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This is the log of the IRC meeting, held on #ubuntu-ae channel on Wednesday 25 January 2012:

[19:01]  <rverrips> Ok, let's start the meeting
[19:01]  <rverrips> Can all present give me a +1 (just for the record)
[19:01]  <bassem> hi Naseel 
[19:01]  <nlsthzn> +1
[19:01]  <Haden> +1
[19:01]  <bassem> +1
[19:01]  <DirkT> +1
[19:01]  <Naseel> +1
[19:02]  <rverrips> Great … (that also helps identify who is REALLY here :-)
[19:02]  <rverrips> Thanks again all for being here ...
[19:02]  <Haden> :-)
[19:02]  <nlsthzn> rverrips, are you here?
[19:03]  <rverrips> +1 (thank's Neil)
[19:03]  <nlsthzn> :p
[19:03]  <rverrips> So we're here to discuss the launch party for 12.04
[19:03]  <Lolo> +1 
[19:03]  <rverrips> As per the agenda first thing to decide is what the format of the party will be ...
[19:03]  * DirkT needs to make a script to +1 on this question.
[19:04]  <Haden> +1
[19:04]  <rverrips> As I see it we need to identify a primer aim - As much as we want to do two things, one should be primary, and the other a bonus (helps making decisions later)
[19:04]  <rverrips> So primary aim can either be to serve us internally a community
[19:04]  <rverrips> Or to promote Ubuntu
[19:05]  <rverrips> Internally we can have an upgrade party, or a download party, or just a celebration (like last time)
[19:05]  <rverrips> To promote, we can have banners, balloons, and tell everyone what Ubuntu is about ...
[19:06]  <rverrips> Any suggestions on other aims we could have?
[19:06]  <nlsthzn> rverrips, are we looking at seperate events or one integrated one?
[19:06]  <rverrips> I think for now we should pick one (limited resources) - If we want todo the other, best to set that up as a separate event, no?
[19:06]  <DirkT> For me personally it doesn't make sense to take an Ubuntu event as an initiative to promote Ubuntu. Either you know what Ubuntu is about and appreciate it or you will find a "Ubuntu release party" nerdy.
[19:07]  <DirkT> So I'd vote for the internal event.
[19:07]  <bassem> can you please give numbers to the options, cause i see alot of options 
[19:07]  <Haden> Internal event sounds good to me ..
[19:07]  * rverrips to Bassem - Will put options up in a bit, just open for discussion at present
[19:08]  <rverrips> I wasn't at the last one - would you say it was more internal, or external?
[19:08]  * bassem party for geeks 
[19:08]  * DirkT thinks also geeks are not partying enough. :-P
[19:09]  <nlsthzn> rverrips, internal
[19:09]  <bassem> DirkT, so ture 
[19:09]  <nlsthzn> (the last one I mean)
[19:09]  <Haden> Location is important also ...
[19:09]  <bassem> Haden, yeah it's so called these days ...
[19:09]  * rverrips to haden:  Location can be discussed after we decide format … otherwise the format becomes the slave of the location
[19:10]  <Haden> rverrips true 
[19:10]  <rverrips> Any other suggestions, idea's, or questions on primary aim? 
[19:10]  <DirkT> What's your opinion, rverrips?
[19:10]  <bassem> we need somthing that will attarcat ubuntu/ linux users in uae
[19:11]  <nlsthzn> Do we as a LoCo need an internal party? Will it add value to the LoCo, Ubuntu etc?
[19:11]  * rverrips to nlsthzn - I think the Loco needs to boost some moral and build some team spirit
[19:11]  <nlsthzn> Because I see an internal party just being a special monthly meetup
[19:11]  <nlsthzn> depending on what we do off course
[19:12]  <DirkT> There's some truth to that, actually.
