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Forthcoming events

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April 2007

FLISOL 2007 : April 28 2007

The [ FLISOL] (Latin American Festival of Installation of Free Software) is the great event of diffusion of Free Software in Latin America. It is made from year 2005 and its main objective is to promote the use of free software, presenting its philosophy, its reaches, advances and development to the public in general.

For such aim, the diverse local communities of free software (in each country, in each city/locality), simultaneously organize events in which it settles of gratuitous and totally legal way, free software in the computers that take the assistants. In addition, in parallel form, they are offered to char them, communications and factories, on the thematic premises, Latin American nationals and around Software Libre, in all his range of expressions: artistic, academic, enterprise and social.

FLISOL 2007 will take place the day Saturday 28 of April.


June 2006


Previous Events


May 2006


May (3. - 6. May 2006) in Wiesbaden See [EventsInGermany]

February 2006

FOSDEM, Brussels-Free and Open source Software Developers European Meeting

See [EventsInBelgium]


September 2005

Software Freedom Day: Sept 10th 2005

SoftwareFreedomDay is an annual, global event intended to increase public awareness of Free and Open Source Software.

The first SFD was celebrated on August 28, 2004. Over 70 registered volunteer teams distributed several thousand "SFD Packs" in more than 20 countries around the world. Each SFD pack contained a copy of [ TheOpenCD] and a SFD-branded version of [ KNOPPIX].

We're currently planning for SFD '05, and Ubuntu Live discs will be ideal for public distribution. SFD '05 has the potential to make a huge impact on the public awareness of FOSS, and it will be a great opportunity to increase Ubuntu mindshare as well. [ Here] is how to get involved, and [ here] is where you can sign up to start your own SFD team.

Please see the [ Software Freedom Day] website for more information.


December 2004

[MataroConference] MatarĂ³ (near Barcelona), Catalonia, Europe