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In 2007 LinuxTag will take place in Berlin between May 30th and June 2nd. The Call For Papers is running until 23rd of February 2007.

If you want to help on booth attendance for Kubuntu, send a mail to MarcusCzeslinski oder MirjamWaeckerlin.


Due to the Football world cup, Linuxtag will already be hold in May (3. - 6. May 2006) in Wiesbaden. Call for projects has started ("Announcement on the official homepage from LinuxTag" - in german only) and first application has been made.

Ubuntu will have its own booth (not with GNOME like last year): the German "Messe Team" (team for fairs) started the planning. If you want to join in, please visit the german wiki ( and contact the project leader JuliusBloch.

Also Kubuntu is planning to have a booth this year, provided that there are enough people to support. If you want to help, subscribe to the mailinglist and visit the wikipage.


LT 2005 is finished. It was a huge success! You can read the LinuxTag2005WrapUp for more details!

See you in 2006!

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  • Amount of CDs: 2000 (incl. 150 for AMD64 and 100 for PPC). (JoshKress)

  • Plan ahead: Planning should start in April, booth registration ends on beginning of May. (JoshKress)

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