[19:12]  <rverrips> I see an internal party being exactly that, a special meet up (perhaps even on the same day as the monthly) but with a particular aim … to celebrate the new release
[19:12]  <nlsthzn> rverrips, the up side it will be easier to do :)
[19:12]  <bassem> no, release party is something else! we can't consider it as special meeting 
[19:13]  <rverrips> +1 for easier todo … let's make it work first, then make it better ...
[19:13]  <DirkT> Should the release party be as formal as a meeting would be the question then, no?
[19:13]  * rverrips to bassem could you explain a bit more what would be different a release party?
[19:14]  <DirkT> Well a meeting usually is quite controlled by whoever has the lead. Omar mostly. I'd see a party less formal.
[19:14]  <DirkT> IF we go for the internal event.
[19:14]  * rverrips to dirkT - I don't think our monthly meetings are very formal - I think it's more deciding in advance what we'll do at the meeting, which we don't really do that much at the monthlys
[19:15]  <DirkT> rverrips: I've been only to one and I said formal, because it was quite controlled. There was a process behind it.
[19:16]  * rverrips DirkT: fair to say that was very much due to the effort of one person, iOmar?
[19:16]  <bassem> in release party ppl bring their laptop, to install/download the new release , and to learn more about it
[19:17]  <bassem> in monthly meeting we usually just talk 
[19:17]  * rverrips bassem:  That is one type of release party - I believe the last one was more just a celebration, no?
[19:17]  <Haden> I propose we have an informal event .. Discuss new features .. Talk about the future of Ubuntu and maybe dinner ...
[19:17]  <bassem> I mean there is a lot of actions 
[19:17]  <DirkT> Haden: I'm all up for the dinner bit. :D
[19:18]  <bassem> rverrips, it was outdoor funny party :-)
[19:18]  <DirkT> Is there a location where we can bring laptops and have dinner?
[19:18]  <nlsthzn> If we go internal we can have some copies of the latest versions available and have a presentation in it (very similar to the last one we had)
[19:18]  * rverrips DirkT: Good question about location, but let's first see what we want to achieve and then how to?
[19:18]  * nlsthzn thinks we could show case Ubuntu TV as well as what ever clever things Canonical has come up with by then)
[19:19]  <Haden> Pavilion is a good place .. But their dinner is ver pricy ..
[19:20]  <nlsthzn> So our first question is, do we go internal and small(er) or go external big(er)? Should we vote and that can help narrow the focus?
[19:20]  <DirkT> Haden: And I find the venue a bit sterile.
[19:20]  <Haden> I vote internal 
[19:20]  <bassem> Haden, what about bowling ?
[19:20]  <DirkT> Internal.
[19:20]  <rverrips> Ok, so everyone got an idea of the options?
[19:20]  <DirkT> bassem: ahaha. Awesome. I'm all up for bowling as well. :D
[19:21]  <Haden> We went bowling last time .. Do we have anything else interesting to do in Dubai ? :)
[19:21]  <rverrips> Option1 - Primary aim is to promote internally, talk about features and help every upload or Option2 - Invite others who don't know Ubuntu, talk about the features etc.
[19:21]  <nlsthzn> Dubai sounds like a very boring place :p
[19:22]  <bassem> Haden, I mean we can sit and eat there
[19:22]  <rverrips> Now that I type it, the options look very similar?
[19:22]  <DirkT> bassem: And upgrade Ubuntu when waiting for the turn.
[19:22]  <rverrips> Should we vote on the options, or keep discussing, as bowling would Option3, I guess?
[19:23]  * rverrips also likes the bowling idea … 
[19:23]  <Haden> I think some of us should upgrade and come ... 
[19:23]  <DirkT> Bowling is within "internal" for me, so option 1.
[19:23]  * bassem nlsthzn let's go to Rwais 
[19:24]  <Haden> ha ha Bassem
[19:24]  <nlsthzn> FTR: Our first and only Release Party we got together at Pavilion, tried downloading (and upgrading) the new release but it was to slow . I had an install so we checked and discussed it then we went bowling.
[19:24]  <rverrips> Do they have a bowling alley in Ruweis?
