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  • All serious issues should be still submitted as bug!


Known issues:

  • Bug 94649 - Licensing links lead to files not there. Currently working on a fix.

  • Bug 94273 - Keeping Safe documentation has 2 links to an admin file that isn't there. Fix has been committed, and will be released with next package update.

  • Configuration of static IP address is still buggy. There are a few bug reports, it probably concerns only amd64 version. -- Orkanspec 2007-03-27 13:50:55

  • Serious problem with Cisco VPN. vpnc disconnects in less then a minute (bug #93413). I cannot also compile an original Cisco VPN client ver. 4.8 because linux/config.h is missing in linux-headers... package. -- Orkanspec 2007-04-10 16:58:10


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  • Will this bug fix Bug 50971 be incorporated in feisty? --Chandru

  • Would there be a migration assistant, just like the one in Ubuntu, in the final release of Kubuntu feisty? -- Chandru
  • Proposal : A better use of space for the logout window. Actual window: Proposal:

  • It is impossible to connect to localhost from Konqueror without connection to Internet | Image: "Click in "original" to extend"

    • Seems like wrong proxy configuration in Konqueror - did you try http://localhost:631 to reach CUPS configuration?

  • The kernel 2.6.20-12 the Trackpad del Macbook / Macbook Pro recognizes as Touchpad and it is impossible to use the Trackpad due to the sensibility | bug:

  • Upgrade from Kubuntu 6.10 via adept was completed successfully, although I got an error message at the end. Looks like it works, guys! By the way. This release rocks!
  • I still miss a KDM theme manager. The new distribution update tool is damn cool. In the screen shot given in the changes page, the widget style used seems to be motif, if that is the case, changing it to Qt would be the right way of doing it. The documentation has been laid out in an excellent way. Keep up the great job. --Chandru
    • Is there any specific reason behind why a KDM theme manager is not included by default? --Chandru
  • I just saw that a special "beryl-kubuntu" package is available in the repos. But two of its dependencies, "aquamarine" and "beryl-plugins" are missing. Hope they are made available before the final release. --Chandru
    • This is still work in progress and it is not clear how far this effort will come before the release. -- LukaRenko 2007-03-29 17:06:22

      • I checked again and found that the packages have been made available. --Chandru
  • Feisty Konqueror is still not supported by AOL Mail. When I want to run KDE I use one of the other distro's that have Firefox installed.
    • Why don't you simply install Firefox instead of switching between distros? I use Firefox with Kubuntu since Hoary and I can assure you that it works. --Sokraates
  • I'm trying the Kubuntu amd64 desktop cd for beta testing purpose. And I found an interesting bug: a built-in kernel modules seems incompatible with the SMP kernel provided in feisty amd64 beta, this cause random system freeze -- leibowitz

  • It's not clear for me what I must setup in order to test the KubuntuDistUpgrade. There must be some prerequisites if you don't have Edgy.

  • Unfortunately, the KubuntuDistUpgrade crashed. Even worse, after installing the CD version, the wlan chipset of my IBM T30 laptop is not configured. That's the negative. The rest is really promising! Smile :-) --SteffenDressler

  • More info is needed on KubuntuDistUpgrade: How to know if someone is candidate to use KubuntuDistUpgrade? For example my self: I have kubuntu 6.10 with a couple of self compiled programs, many things installed from non offcial repos, like beryl, medibuntu, and things from Treviño's repos, should I use it?

    • KubuntuDistUpgrade will disable any non-ubuntu repositories before performing the upgrade, and ask you to fix them manually yourself afterwards. I have a fairly messy system, with packages from all over the place, and KubuntuDistUpgrade worked quite well. No guarantees however --Ltmon

    • If you want to help with testing it, yes. However you should not expect things to work if you have system with lots of strange add-on repositories. -- LukaRenko 2007-03-29 17:06:22

  • Sad to see, that the Desktop Effects menu is still missing (or am I missing something?). There a two things I didn't have the chance to try out: codec installation and restriced drivers. Do these two work as shown in Ubuntu (i.e. prompt to install new codecs, when trying to play them, and a nice restricted drivers manager)? Edit: I forgot to ask: will there be any new artwork for the final release? --Sokraates
    • Composite desktop was not a goal for Kubuntu Feisty - there is however some work on beryl-kubuntu, but not sure how far this will come. -- LukaRenko 2007-03-29 17:06:22

  • I was really impressed at the ability to do a complex disk layout in the text-based alternate installer... 2x250G SATA disks: /boot mirrored; / & /home on LVM on a mirror; /scratch, others on LVM allocated across the remainder of the 2 disks... some linear, some striped. Impressive!

