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19:07:49 Topic: Florida Team Re-Approval
19:08:07 LINK itnet7 https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoCouncil/LoCoTeamReApproval
19:09:38 LINK itnet7 https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FloridaTeam/ReapprovalApplication2010
19:13:09 LINK itnet7 https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoCouncilAgenda
19:16:45 Topic: Help Wanted!
19:17:07 LINK itnet7 https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FloridaTeam/HelpWanted
19:18:41 ACTION itnet7 jamesrfla> I can help with the mailing list. I already moderate one
19:21:30 Topic: Open Discussion!
Meeting ended at 19:51.

People Present:
  1. itnet7
  2. himuraken
  3. jamesrfla
  4. habanero_joe
  5. sydogg
  6. crashsystems
  7. govatent
  8. DammitJim
  9. erictee
  10. dorgan
  11. ubuntu-fl
  12. RoAkSoAx
  13. pak33m
  14. Started logging meeting in #ubuntu-us-fl
    [19:02:26] <itnet7> Okay, so it's meeting time, sorry folks had to reboot some stuff was acting funky after an update that request I reboot
    [19:03:10] <itnet7> Show of hands??
    [19:03:14] <itnet7> o/
    [19:03:17] <himuraken> o/
    [19:03:20] <jamesrfla> o/
    [19:03:23] <habanero_joe> o/
    [19:03:32] <sydogg> o/
    [19:03:42] <itnet7> lets give the others a few minutes, Hey there sydogg !
    [19:03:58] <sydogg> Hey itnet7!
    [19:04:46] <itnet7> dantalizing: igorgue govatent pak33m RoAkSoAx nightfrog crashsystems ChunkxZor cjohnston
    [19:04:54] <itnet7> mhall119|work:
    [19:05:05] <crashsystems> hello
    [19:05:08] <itnet7> Hey there
    [19:05:24] <govatent> 0/ kind of
    [19:05:33] <crashsystems> 10.04 rocks btw
    [19:05:35] <itnet7> hey ther govatent !
    [19:05:38] <govatent> yea it is cool
    [19:05:40] <govatent> hi itnet7
    [19:05:41] <itnet7> Yes it does, crashsystems !
    [19:05:46] <itnet7> How are you govatent !
    [19:05:55] <itnet7> Man the new update is fast for g1
    [19:05:58] <govatent> doing alright. sorry i have had so much going on
    [19:06:12] <govatent> i started testing 10.04 on different setups
    [19:06:17] <govatent> i love it
    [19:06:21] <itnet7> So I guess we can start, there really hasn't been anything added to the agenda by anyone
    [19:06:37] <itnet7> We do have a team meeting next week for team re-approval
    [19:06:48] <itnet7> in case any of you haven't heard about the re-approvals!
    [19:06:55] <govatent> inform me please
    [19:06:59] <govatent> i have not been aronud
    [19:07:01] <govatent> around*
    [19:07:13] <itnet7> give me one sec govatent and I will
    [19:07:15] <itnet7> k
    [19:07:17] <itnet7> ?
    [19:07:25] <govatent> yup
    [19:07:49] <itnet7> [TOPIC] Florida Team Re-Approval
    [19:07:58] <itnet7> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoCouncil/LoCoTeamReApproval
    [19:08:07] <itnet7> [LINK] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoCouncil/LoCoTeamReApproval
    [19:08:39] <itnet7> Here is the official wiki for the Re-approvals that the LoCo Council has put out
    [19:08:51] <itnet7> The jist of it is
    [19:09:19] <itnet7> that on Tues. the 16th at 20:00 UTC, dantalizing is going to represent the team for re-approval
    [19:09:38] <itnet7> [LINK] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FloridaTeam/ReapprovalApplication2010
    [19:09:49] <itnet7> Here is our current Re-Approval Wiki
    [19:10:33] <itnet7> If anyone feels that they have something that they would like to add, that may be missing. or that we may have forgotten feel free, try to keep the same format wherever possible
    [19:11:13] <itnet7> I would encourage everyone that is in this channel to try their best to attend, in support of dantalizing and our team!
    [19:11:47] <itnet7> I can't represent the team, because I am a member of the LoCo Council
    [19:11:55] <crashsystems> where is the time/date for that meeting?
    [19:12:15] <itnet7> #ubuntu-meeting 20:00 UTC
    [19:12:24] <govatent> what day?