[19:24]  <nlsthzn> Yes there is one actually (just not sure when it is open :p)
[19:24]  <DirkT> I can bring my phone and tether a HSDPA hotspot if Internet is an issue.
[19:25]  * rverrips DirkT that sounds like a great idea - I believe Haden said he could prep a cache server as well ...
[19:25]  * bassem nlsthzn is there any airport there?
[19:25]  <DirkT> Does any of us run a mirror, btw?
[19:25]  <Haden> rverrips .. I could do that . That's what I currently do for my 12 boxes at work :)
[19:25]  <rverrips> Seems like we can vote - All in favour of the Primary aim being internal (with the possibility of bowling) give a +1
[19:25]  <nlsthzn> bassem, sure there is a military base on the Saudi border, just phone in advance and ask of yo can land ;)
[19:26]  <Haden> +1
[19:26]  * bassem nlsthzn looool
[19:26]  <DirkT> +1 for internal, dinner, bowling and a bit of installing and upgrading. :)
[19:26]  <Haden> And a small presentation by some of us if possible 
[19:27]  <bassem> +1 for internal and invite all ubuntu/linux user in uae 
[19:27]  <DirkT> ... because we haven't just got Ubuntu. We've also got balls.
[19:27]  <nlsthzn> Check this out (as a thought, if not this release maybe something in the future) -
[19:27]  <Haden> Maybe talk about ubuntu tv. The new HUD menu etc
[19:27]  <rverrips> Naseel, you're very quite?   
[19:27]  <rverrips> nlzthzn - I take your silence to be a no?   
[19:27]  * nlsthzn has a Precise install in VBox running Unity 5 and HUD :)
[19:28]  <nlsthzn> BTW... there are 5 parts to the story in Randalls blog -
[19:29]  <nlsthzn> just change the last digit up to 5 :p
[19:29]  <rverrips> Ok, although Naseel and nlsthzn didn't vote, it seems we have the Primary Aim set at being internal
[19:29]  <rverrips> Ok, next topic - Date and time
[19:30]  <Haden> I think a Thursday evening sounds good ..
[19:30]  <nlsthzn> rverrips, didn't vote because I don't want "internal" ;)
[19:30]  <rverrips> fair enough, nlsthzn.   Apologies, I should've asked for -1 if you disagree ...
[19:30]  <nlsthzn> oh sorry... was thinking of doing it but wasn't sure if it was proper etiquette 
[19:31]  <Haden> nlsthzn , out of curiosity ,,have any ideas for an external party ?
[19:31]  <rverrips> Seems the release day is April 26th, correct?
[19:31]  <rverrips> I believe April 26th is a Tuesday?
[19:32]  * DirkT can't plan that far ahead.
[19:32]  <nlsthzn> Haden, not really anything concrete... I would however like to see some big banners (like we had at the installfest) and systems demo'ing Unity etc. someplace public to garner interest (at the very least) or a party without PC's but someplace public with lots of Ubuntu all around (but that is just me :p)
[19:33]  <nlsthzn> The release doesn't have to happen on the day of the release... can happen any day (easier to get the ISO's etc.)
[19:33]  <rverrips> I think the options are to either do it on the 26th (not nlsthzn's comments about getting ISO's ready) or the following Thursday, or the following Wednesday, which is the regular day for a monthly meet up?
[19:34]  <Haden> nlsthzn , sounds interesting ... Something we can always looks into in the future ..
[19:34]  <rverrips> Any other suggestions for dates?
[19:34]  * Naseel has quit (*.net *.split)
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[19:34]  <Haden> I suggest , the week after ..
[19:34]  <nlsthzn> Remeber the release is 26th but they never give a time ;)
[19:34]  <nlsthzn> net split >.<
[19:34]  <bassem> what happened?
