Juan Manuel "Z37A" Zele


Juan has been a huge asset to the LoCo team for a long time now. He's always up for helping organise an event, give a talk at a conference or generally help out where needed. I feel his application is long overdue! MartinAlbisetti

He is making a great job inside the LoCo Team: Organizing events (ENET/EPET Nº36 2011, for example); helping with ideas, resources and personal time; always with the best attitude to advise and help people in every event he participate. Juan has great technical knowledge and a very good criteria even in the worst case (He's not a kamikaze ). He is a kind of social engine proposing and organizing meetings in a regular basis, making the opportunity to see and chat face to face with each other LoCo members (between bottles of beer and some dishes). He's new blood for Ubuntu-ar and I am so glad being his co-member. GuillermoLisi

I hope you are accepted as an Ubuntu Member, I have had the opportunity to share events with you, where I saw the willingness and effort you devote to others to join the community and can use Ubuntu. luck. JavierArfuch

Juan needs to be Ubuntu Member soon, he is always helping on Events of our community, makes big efforts to do its best; he have skills for complex things and patience for small and simple details of new users. He is the initiative of several social events of the community too. Juancarlospaco


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