2007-03-24 12:11:38

  • KnetworkManager still won't work correctly when trying to connect to a hidden Access Point. In fact, enabling the SSID broadcast solves the problem (except enabling SSID broadcast is a security risk). The problem is actually caused by wireless-tools version 28 that supports Wireless Extension up to version 20, but kubuntu kernel and wireless drivers are compiled with Wireless Extension v21, which will be completely supported only from the next wireless-tools. Since wireless-tools v29 is still in beta, I'd suggest to go back to Wireless Extension v20. This is bug #91009) -- WitoldKrakowski

  • Opensync from feisty repositories does not work. Compiling from source ( resolves problem. Maybe because feisty has old versions of opensync?
    • I will look into this: you use kitchensync? -- LukaRenko 2007-03-29 17:06:22

      • Nope, couldn't get it to work. Tried self-compiled multisync-gui and this worked correctly.
  • Problem with amd64 version: is no longer in universe repository, so there is no 32-bit library. This library is required to run Skype and some other 32-bit programs. -- Orkanspec 2007-03-27 13:52:44

    • Finally solved by two recent patches: missing libraries have been added to ia32-libs. Skype works fine now in amd64 feisty. -- Orkanspec 2007-04-01 10:20:11

  • Static network configuration still broken. It's at least completely unclear what happens there... See bug #73788 -- Michael

2019-07-17 14:55:06

  • I used the instructions on the Test Ubuntu Dist Upgrade Tool page and successfully upgraded from 6.10. Everything I've tried has worked flawlessly. For some reason System Settings is much, much faster and responsive than before, which is appreciated. I'll edit to add any bugs I find. -Kyle

2019-07-17 14:55:06

  • Could you please include k3b 1.0 final instead of 0.12.17 beta? Would come really handy. Thanks! -- Csani2
    • Accepted today, so you should be able to get it updated from the repositories soon -- LukaRenko 2007-03-29 17:06:22

  • See bug #64397 for installer bug when dealing with VPN connections. -- SamirVanDeSand

  • In the installation wizard, there's a page that says "How do you want to partition the disk?". When it is displayed, a popup dialog with a progress bar shows, which says that it's scanning the partitions. Then the popup disappears, and... nothing happens. And nothing seems to happen for a minute or half a minute, and only then the partitioning options are displayed. I think it's a bit confusing, because the user doesn't know if the installer is doing something or if something just went wrong. The progress bar should be displayed all the time until the options appear. -- JakubSuder

  • When a user locks his session, he gets a dialog to enter the password; but the password is empty and the dialog doesn't accept it. So if you are trapped this way, you have to switch to a text console, change the password using passwd, and then switch back to X and enter the new password. I don't think many users will be able to do this... This is filed as bug #43829) -- JakubSuder

  • When shutting down the live cd, suddenly the text console is displayed with such errors:

Unmounting temporary filesystems...
umount: /cow: not found
Deactivating swap...
Unmounting local filesystems...
umount2: device or resource busy
umount: /cdrom busy - remounted read-only
umount2: device or resource busy
umount: /rofs busy - remounted read-only
mount: function not implemented

Then a message "Please remove the disk....." appears, but when I press enter, nothing happens. I also can't open the cd tray by pushing the eject button on it. I've reported this as bug #90844) -- JakubSuder