    [19:12:26] * itnet7 is doublechecking now
    [19:12:34] <itnet7> March 16th, Next Tuesday
    [19:12:42] <crashsystems> what is that in local time?
    [19:12:47] <govatent> its in my ubuntu calendar
    [19:12:49] <govatent> :)
    [19:12:52] <govatent> i love ubuntu
    [19:13:08] <himuraken> govatent, in soviet russia Ubuntu loves you
    [19:13:09] <itnet7> [LINK] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoCouncilAgenda
    [19:13:27] <itnet7> This is the Official Agenda for the LoCo Council
    [19:13:32] <govatent> thanks himuraken :P
    [19:13:37] <crashsystems> 4pm, nvm
    [19:13:54] <itnet7> crashsystems: ah, sorry, I thought you liked things in UTC time :-)
    [19:14:14] <govatent> lol
    [19:14:23] <crashsystems> o_O
    [19:15:16] <itnet7> I think we have a really good start on the Re-Approval Wiki, so things are shaping up!
    [19:15:39] <habanero_joe> The Wiki looks good to me
    [19:16:21] <itnet7> Cool!
    [19:16:34] <itnet7> I only really have one other thing
    [19:16:45] <itnet7> [TOPIC] Help Wanted!
    [19:17:07] <itnet7> [LINK] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FloridaTeam/HelpWanted
    [19:17:47] <itnet7> In the next couple of weeks I am going to post some administrative/misc things that the team could use a little help on...
    [19:17:52] <jamesrfla> I can help with the mailing list. I already moderate one
    [19:17:57] <itnet7> We are responsible to do team reports
    [19:18:04] <itnet7> and such
    [19:18:14] <itnet7> thanks jamesrfla !
    [19:18:21] <itnet7> I will get with you offline about that
    [19:18:29] <jamesrfla> kk
    [19:18:41] <itnet7> [ACTION] jamesrfla> I can help with the mailing list. I already moderate one
    [19:19:47] <itnet7> The team reports are great resource for encouraging other LoCo's
    [19:20:09] <itnet7> are 'a'
    [19:21:09] <itnet7> so I will start adding more relevent stuff to the Help Wanted area soon, please check and see if there is anything you may feel like helping with!
    [19:21:18] <habanero_joe> Great idea
    [19:21:30] <itnet7> [TOPIC] Open Discussion!
    [19:22:14] <itnet7> Anyone have anything that they want to discuss?
    [19:22:24] <himuraken> I do.
    [19:22:33] <itnet7> go ahead himuraken !
    [19:22:34] <himuraken> Where does everyone stand on the global jams?
    [19:23:05] <itnet7> himuraken: that's a good question!
    [19:23:17] <himuraken> I am willing to help get one going in SWFL if anyone is willing to attend. Note* First timer.
    [19:23:27] <himuraken> I can probably con habanero_joe into it as well.
    [19:23:37] <habanero_joe> affirmative
    [19:23:46] <himuraken> /con
    [19:24:02] <jamesrfla> I am in SWFL
    [19:24:07] <itnet7> I am going to be in Utah from the 21st to the 26th
    [19:24:17] <itnet7> I was planning to try and come by
    [19:24:30] <himuraken> itnet7, you are north right?
    [19:24:32] <itnet7> govatent: ?
    [19:24:42] <itnet7> himuraken: yeah, but I like to drive, it keeps me sane!
    [19:24:43] <itnet7> :-)
    [19:24:47] <habanero_joe> lol
    [19:25:08] <himuraken> The only concern I have, as previously stated. I have never even attended one, but I have the space and connections etc.
    [19:25:14] <crashsystems> you mean, there is someone other than me that lives in north florida?
    [19:25:28] <DammitJim> evening all
    [19:25:35] <jamesrfla> I live in North Fort Myers
    [19:25:37] <itnet7> **clarification I don't really live in NORTH Florida
    [19:25:38] <habanero_joe> hello Dammit
    [19:25:43] <itnet7> only Melbourne...
    [19:25:47] <DammitJim> habanero_joe, are you in Miami?
    [19:25:52] <itnet7> 1/2 up the east coast!
    [19:25:56] <himuraken> thats just racist!
    [19:26:00] <himuraken> DammitJim,
    [19:26:06] <crashsystems> 5 seconds after trying to use it, and pitivi already fails
    [19:26:12] <himuraken> govatent, ping! had mentioned that he would come across from the east coast I beleive.
    [19:26:25] <crashsystems> "an error has occurred while importing." won't even tell me _what_ error
    [19:26:30] <itnet7> DammitJim: is Ecuadorian i doubt he's racist!
