About me

I am Adolfo Jurgen Fitoria team contact of the Ubuntu Nicaragua Local Team. I joined in June 2007 and I am currently studying 7th semester of Systems Engineering at Instituto de Estudios Superiores in Managua, Nicaragua

Contact information


My Talks

  • Web Development with Django
  • Command Line Kung Fu
  • Ubuntu and Free Software
  • What is Kubuntu?
  • Programming with Mono.


  • Part of the Ubuntu Nicaragua Team Community Council
  • Translations in Launchpad

  • Giving conferences about Ubuntu and FLOSS ( UNI, DFD 08 )

  • Developed SFD-REG a registry system for Software Freedom Day Nicaragua 08 released under GPL (SFD-REG in Use. SFD-REG in production)

  • Support in #ubuntu-ni IRC channel and mailing list.
  • Channel operator in #ubuntu-ni.
  • Promoting FOSS everywhere (photo)

  • Giving talks about FLOSS and Ubuntu in our Pizza Bash activities. (More about Pizza Bash)

My work outside the Ubuntu Community

Plans for the Future

  • Learn packaging and become a MOTU.
  • Helping to introduce Ubuntu at public schools and universities.

Cheers from the community

  • Fitoria is one of the "geniuses" of the Ubuntu Nicaragua Team. He's a young leader that has a bright future. Taking in account his passion in promoting Ubuntu and all his hard work inside and outside his University, I support him becoming an official Ubuntu Member. leogg at

  • Fitoria is always promoting FOSS, his dedication to the community is awesome. He is one of the betters programmers in the community and as leo says, he has a bright future in the FOSS world.

  • I have came across Fitoria in almost any FOSS activity that I have attended or helped. I think he is a good member "all-around", as he is coding for the local community, always available, supporting people, has a good ideas for improving the local FOSS community, good at designing and also has a good sense of humor. He is really raising the bar to which all of us have to be measured up as FOSS activist. Neville A. Cross

  • You will find Fitoria at every FOSS event; his dedication and will to promote Ubuntu and OpenSource makes him a very valuable member of our Community. Guillermo Belli

  • He's the man behind the courtain. A shy guy in the real world who is the brain of the projects that makes the community better. Nòmada

  • Fitoria is a great example of how a person can make its maximum effort for the development of the FOSS community. I've been his companion throughout his development in the community, first being a simple user, then move on to formal member of ubuntu-ni and eventually be part of the community council. he is a responsible person, worker and has as his priority support with his abilities to the future of our community.Byron Corrales

  • Fitoria is a very active member of LUG (Linux User Group) here in this country, he has made conferences, activities related to FOSS, and also has been partipating in events like SFD, FLISOL, Linux Tour, and many others proving that he is good at it. We see him a lot in IRC ubuntu channels, and also helping and contributing in mailing list, also making contributions to the Local Community, designing, helping people resolving problems in hardware like printing, programming, wifi.

    William Bustos Rodriguez.

  • Not only you're helping by volunteering in activities, but also your coding ... i really admire your efforts in the community and i really hope you get to be an official Ubuntu member. You deserve it!!!! LaFieraMarina

  • He is the guy behind our coding projects, he did the registry system for SFD08, without him probably the event would have been a mess - Igor Guerrero -

  • Ubuntu-ni earns a very important element with Fitoria. In future he's a top piece in Ubuntu's community. And not only to Ubuntu, but also to all free and open source software community in Nicaragua. Arriba Fitoria! Joel Davila

  • Fitoria is one of the most valuable members of Ubuntu-ni, has contributed greatly to the community and has demonstrated a strong belief in free software.. Jorge Solórzano

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