  • The Distupgrade didn't work for me, gave errors and then crashed my former Edgy system. The fresh install Feisty works quite well, though the Windows Applications button still won't work in System Prefs, but the worst thing is when I shut down my laptop, it gives a strange noise just before the power-off! None of any earlier OSs have done it so far when shutting down, so if it keeps to have this noise (in the main release) I won't use Feisty ever. -- Balazsmagyari 31-03-2007
    • Could you somehow describe that "strange noise"? It might be just the hard drive spinning down prior turning off the power. Linux does this, other systems probably don't.
    • Yes, I also suspect this noise comes out of the winchester. When I had a powerbreak while I worked on my laptop it had the same noise (a high tone slips down for less than a second). I doubt that this is linux-specific, I tried at least 5 distros and use K/Ubuntu since 5.04, never had this phenomenon. Anyhow, I fear to ruin my machine with that... Balazsmagyari 01-04-2007

Today my laptop began to freeze again. After some time doing nothing, the computer froze, I could not use the mouse (couldn't see cursor) nor keyboard (e.g. ctrl-alt-del or ctrl-alt-backspace), the clock has stopped too. I switched off the laptop and then had to start again (had no strange noise when switching off! :-D) I already had this with Herd 5 or 4. Balazsmagyari 02-04-2007

  • The Distribution works fine for me, I do like it better than the old distribuition (Fedora Core) that I was using... the ONLY wish I have is that the install would allow you do do an install using raid (as Red Hat and Fedora do). Other than that, I do like Kubuntu/Ubuntu very much.
  • I'm very impressed so far, especially with WPA working perfectly out-of-the-box. Small note on the Installer: there are still a lot of small translation issues (I'm using the German version), for instance in step 3 there is a choice between "Geführt" (for resizing a partition - fine) and "Guided" (for using the whole disk - untranslated for some reason). Also, in step 6 it says "Advanced..." on the lower right corner instead of the German "Erweitert..." Will keep posting issues as they arise. Kudos for the good work so far! - Yossarian
  • Very impressed... anyway, there is only one thing that I can't solve: I installed network-manager-openvpn in order to connect to an OpenVPN-server. Using the command line client, everything is working fine. But when I try to setup a VPN connection in KNetworkManager, nothing happens. Really, nothing. No window to configure the VPN connection, no log messages either in ~/.xsession-errors or /var/log/*. Maybe someone could point me to the Bugtracker for KNetworkManager. I can't find my way around launchpad (yet). - Yossarian

Kubuntu Feisty Beta is Looking great however there are a few things …

  • Is it possible to navigate System Settings with a keyboard only? What I mean to say is; can I use the keyboard to access any of the main options in System Settings? When I open System Settings and try to use "tab" to select an option like "User Management" it doesn't work. Tab on the keyboard only seems to select the general and advanced tabs in the window and the search dialog box.
  • Some applications like kpdf open in ridiculously small windows when you first access them. This is also true to some dialog boxes in Open Office. Could this be looked into?
  • With KDE you can create a link to a device on the desktop. When you do this you have to specify the device such /dev/hdc. Should you have to specify an option here? Can it not be auto detected? Let us say you have two cdburners and you want to link to one of them you would have chose one. But you may want to choose a particular one. I guess this would not be so difficult if one could right click their drive in "Storage Media" and see the device from there. However CD Drives are not listed in Storage Media (media:/) unless there are mounted; that is unless they have a cdrom inside of them. This is very disturbing.
  • Why do you link Storage Media on "kicker" to media/ instead of media:/?. On media/ you cannot manually mount any devices, or unmount them, or eject them or check the properties of them. I find media:/ much more useful than media/ especially in its current position.
  • I hear about guidance on Kubuntu. How it makes power management on a laptop so much easier. That is great. When I install Kubuntu on my desktop, however, computer I don't see guidance. This isn't a problem for me really however I would like to know this. Is it possible to set Kubuntu to hibernate the computer after a set time of being idle? Gnome could do this easily from long ago but I have struggled to find this in Kubuntu. If it is possible to do this and I have just missed it for all this time?
  • I have checked sensible places for this option; System Settings>Monitor and Display>Power Saving and System Settings> desktop>Screen Saver but to no avail.

