For each desktop application in the default install where it is practical, we should provide at least one piece of example content. This is valuable for testing, experimentation and demonstration of Ubuntu (especially the live CD). These examples should be small but meaningful, and easily discoverable. For example, when opening Rhythmbox for the first time, there should be an appropriately licensed song available for immediate playback, and gthumb should contain a couple of photos.


Currently, most applications come up empty, leaving new users a bit lost.

Use cases

  • Jeff likes Ubuntu, and goes to a lot of trade shows doing demos using the Live CD. When he boots a computer using the Live CD, he finds a set of pictures, text files, etc. in the Documents directory, ready to show off some of the coolest features in Ubuntu.
  • Daniel has never used a Linux distribution before, but bought a new system with Ubuntu on it. As he's never used any kind of Linux distribution before, he has no idea what he can do with it. As he discovers how to use the system, he will see a few examples of what kinds of things you can actually do with it.


On the desktop, you'll have really useful informational stuff as the content, simple slideshow about why ubuntu rocks, one about the teams, etc.

One side is coming up with a list of file FORMATS, and the kinds of apps we want to document. The next step is finding the actual content. In progress at DapperExampleContent.

We will need at least English language versions.

We need the following types of documents:

File format


Ideas for content



rhythmbox, totem

short interview in speex? pronunciation lessons ("I pronounce Ubuntu as Ubuntu!" or "My Name is Desmond Tutu and I pronounce Ubuntu as Ubuntu!")


Ogg/Vorbis (music)

rhythmbox, totem

CreativeCommons -- African music, on-line radiostations in ogg/vorbis


Ogg/Theora (video)


We have a few example videos on http://foodfight.org/movies/Ubuntu%20Fanpeople - they will need a lot of polish tough. Some sort of video (jdub: istanbul desktop recording + soundtrack "I'm going to click my icon")

JeffWaugh, DanielRobitaille

odt (text)

OpenOffice.org Writer

1 page on derivs, Code of Conduct, Release notes, Open Source definition

JaneWeideman, JeffWaugh

ods (spreadsheet)

OpenOffice.org Calc

Demographics of various countries, with pretty graphs


odp (presentation)

OpenOffice.org Impress

General "What's ubuntu all about" presentation


All kinds of MS Office files (to show off conversion capabilities):

doc (text)

OpenOffice.org Writer

from OO.o about OO.o and MSOffice compat


xls (spreadsheet)

OpenOffice.org Calc

gnumerics example spreadsheet?


ppt (presentation)

OpenOffice.org Impress

general "intro to ubuntu"




CD labels and brochure; cool PDFs of ubuntu, edubuntu, kubuntu



gimp, gthumb/f-spot

A collection of photos, we need to be very careful about the contents of these. Mark's space photos would probably work nicely here. This also works as a default set of desktop backgrounds. A history of Human Circle photos.

JaneSilber, JeffWaugh

XCF image


Something to demonstrate the layers. Paper doll of Mark for layered image (incl. space suit)


SVG images


CD labels, the Ubuntu logo


Plain text file


The translation of a certain sentence ("Welcome to Ubuntu, Linux for human beings"?) in all known languages (See http://www.yamara.com/axe/index.html)


  • openoffice database is a lot of work, so we'll skip that

We also need to seed some programs with data:

Data type


Ideas for content


ical feed


A calendar with Ubuntu-related events




Ubuntu members? Or just mailing lists, support contacts, etc.?)




Welcome to Ubuntu email; Personal message from MarkShuttleworth

MarkShuttleworth, JeffWaugh



A sensible IM contact; perhaps IRC on #ubuntu, but IRC in gaim doesn't work very nicely


IRC stuff


defaults are pretty sane as it is




Template of an ubuntu background (presentation or something)


rss feed

All RSS readers

Planet Ubuntu; TheFridge


We need to be careful about the content's "tone"! Be as inoffensive as possible.

A good starting point is the Gnome Live CD content. They have list on their wiki: http://live.gnome.org/MarketingTeam_2fExampleMediaFiles


  • A single package will include all of this content, and deliver it to /usr/share/ubuntu/<something> or /usr/share/doc/example-content/

  • symlinks from inside default home document directories? (/etc/skel)
  • a *SHOCK HORROR* link on the desktop? (one link? for ALL content?!) (well, the content would be in nice folders under the central /usr/share/blah place)

Outstanding issues

  • We will need to discuss about a standard set of bookmarks/a default homepage --> BrowserDefaults

  • How do we expose this to users? Provide some default directories in homedirectories! (JeffWaugh: Separate BoF)

    • Even if they can't be in ~, they can be somewhere else and be linked to ~.
  • info@ubuntu.com gets a lot of FAQ-like mail, maybe a few of those questions can be answered in the example content.

  • We must watch out what kind of content is suitable.Some photos texts or music can offend people in some areas of the world

For the future

  • How will we handle translation of the content
    • For dapper: maybe only the English versions, localized/translated/regional versions for dapper+1
  • How will we handle regional data (calendars specific for your area, etc.)
  • How do we deliver the packages?
    • Maybe a bit like language packs etc.
  • CD space is already scarce. There won't be room for 30 different example content packs. <coreyburger> maybe using the current langpacks?

  • Impossible to create openoffice files in nautilus

  • The main folder should be "Introduction", and should contain tutorial-type info about Ubuntu, and be linked from the Desktop instead of Home. Then the Examples content can be a sub-folder of that.


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