Eduardo Zúñiga "EuzkoArima"


Eduardo is a very active person that is always present behind the organizations of different events, beyond the current was moving past to organize the release party the next version of Ubuntu. While this may not always active in the forum (but mark your presence in it) or the mailing list, always behind every meeting held. Juan Manuel "z37a" Zele

EuzkoArima its present on all the Events, we all know he makes big efforts to collaborate on that because of Job and Travel-time, and is becoming more and more present on the Internet too!, a peaceful and very friendly person. JuanCarlosPaco

Eduardo is one of those people who's always available to help get things done, and has been one of the most active LoCo members as far back as I can remember. He's always represented Ubuntu's spirit well and has done a great job at spreading it. I fully support his membership! MartinAlbisetti

I got the chance to met Eduardo in the last UbunCon Argentina and for sure he has all this great positive energy, optimism and he's always eager to help. Lucky for us (Ubuntu and the local Team), he is very active member in our community and has been doing a great job all this time. He surely deserves to become an Ubuntu member. Mariano Mara

I know Eduardo from the first time he became member of Ubuntu-ar. He's a serious and confidence collaborator, even when he can't help because is too busy by personal or work reasons. A very active member, a good example for everybody of "what is to be" an Ubuntu Member. Mariano is right, he deserves to become an Ubuntu Member and I fully support his membership too. Guillermo Lisi

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