[19:34]  * rverrips nlsthzn I would love to see an event like that (with banners, etc) but for now let's walk 'fore we run … 
[19:34]  <Haden> Long since I've seen one of those :)
[19:34]  <DirkT> Reading through nlsthzn's statement and maybe bassem's comment earlier, I was just thinking it could be both external and internal. We can make it an internal event for the team spirit in a public place and people may come and get to know us and hear about Ubuntu. And in any event they will have had dinner and bowled a bit.
[19:35]  <Haden> Well... If we get a good public location, we could have that :)
[19:35]  <nlsthzn> rverrips, agreed, we might not be up for something to big yet
[19:36]  <DirkT> It's a shame that it's got to be in April, otherwise we could have made it a desert event. Rent some generators, etc. 
[19:36]  <DirkT> Grill some great food.
[19:36]  <DirkT> Have a great time. And show everyone Ubuntu.
[19:37]  <Haden> DirkT I'm
[19:37]  <nlsthzn> Not many people in the desert
[19:37]  <Haden> All up for that too :)
[19:37]  <nlsthzn> with computers
[19:37]  * rverrips we could have the March monthly meeting in the desert
[19:37]  <nlsthzn> :p
[19:37]  <rverrips> We can discuss the desert option later, if that's ok … for now, let's try get through this agenda
[19:38]  <DirkT> nlsthzn: well if you have people coming to an event it can as well be in the desert, no?
[19:38]  <DirkT> Ok, rverrips
[19:38]  <Haden> btw .. I think location is important right now ..
[19:38]  <rverrips> So date options are - The Tuesday of the release, the following Thursday (closer to the weekend) or the first Wednesday in May (a week later)
[19:39]  <rverrips> Haden, we'll get to location next on the Agenda
[19:39]  -mquin- [Global Notice] We are experiencing some connectivity problems, please bear with us while we investigate (and run around with duct tape)
[19:39]  <Haden> I think thursday is good .. We can go on late 
[19:39]  <DirkT> +1 for Tuesday.
[19:40]  <rverrips> Ok, so cast your votes then
[19:40]  <Haden> + 1 Thursday 
[19:40]  <rverrips> +1 for first Wednesday in May, linking with monthly meeting
[19:40]  <bassem> -1 for Thursday 
[19:40]  <DirkT> Thursday people are burned out from their working week, plus some of us might go out anyway.
[19:40]  * nlsthzn is happy with what ever the group decides
[19:41]  <rverrips> what day do you suggest bassem?  
[19:41]  <Haden> I think we can send out an email to the list asking for their votes ..
[19:41]  <Haden> There's too few of us to decide on dates :)
[19:42]  <nlsthzn> Haden, by the same account there is to few to decide what where when etc... ;)
[19:43]  <Haden> nlsthzn true 
[19:43]  * rverrips we informed the whole list of the meeting - Sadly we're all who attended
[19:44]  <rverrips> But I concede we can decide the date another day - I think deciding that at the next monthly meeting would be a good idea - The folks present there would likely be the ones who'd attend the release party.
[19:44]  <Haden> Anyway my vote stands for a Thursday .. I'm find with other days too ..
[19:44]  <Haden> It should be fine with others and we should get Max attendance 
[19:44]  <rverrips> Ok, so just to confirm, Haden you can bring am upgrade cache with you, and possibly DirkT can bring a tethered connection onto the cache, and then for internet if needed
[19:45]  <rverrips> Could you guys bring a "demo" of that to the meet up in March?
[19:45]  <Haden> rverrips, my laptop is screwed .. Hope I can get it fixed before April 
[19:45]  <nlsthzn> Also burn 10 DVD's... easy and cheap ;)
[19:45]  <DirkT> rverrips: I cannot see into April to know if I'll be attending, though.
[19:46]  * rverrips - No problem DirkT - Let's just get some decisions and plans down for now.  We can adjust them as needed along the way.
[19:46]  <rverrips> So assuming we have DVD's and a Cache server the upgrade with us, what do we need from the venue?
[19:46]  <nlsthzn> Power, ambiance, food :p
[19:47]  <DirkT> Reasonable prices, so we don't discriminate against the lower income ones amongst us.
