthzn For internal workings Google docs is nice... but eventually we have to capture it in something like the wiki... amjjawad uxthui: as I mentioned, I'm ready and up to this but I'm so busy with Lubuntu. I'd like to be extra honest from day 1 Smile :) rverrips I'd suggest that "wiki" is our "internal workings" for now … Haden If someone could update google docs , I can copy the same to wiki uxthui amjjawad: Yes, that's why we don't want to push the responsibility to you/ amjjawad it's ok amjjawad if someone will write it, I'll put it on our wiki Wink ;) nlsthzn Suggestion: Who here is able and willing to update the wiki as it is needed on a monthly basis? amjjawad let's do this step by step and eventually, we will reach our goals Wink ;) uxthui nlsthzn: Bi-weekly basis. amjjawad I'm up to this but I need some help of course in regards of what we will put over there Haden nlsthzn , if someone could pass me details as to what has to be updated , I could do it .. nlsthzn uxthui, my point is it must be updated in a timely fashion... uxthui amjjawad: IF you put it that way, maybe I or Haden could be of help. amjjawad then so be it Smile :) uxthui That fine with you Haden? nlsthzn amjjawad, Haden - For now it seems to be our "News" - Which is the agenda for meetings, minutes of meetings when done ragesh_ I can find time for wiki updates but I never tried it so might need some help to start with amjjawad I just need both of you to add me on Gmail or Facebook for faster access Haden I'm ok with it ,. nlsthzn And as anything else comes up, we need to announce it, and document it (say an installfest etc.) amjjawad Haden: and uxthui I guess you have my Gmail right? uxthui Yep, mailing lists all the way, nlsthzn. uxthui I mean amjjawad. amjjawad Smile :) nlsthzn So, can I say that Haden , amjjawad , ragesh_ are our current wiki team? Haden We could discuss at the next meeting the layout of the wiki .. Haden Sure nlsthzn Smile :) uxthui Now on to the second point - anyone got any idea about doing a release party? ragesh_ that would be helpfull haden uxthui Oh yes, thanks nlsthzn. amjjawad please make a small page about this small groups as well. Smile :) rverrips I know I wasn't there, but my understanding is the 11.10 release party was quite the hit? ragesh_ ya, I enjoed it nlsthzn rverrips, it was fun... not what I expected but then again nobody had expectations or a plan really :p rverrips I guess my question is what can we (or do we need to) do to improve on the 11.10 party … Haden We can skip on actually doing an install this time Smile :) uxthui Yah, but it wasn't anything open that anyone could come and join us (unless they're already part of the Meetup). nlsthzn The next release is the big one. What ever we do it should be visible and I would like to see a release in Dubai and Abu Dhabi if possible uxthui Haden: Why? Haden The wifi speed was terrible .. uxthui Oh that. Yeah terrible location.

  • amjjawad_ (d9a42afa@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #ubuntu-ae amjjawad_ sorry guys, I have a serious issue with my network :/ nlsthzn If we start early enough we can get a better venue, as well as some banners etc. amjjawad_ I was saying
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    amjjawad_ [19:51] <amjjawad> so let's put it this way [19:51] <amjjawad> Phase 1 [19:52] <amjjawad> someone will give me the contents and I'll put that on our Wiki amjjawad_ is that ok with everyone? Haden Well.. The pavilion is the best location we could get .. nlsthzn amjjawad_, we will hit you with a transcript after the meeting... now we are talking release party uxthui nlsthzn: for that kind of preparation we need a real, booked venue. nlsthzn uxthui, makes sense if we plan on doing it right amjjawad_ sorry but I lost the track because my network got disconnected Sad :( uxthui nlsthzn: No, I mean w=to say let's decide on a place before moving onto preparation. uxthui *I mean to nlsthzn sure. we need to make a list of actions and some people to execute nlsthzn But it will help if we know what we are planning too... Haden How do you guys feel about outdoors ? Smile :) Haden Like a park or something .. ragesh_ but what abt internet?? amjjawad_ Sadly I'm living in Al-Ain and I don't have a car :/ Haden Well zabeel park has wifi nlsthzn I think we don't need to beat our heads in now... but we should be aware of the up and coming release and its significants. We can start fleshing it out on the meetup board or on the mailing list. amjjawad_ However, I was planning to move to Dubai in case I'll find a job over there - I'm jobless at the moment uxthui ragesh_: Regardless of our location, it will be difficult for a lot of people to be upgrading simultaneously, Haden I'd recommend everyone upgrading and then coming uxthui Rather, I say we bring our own CDs if we want to upgrade on spot. Haden It takes atleast an hour to do an upgrade .. Haden We could spend that time discussing the new features ..etc .. nlsthzn I saw that the release party and upgrade doesn't work that well... but it is an option... we should have phamphlets and lots of CD's amjjawad_ Installing doesn't take time I guess amjjawad_ I never do upgrades Wink ;) rverrips I'd suggest there is a difference in our needs between a release party where everyone has enough bandwidth to upgrade (This would need some place like a internet cafe of varsity computer lab) vs. a place we can promote the release (which would obviously not have the bandwidth to support a 20xdownloads) nlsthzn rverrips, +1 amjjawad_ +1 ragesh_ +1 nlsthzn I think I should have a look at Randal Ross's blog again... he has many brilliant ideas on the social side of Ubuntu rverrips But a "Techie" response could also be one of us creates a local mirror on their laptops, and we all upgrade from there, locally … nlsthzn FTR - ragesh_ awesome rverrips I'd assume when they seed the final version not too many packages get updated, or do they all get a version update? Either way, if Haden I could to that .. I could cache the packages to one machine and everyone could download it from there .. uxthui Haden: If you do go ahead with it, set how about a DNS server that to the local cache server as well? rverrips I would suggest have all the Ubuntu people who want to upgrade in one place doing if from a local mirror would be an awesome show of both the power and community of ubuntu? ragesh_ great idea Haden I use a tool called apt-cacher-BG Haden *ng nlsthzn Sounds like a plan rverrips If we're making suggestions, and I'm assuming it's a laptop, get a second wifi card (USB dongle, type) and create a gateway, that way we all connect to you via wifi, and you feed off to whoever is providing it ... -RichiH- [Global Notice] Hi all. We just blogged about SOPA/PIPA on and suggest you join ##sopa if you are interested in these proposed bills or other discussion around this general topic. As always, have a nice day and thanks for flying freenode air! Haden I have 15 Ubuntu boxes at work and I update them this way

