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Current Activities

After several years of experimentation with non-distro models for linux systems, I find an increasing set of reasons to end up using Ubuntu in various contexts where other solutions may be too inflexible, too immature, or otherwise unsuitable, and so am starting to have an increased desire to fix problems where I encounter them.

Past Activities

I used to participate in the Debian Games, Ubuntu Studio Developers, Ubuntu Japanese Team, Ubuntu Mobile Developers, Ubuntu Java, and Ubuntu Universe Sponsors teams. I was a member of the Asia & Ociania Regional Membership Board, the Developer Membership Board, and the Community Council, and spent most of my time encouraging new developers, helping new specialist teams, and encouraging cooperation and communication between different groups and teams within Ubuntu.

A summary of some of my per-release activities is also available.


I'm currently focused on improving support for various specialist use cases where I am either using Ubuntu or working with a project that uses Ubuntu. My main goals within Ubuntu are simply to fix bugs where I find them at this point.

Areas of Interest

My primary development interests surround automation, instrumentation, and articulation of distributed systems. While I still enjoy the idea of audio processing and input multiplexing, I rarely find the time to play with these. Much of my daily activity involves working with various architectures, mostly arm64 and ppc64el, but set against a backdrop of the widely deployed amd64.


I first encountered C and UNIX on an HP/UX system in 1984, and switched to UNIX as a primary home computing environment with SunOS 4.1.3_U1 in 1991. I started using Linux with Yggdrasil in 1993, first started using Debian with Potato pre-release, and first started using Ubuntu shortly after the Warty release.


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