    [19:26:33] <itnet7> :-)
    [19:26:35] <DammitJim> shush
    [19:26:45] <DammitJim> brb
    [19:27:51] <crashsystems> anyone know why pitivi would not import an mpg video?
    [19:28:00] <itnet7> Let me see what I can do about getting you in contact with ropetin
    [19:28:24] <itnet7> and we can try and talk with govatent and try to put something together
    [19:28:44] <himuraken> itnet7, who is this mysterious ropetin ?
    [19:28:48] <itnet7> ROFL
    [19:28:59] <itnet7> he lives in Miami/Ft. Lauderdale
    [19:29:12] <himuraken> K
    [19:29:14] <itnet7> He organized a Jaunty Release party in Ft. Lauderdale
    [19:29:38] <habanero_joe> I'm in Fort Myers
    [19:29:52] <crashsystems> Who needs a functioning GUI video editor to replace the Gimp when we can just use ffmpeg? At least that works once you spend 45 minutes reading the man page.
    [19:29:57] <jamesrfla> I am too.....Just North Fort Myers
    [19:30:02] <crashsystems>
    [19:30:21] <itnet7> igorgue is from Miami, RoAkSoAx is too
    [19:30:27] <habanero_joe> So three people in Lee County so far
    [19:30:29] <itnet7> so is erictee !
    [19:30:40] <himuraken> Perhaps, at the very least, habanero_joe, jamesrfla , and I can get together and have a mini n00bJam
    [19:30:53] <himuraken> habanero_joe, I am sure KiddAMD will go, so we have 4 in Lee County.
    [19:30:57] <habanero_joe> lol n00bJam...
    [19:31:01] <jamesrfla> other people in lee county. When I joined there was nobody near me that was part of this team
    [19:31:10] <itnet7> let me see how far Lee County is from Brevard!
    [19:31:27] <himuraken> zip is 33919 for mtg place.
    [19:31:31] <habanero_joe> >2 hours
    [19:32:43] <itnet7> 178 mi  about 4 hours 2 mins
    [19:32:50] <erictee> Yes, I am in North broward, however i will be in Jamaica 03/25 thru 04/02
    [19:32:52] <itnet7> not really 4 hours I'm sure
    [19:33:04] <itnet7> erictee: Nice!!
    [19:33:23] <habanero_joe> 1.5 hours in Cessna...
    [19:33:38] <erictee> i am still willing to help
    [19:34:59] <habanero_joe> I think four people is certainly good to get something started?
    [19:35:00] <itnet7> Let's see how things work out!
    [19:35:12] <itnet7> Defnitely habanero_joe !
    [19:35:13] <himuraken> jamesrfla, have you done any bug triage or docu yet?
    [19:35:23] <jamesrfla> No I have not
    [19:35:43] <itnet7> himuraken: were you planning on Sat and Sun or just Sat?
    [19:36:04] <himuraken> One day, sat or sun is fine by me.
    [19:36:15] <itnet7> Hey there dorgan !
    [19:36:25] <dorgan> hola
    [19:36:36] <himuraken> I think Saturday would be best. Does that work for you haba and jamesrfla ?
    [19:36:37] <DammitJim> ok, so what was racist?
    [19:36:53] <dorgan> itnet7: how you been
    [19:36:54] <habanero_joe> SO FAR the calendar is clear for 3/28
    [19:36:55] <itnet7> DammitJim: nothing silly
    [19:36:58] <itnet7> good dorgan !
    [19:36:59] <himuraken> DammitJim, lol you asking habanero_joe if he was from Miami.
    [19:37:00] <DammitJim> lol
    [19:37:01] <DammitJim> me?
    [19:37:02] <jamesrfla> This Saturday?
    [19:37:10] <himuraken> jamesrfla, no the 27th
    [19:37:16] <himuraken> The day after you get back from UT
    [19:37:19] <himuraken> ughh
    [19:37:29] <itnet7> I get back from Utah
    [19:37:33] <himuraken> Ah
    [19:37:37] <himuraken> Tried being slick.
    [19:37:37] <habanero_joe> oops I mean 3/27 is clear
    [19:37:40] <itnet7> lol
    [19:37:44] <govatent> looking for me?
    [19:37:48] <DammitJim> lol
    [19:38:00] <itnet7> I can see if I can get back a day early too
    [19:38:06] * himuraken drinks even more.