  • rverrips get's dizzy as he dreams of a Wifi SSID called "Release Party" that all attach to and simply hit update and in seconds are running the latest release?
  • nlsthzn will definitely be doing a clean install of the LTS (seeing as it is supposed to last 5 years)

    Haden rverrips Smile :) rverrips to nlsthzn: don't all LTS last 5 years? amjjawad_ Xubuntu = 3 years amjjawad_ Kubuntu = 5 amjjawad_ Lubuntu = NOT LTS Sad :( nlsthzn Now Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Edubuntu do nlsthzn AFAIK nlsthzn Used to be 5 only for server editions amjjawad_ Yes indeed nlsthzn nlsthzn amjjawad_, Lubuntu is still to young for LTS... it needs to grow rapidly Smile :) amjjawad_ nlsthzn: it needs more resources Wink ;) amjjawad_ May I ask something? rverrips If I wanted a linux distro that stayed the same for 5 years I'd install Redhat Smile :-) uxthui Uh, knock knock, guys. amjjawad_ Is there any chance that we could get some T-Shirts for Ubuntu? Mugs? stuff like that? uxthui Since you have at least decided on the technical side of the party, please continue on the mailing list. rverrips Can we appoint a launch party sub-meeting and keep going with the other points? uxthui We won't be able to finish everything about the party now. uxthui rverrips: Excellent idea. ragesh_ +1 uxthui Are you guys up for it? Haden rverrips +1 amjjawad_ Ok nlsthzn +1 uxthui Right, rverrips will you chair? uxthui You can contact me to post it on MEetup. rverrips Sure … let's set it for next week, same time, same place (IRC) rverrips I'll chair uxthui Right. uxthui Now then, next point of particular interest to nlsthzn is LPIC. Would you please take to the podiums again? :P nlsthzn I will be brief amjjawad_ LPIC=? nlsthzn Late last year some of the guys over at ubuntu-za decided to have some sort of study school going through a free study guide to the LPIC. IT fizzled a bit but in there last meeting it was decided to go for it again. nlsthzn So if anybody here would like to join in they are more than welcome nlsthzn I for one will go for the exam at the end to see if I can actually pass it (just for fun) nlsthzn I did mail the info last year, I think I will do so again uxthui amjjawad_: Linux Proffessional Institute Certification nlsthzn amjjawad_ Oh ok amjjawad_ thanks uxthui Smile :) nlsthzn amjjawad_ can we do that in UAE? nlsthzn yes, the exams can be done here amjjawad_ good amjjawad_ will keep that in mind, thanks nlsthzn Smile :) nlsthzn I think it will be better discussed on the board on meetup... take this as a FTR rverrips I meet a guy who lives in Dubai and did the LPI … rverrips It's very much distro agnostic though ... nlsthzn rverrips, which is good rverrips IT prides itself on not being tied to any particular distribution amjjawad_ sounds interesting Smile :) amjjawad_ any idea how much it costs? rverrips Having Ubuntu promote it may seem counter productive, in the same way we don't promote Free Office as such, etc. rverrips (to amjjawad regards costs) I believe you only pay for the exams rverrips but you have to do a lot of studying nlsthzn amjjawad_, yup... you can buy books or use resources which are online for free... I will re-send the links to them rverrips At one stage there was some Ubuntu Certifications available nlsthzn they still are... nlsthzn Which brings us to the next point... the Linux Training I heard being discussed in the last few meetings... rverrips Best solution for LPI (or any certification actually) is get hold of someone who's done it recently and who can mentor you amjjawad_ To be honest, I believe experience has nothing to do with certificates but it's nice to have it nlsthzn rverrips, which is why the study group is to form... with lots of old hands to assist amjjawad_ rverrips: that is good idea indeed amjjawad_ I think I'll do this nlsthzn they have some nice plans... I will send the mail when I get a chance... amjjawad_ perhaps