[19:47]  <DirkT> At least that thought brought the barbecueing in the desert into my mind.
[19:47]  <rverrips> Haden, Bassem - what would you desire from the venue?
[19:48]  <Haden> Festival city looks like a good place ..
[19:48]  * rverrips I think a Loco that sits in the desert, with a generator, upgrade server and 3G internet upgrading ubuntu would be pretty special
[19:49]  <rverrips> What about the bowling alley idea - can we do it there?
[19:49]  <nlsthzn> rverrips, not Dubai International or what ever it is called
[19:50]  <Haden> Nah .. Bowling alley is not really a good place 
[19:50]  <nlsthzn> To have a release party in the desert and video and photograph it will be "unique" that is for sure :) (will need some camels for authenticity)
[19:50]  <rverrips> Is late April too late for the desert?
[19:50]  <Haden> I can gimp in camels is needed :)
[19:51]  <Haden> *if
[19:51]  <rverrips> +1 for Gimping in camels!!!
[19:51]  <nlsthzn> :D
[19:52]  <DirkT> Late April may be pretty hot already.
[19:52]  <rverrips> Seriously, does anyone have any objections about the desert suggestion?  It would take planning, etc. but we have three months?
[19:52]  <Haden> I'm all up for it :)
[19:52]  <Haden> And I think it would be cool during the nights 
[19:52]  * DirkT too.
[19:53]  <rverrips> Apparently average temperature in May is 37C
[19:53]  <DirkT> I go hiking in July, I don't care. ;)
[19:53]  <bassem> I like the desert, but is it so cold these days ?
[19:53]  * rverrips bassem we're talking about the release party in late April / early May
[19:53]  <DirkT> rverrips: that means about 30 in the evenings.
[19:54]  <Haden> 30 is not so bad 
[19:54]  * bassem rverrips ah sorry 
[19:54]  * nlsthzn requests to be excused (seems it is time for dinner and it can't wait)... apparently :p
[19:54]  <nlsthzn> Cheers guys
[19:54]  <rverrips> thanks nlsthzn, we're just wrapping up and upload the logs … enjoy dinner
[19:54]  <Haden> see ya nlsthzn
[19:54]  <DirkT> Cheers
[19:55]  * DirkT has dinner in front of Pidgin tonight. ;)
[19:55]  <Haden> can we keep one more Irc meet to discuss about desert plan 
[19:55]  <bassem> anyway we have to ask our desert expert "Omar"
[19:55]  * rverrips Haden:  I think we can have it discussed at the meet up next week - Any other suggestions though?
[19:56]  <rverrips> Anyone got any other suggestions for venue (other than the desert)
[19:57]  <rverrips> anyone?
[19:57]  <DirkT> +1 desert
[19:57]  <bassem> nothing in mind right now
[19:57]  * Haden has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[19:57]  <rverrips> Ok, seems like we've covered what we needed to, and I think we actually got a lot done … 
[19:58]  <rverrips> Agreed we'll need to talk more at the meet up, and following that we can perhaps have another IRC to take it further, but for now I think between the five of us we've done better than we would each on their own, no?
[19:58]  * rverrips +1 to close the meeting, or let me know if there's any other business
[19:59]  <rverrips> +1 to close meeting
[19:59]  <bassem> +1 close this meeting and to be continued next week
[19:59]  * Haden (~Haden@ has joined #ubuntu-ae
[20:00]  <Haden> Sorry got DC
[20:00]  * rverrips to Haden we're just wrapping up - anything else you want to discuss?
[20:00]  <DirkT> +1 to close this meeting and move with my dinner into the living room. ;)
[20:01]  <rverrips> Thanks again everyone for attending the meeting - Feel free to stay around and chat, but I have to head to dinner as well.  
[20:01]  <rverrips> I'll update the wiki and upload logs after dinner … 
[20:01]  <rverrips> Thanks again!

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