• What: Ubuntu Developer Summit

  • Where: Charles de Gaulle, Paris

  • When: Monday 19th to Friday 23rd June 2006

  • Who: Everyone is welcome! (but remember this is a hands-on, technical, working session)

  • Directions/Map: Google map Google earth: UDS_Hotel.kmz

Pictures from the Summit

Photos can be found at /Photos.

Daily Work Schedule

June 2006















To learn how you can participate without being there, see the participate page.

What is it?

Near the beginning of each Ubuntu release, Canonical sponsors a developer summit where plans for the next release (EdgyEft) are discussed and documented. While open to the public, these sessions are intense, focused and developer-oriented, and so participants should be prepared for this.

This is not a conference, exhibition or other audience-oriented event. It is an opportunity for Ubuntu developers, who usually collaborate online, to work together in person on specific tasks.

Small groups of developers participate in short (45-60 minute) BOF sessions where a single project is discussed, and afterward document the outcome of the discussion in the form of a written specification. These specifications are used as the basis for planning the subsequent work of developing a new release of Ubuntu, as described in FeatureSpecifications and TimeBasedReleases.


The agenda will be determined based on the features to be included in Edgy. Much of the planning for Edgy will take place at the Paris summit. For any subject you would like to propose for discussion at the summit, follow these steps outlined in this message on ubuntu-devel-announce. A 9:00 am start was said on #ubuntu-devel.

How to Attend

All core Ubuntu developers will be in attendance and anyone else who is interested or involved in Ubuntu is welcome to attend as well.

While the developer summit is open, we do need to have an idea of who is going to be coming so we can plan the space requirements. Please fill in your information at /Attendees. Please also note that this is a developer summit, not a typical "presentations and speeches" conference. It's hard work with an intense schedule with a pre-designed agenda. You'll be collaborating with the lead developers and helping to define the concrete deliverables that make up the next four and a half months work (until the release of Edgy, probably Ubuntu 6.10).


Sponsorship requests have been archived to UbuntuDeveloperSummitParis/SponsorshipRequests. The selection panel has reviewed the sponsorship requests and the selected sponsored-participants are being announced and notified via e-mail. All notifications should be sent by May 15th. No more sponsorship requests are being considered.

Travel Hints

Charles de Gaulle AĆ©roport (CDG/LFPG) is Air France's main hub and the second busiest airport in the world, depending on the method you choose.

The station underneath the airport is Roissy-CDG; it is on the TGV-avoiding-line (LGV Interconnexion) that skirts Paris, featuring direct TGV/Thalys services from Brussels and the rest of France. Coming from London you can switch from Eurostar onto the TGV at Lille Europe; or go into Paris Gare du Nord and out again. (Note that the London->Brussels trains that stop at Lille are frequently less-crowded and so you're more likely to get cheaper tickets on this routeing, it's probably also faster by avoiding the local train journey out from central Paris where you will need to catch RER Line B3.

More Info

Jane Weideman's annoucement:


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