it's time to get something like that rverrips (to nlsthzn) please proceed an become an "old hand" to assist us Smile :-) nlsthzn Unlikely... I am one of those desktop users that recently migrated from Windows and can only use Ubuntu because Debian confuses me Haden guys gotta go .. I'll catch up with the minutes .. See you guys later .. nlsthzn Cheers Haden uxthui Bye Haden. Thanks for attending amjjawad_ cya Haden Smile :) rverrips In Dubai I think you can write the exams at Knowledge Villiage that has a Pearson Vue centre ragesh_ bye nlsthzn There are many venues... uxthui Well, that will be all about LPIC, aye nlsthzn? As he says, further details will eb provided through the mailing list. nlsthzn +1 rverrips +1 for keeping the meeting moving amjjawad_ +1 uxthui In regards to the next few topics of Linux Training and Installfests as reported in MoMs (Minutes of MEetings) to the mailing list... uxthui I'm afraid we cannot follow up to what has been discussed by those attendees as all of them are absent in this meeting. nlsthzn Any more info on those... I read that some planning has already happened? nlsthzn Oh bother :/ nlsthzn At least it means the meeting just got shorter :p uxthui Until they come out with a new message, or we discuss it with them, at this point we have no idea what they've been planning. ragesh_ yes joseph is serious with the plan uxthui So yes, it's basically the end of the meeting. amjjawad_ Hey uxthui If you've any idea to shoot, please do. amjjawad_ I'm not sure what you guys are talking about but I'm ready to give some training to new comers amjjawad_ WOW Lubuntu is my personal Project that I'm willing to put so much effort on amjjawad_ nlsthzn I would like to say thanks to all attending. With a little effort this year will be the year of Ubuntu as well as the Ubuntu AE LoCo... amjjawad_ and I'm ready to give training and stuff uxthui You guys have my thanks for putting up with my crappy chairing skills. I really hope for someone better and regular can take over. But until someone who can fulfill those two conditions appears, please take care of me. nlsthzn amjjawad_, I am myself not sure what is planned, hopefully it will become apparent soon amjjawad_ Ok then nlsthzn uxthui, thanks for chairing, you are doing fine amjjawad_ will go easy on you guys for now Smile :) uxthui amjjawad_: Joseph's been planning about it, I think you can contact him and offer your help. ragesh_ bye guys have a good night Wink ;) uxthui Seeya ragesh_ rverrips to amjjawad and nlsthzn - A few months ago it was decided at every monthly meet up one of the community would do a presentation / training on a particular subject nlsthzn So now the wiki team can fight about who is going to put this meeting on the wiki seeing as we are not using a bot to make it easies yet Wink ;) amjjawad_ I'll try to catch up with him rverrips Toki did one on virtualisation nlsthzn rverrips, yes... we had one uxthui rverrips: Did what? rverrips Toki did a training at the meet up Smile :-) rverrips Don't you remember? amjjawad_ I lost the log when I got disconnected amjjawad_ if someone can send it to me via Email? amjjawad_ and tell me where exactly shall I put it?

  • nlsthzn has to go (1 hour for a meeting is enough on little old me)... nlsthzn Cheers all... uxthui Bye, nlsthzn. THanks for taking yer time.
  • ragesh_ (56623908@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has left #ubuntu-ae uxthui amjjawad_: Go to uxthui That currently points to our Wiki page. THere's already a few meeting logs and MoM posted.
  • Haden has quit (Remote host closed the connection) amjjawad_ full address please?

    amjjawad_ isn't this our Wiki ??? rverrips Yes, that's the Wiki Amjawad amjjawad_ amjjawad_ I need to create a new page calling it 18012012 and add the Log amjjawad_ but I lost it so I need someone to Email it to me please

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