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Cebit, Hannover

  • The most important fair on information and communication technology in Germany. Broad audience ranging from solely business oriented visitors to consumers having a nice day looking at all the new gadgets. Chances are, you'll meet visitors, who haven't yet tried or even seen Linux. (Maybe you can even add "...haven't heard of Linux") Has a .org area for all projects around free software. By the way: It's huge. Don't know how many visitors it had last year, but it's huge! Ubuntu will be on show at the Credativ stand in Hall 6 Stand J44. There you will be able to see the latest Ubuntu in action, meet some of the developers and get your own Ubuntu on CD.

Linux Tag (city changes) - See LinuxTag

  • IMHO, the most important free-software-centered event in Germany. Broad audience, most of them already knowing Linux or at least have tried it and are curious about Linux.

    LinuxTag is definetely the biggest Free Software Event in Europe and one of the biggest Free Software events worldwide (more and more people insist it's the biggest worldwide). LinuxTag always is a good mixture of a trade show and some kind of comunity Free Software Woodstock.

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