Luka Renko

Me & Kubuntu

  • First tried Kubuntu Hoary on my old notebook (HP Omnibook 6100) - impressed with how good laptop support can be out-of-box
  • Switched my work notebook (HP nw8240) completely to Kubuntu Breezy (using VmPlayer for remaining Win stuff I need)

  • Started testing with Kubuntu Flight 2 and got hooked into improving it even further
  • With Flight 5 switched to Dapper completely
  • I have attended UbuntuDeveloperSummitMountainView which was great to meet others from great community.

  • Always having my laptop with dual-boot: current stable + current development.

Kubuntu Laptop Support

I am very interested in great laptop support in Kubuntu. Kubuntu is already best debian-based distribution in that regard, but there are some development that we need to follow closely to keep up-to-date.

Laptop Buttons

I have worked on KubuntuLaptopButtons spec for Edgy and as part of that effort I am collecting info about various laptops in KubuntuLaptopKeycodes sub-page. For Feisty, we want to even further refine this as defined in KubuntuFeistyLaptop.

Power Management

Ubuntu power management is based on hal, acpi-support scripts and powernowd. This is then controlled with gnome-power-manager (GNOME) and guidance-power-manager (KDE), which has replaced older klaptop solution. I have worked on multi-battery support on guidance-power-manager and various fixes.

There is work going on on powersave & kpowersave solution: see KubuntuPowersave for details (from Dapper times). As KPowersave is also switching to HAL and is more complex that we would like it is not used by default.

I am working on Guidance Power Manager upstream (KDE SVN) for multi-battery support and CPU frequency handling.

Network Management

For mobile users, good network management is key. Kubuntu is currently lacking in wireless management tools (wifimonitor, knemo). During Dapper, I have helped to get latest knetworkmanager into the product, but it looks like Feisty will be first release to finally support knetworkmanager by default - see NetworkRoaming specification for details.

Since other networking stuff is changing, I plan to work on further improvements in Kubuntu networking as specified in KubuntuFeistyNetworking.



As my main interest is KDE and laptop support, these are also the area where I have contributed regarding packages:

  • powersave - improved integration with Ubuntu, sync with upstream, UVFe & UVFe

  • kpowersave - sync with upstream, UVFe

  • knetworkmanager - worked on required patches for inclusion into Dapper, sync with upstream

  • kdeadmin - patched knetworkconf in order to stabilize it for Dapper

  • kdebase - patched for Kubuntu laptop support, Logout dialog changes for Suspend/Hibernate

  • kde-guidance - one of developers of Power Manager application (developed for Kubuntu)

Other packages of interest are:

  • digikam, digikamimageplugins, kipi-plugins, libkipi: I am also contributing as developer
  • basket: keeping it up-to-date with upstream

  • eqonomize: keeping it up-to-date with upstream

  • soundkonverter: keeping it up-to-date with upstream

Complete list of packages from Launchpad



I do bug triage for Kubuntu specific bugs with focus on laptop support, networking and live CD installer:


  • more laptop & networking greatness

  • help with KDE 4 migration.

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