    [19:38:26] <jamesrfla> himuraken: I would have to change my work day from Saturday to Sunday and then I am not sure how my parents will be about going over a strangers house I met online
    [19:38:47] <habanero_joe> hmmm
    [19:39:18] <habanero_joe> himauraken: event at your office right?
    [19:39:20] <himuraken> jamesrfla, understood. This will be held at my office in Fort Myers.
    [19:39:25] <himuraken> habanero_joe, yep.
    [19:39:35] <jamesrfla> oh a office. Well then that might be better
    [19:39:47] <crashsystems> Looks like gstreamer does not work for editing mpeg files. I wonder if there are any camcorders that do not use mpeg.
    [19:40:43] <itnet7> crashsystems: I am surprised you are having so many problems with pitivi
    [19:40:48] <jamesrfla> himuraken: I can probably come. Just tell me where and when and I should be able to come. Have to get my parents to get me a ride to that office
    [19:40:54] <crashsystems> have you had better luck?
    [19:41:00] <itnet7> have you tried avidemux-2
    [19:41:05] <crashsystems> not yet
    [19:41:08] <himuraken> jamesrfla, email me himuraken@gmail.com and we can figure all that out.
    [19:41:22] <jamesrfla> kk
    [19:41:59] <himuraken> govatent, we are discussing having a global jam over here in Fort Myers.
    [19:42:05] <itnet7> himuraken: can you guys discuss some of it on the Mailing List please so others down south might be able to contribute, etc
    [19:42:07] <govatent> yea i just back read
    [19:42:17] <itnet7> you don't have put everything there
    [19:42:27] <itnet7> but once you guys get some concrete plans!
    [19:42:42] <himuraken> itnet7, steer me the mailing list again please...
    [19:42:50] <itnet7> k
    [19:42:52] <itnet7> hold on
    [19:43:58] <itnet7> Ubuntu-FL List
    [19:43:58] <ubuntu-fl> itnet7: Error: '' is not a valid plugin.
    [19:44:22] <itnet7> and Ubuntu FL List
    [19:44:23] <himuraken> thanks itnet7
    [19:44:33] <itnet7> No problem
    [19:44:55] <itnet7> you should subscribe on the Florida Team page if you haven't already, so that your e-mail won't get rejected
    [19:45:06] <himuraken> Yeah I think I am already.
    [19:45:14] <itnet7> cool!
    [19:45:27] <himuraken> Is that where dtrevino mails everyone at?
    [19:45:43] <itnet7> if you notice it doesn't seem to go through within a couple of hours, hit me up and I will make sure it gets through
    [19:45:46] <itnet7> yes
    [19:45:54] <himuraken> K got it
    [19:45:56] <itnet7> it is the one that dtrevino uses
    [19:46:00] <himuraken> K got it
    [19:46:09] <RoAkSoAx> itnet7, yeah I'm in Miami but from peru :P
    [19:46:10] <RoAkSoAx> hahaha
    [19:46:46] <itnet7> if you use a different e-mail address than what you had registered with, it will also get rejected
    [19:46:52] <itnet7> himuraken: ^^
    [19:46:55] <itnet7> RoAkSoAx: :-)
    [19:46:58] <pak33m> itnet7: hey im here and trying to catch up.
    [19:46:59] <himuraken> itnet7, gotcha
    [19:47:17] <RoAkSoAx> itnet7, so how's it going?
    [19:47:19] <itnet7> No problem pak33m, didn't really go over too much
    [19:47:51] <itnet7> It's going pretty good RoAkSoAx, all except I am going through training this week and have been doing class and labs from 8 am to 7 pm
    [19:47:53] <pak33m> itnet7: np im here
    [19:48:22] <RoAkSoAx> itnet7, ahhaha tell me I'm a full time student and Im already sick of it :)
    [19:49:24] <itnet7> I am listening to Windows Admins Rave about VMware and all of it's proprietary goodness!
    [19:50:06] * himuraken loves VMware
    [19:50:11] <crashsystems> so var avidemux is actually doing something :D
    [19:50:14] <RoAkSoAx> itnet7, they are training you in Windows Server?
    [19:50:32] <itnet7> So, unless anyone has anything else they would like to discuss I will stop mootbot
    [19:50:41] <itnet7> meeting wise
    [19:50:45] <habanero_joe> VMware FTW!!!
    [19:50:56] * himuraken is finished with this mtg.
    [19:51:12] <itnet7> #ENDMEETING
    Meeting ended.

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