A New Start!

At UDS-R in Copenhagen, a group of people met twice to discuss use of Ubuntu inside the enterprise. This group decided to take a three-pronged approach to moving forward.

  • We have started a new team on Launchpad for people interested in this topic. You'll find that on the Launchpad site. Please go to the team page, log in, and join!

  • We will be using the mailing list on the Launchpad page to carry on our discussions. The address of the mailing list is <enterprise-ubuntu AT lists DOT launchpad DOT net>

  • We will be working on this wiki page to make the information current and to grow the information here.

Feel free to contribute!

Wiki page for a potential Ubuntu Enterprise project. The initial concept is outlined in this forum thread

Potential Needs


Current activities

Actions on fixing authentication in Ubuntu


Outline of the planned documentation structure

Things to discuss with the Documentation Team before publishing

(→ Documentation Team)

  • Distinguish between User Documentation and Enterprise Documentation

Potential Contributors

Are you interested in getting involved in a project like this? If you are then please post your name and forum username so you can be contacted. A little background on what what skills you could bring would be great too. As you can see, other than suggesting the idea my skills don't comprise of much development stuff so you can appreciate these skills are in great need! Also, I'm not offering myself up as Uber leader so anyone with more experience feel free to step up!

  • Forum name: leftcase

    • Skills: Windows Server/Desktop Admin, Some Ubuntu/RedHat Server Admin.

  • Forum name: rowanparker

    • Skills: Forum admin, some python scripting, php/html.

  • Forum name: bjoern-michaelsen (IRC: Sweetshark)

    • Skills: LibreOffice packaging and upstream development

  • Forum name: smartboyhw (IRC: smartboyhw)

    • Skills: Testing and documentation, like to help the community

  • Username: tmt (IRC: Tm_T)

    • Skills: Long-time Ubuntu active, willing to help with any community side stuff, do maintain Ubuntu environments for living

  • Username: imnichol

    • Skills: Testing, mixed Windows/Ubuntu server admin, some python scripting


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