  • Kfind/Find Files/Folders. It may be better if Kfind works more like GNOME's or Windows' search utilities. At present Kfind works like this. If you search for cat, only files named cat will show up. A file called dog_cat or even cat.txt will not show up in this search. To find cat.txt while using the same three words, c, a and t. You would have to put an asterisk "*" at the end of the word cat.(Read Kfind handbook for more details) You should consider changing KFind's default behavior in such a way that; if you search for cat you find all files and folders named and containing the word cat. That would be better than its current behavior of having to type an asterisk on either side of your searches every time to ensure they find what you are looking for.
  • In Find Files/Folders I find the "look in" parameter quite confusing. What is "file:///home/XXXX" anyway? I think that this location should be accompanied with an icon and even a less intimidating name. For example "file:///home/xxxx" could be accompanied with the home icon and a more familiar name such as "Home Folder".

  • Give an option to Change colour depth in System Settings. It would prove useful to those whose direct rendering only works at lower colour depths.
  • Is there something wrong with the file sharing module in System Settings? At first glance the interface looks a bit glitchy. Also, after entering administrator mode none of the options are selectable.
  • I look foward to Ubuntu/Kubuntu 7.04 when it's released this month. -Blue
  • Will the newest version of VDrift be added to the feisty repositories? I know the packages are frozen, but I found only a quite old vdrift-data package which seems to be useless... -- Orkanspec 2007-04-05 21:58:54

  • Just a notice concerning the default iconsets and wallpapers, that kubuntu brings by default: I must say, that kubuntu is to conservativ. Wallpapers like "totaly new product", "won ton soup" or "the good time" ...shoudn't be inserted by default anymore. How about introducing new kubuntu(!) wallpapers proposed on There are somemany better wallpapers out there, that are nicer these old ones (that i guess noone uses anymore) . Secondly icons: "crystal svg" is a very nice looking iconset, but why no tryout somethings new: like nuvoX or nuoveXT. Hope you'll comprehend my aesthetic proposals. I forgot to mention, that all of you devs are doing are a fine work...rock on :-D. bernd.
    • Not sure about the icons, but new cool wallpapers instead of those ancient ones currently supplied would be definitely welcome. -- JakubSuder

  • KMail still ships without a menu icon, many users expect to find an icon for their mail application in the menu...
  • Latest updates broke KMail password for my account ("Bad login" error appeared). I do not use KWallet. Re-entering the password solved the problem, though. UPDATE: Password is broken every KMail start. Entering it in settings solves the problem until program is quit and re-run.

    • I also tried enabling KWallet, which helped - passwords are remembered and restored correctly, though it should also work with kwallet disabled bug #105846

2019-07-17 14:55:06

* One minor inconvenience: in Amarok (1.4.5), when opening the playlists sidebar, all the playlist headers are collapsed. Always. Since I access the "50 random songs" (might be called differently in the English version, I'm looking at the German one) rather frequently, this means two extra clicks every time I start Amarok: The plus sign beside "Intelligent Playlists" and the one besides "Collection". Not a big deal, but under Edgy the lists stayed expanded and now it bugs me... - Yossarian

* I couldn't find drivers for Epson Color Stylus 1160 today. Edgar

* I upgraded a T42p and a T23 from edgy eft to feisty today and ran into the same rather serious bug in both cases: After upgrade (which seems to work like a charm except for this) I get thrown into the (initramfs) shell because the kernel can't find a root fs. Inspecting the dmesg I find messages which I think are related to hpa in libata. First I see something like this: "ata_hpa_resize 1: sectors = ..., hpa_sectors = ..." followed by "n_sectors mismatch ... != ..." and then "revalidation failed (errno=-19)". The kernel tries one more time and the disables ata1.00 which is why the kernel can't find the root fs later. I think the kernel is using ata_piix. Booting an earlier kernel still works though. It feels like it may be a problem with libata and host protected area but google hasn't helped me find out what. I tried booting with libata.enable_atapi=1 on a lark but that didn't help at all - Leif

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