Meeting opened by mhall119 at 00:07

  • <itnet7> thanks mhall119 I would, but I don't have full wireless access

    <itnet7> yet

    <mianosm> hows this work?

    <mhall119> since, chroric isn't here, I'll skip his item for now

    <mhall119> mianosm: team meetings? you've forgotten?

    <mianosm> im never here

    <mianosm> is there a website that supplements this?

    <mhall119> there's one for running mootbot

    <mhall119> there's not much to being the meeting chair other than posting the topics and keeping things moving

    <mhall119> want to try?

    <mianosm> ill just be here for this one

    <mianosm> not really trying to run stuff

    <itnet7> it doesn't really help that I forgot to send the reminder notice to the list

    <mhall119> ok, let me know if you want to, and I'll walk you through

    <MichelleQ> can someone post me the link to the agenda, pretty please?

    <mhall119> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FloridaTeam/Meetings#Agenda

Maverick Meerkat Release Parties

  • <mhall119> so I know we had a few release parties over the last couple weeks

    <mhall119> how did they all go?

    <mhall119> we had 4 people at the Tampa release party lunch

    <mhall119> zoopster, myself, and 2 of my coworkers

    <mhall119> didn't take pictures though Sad :(

    <itnet7> The Melbourne one we had approximately 15 people, 3 of the Local Lug guys accepted our invitation

    <mianosm> what did you guys eat?

    <mhall119> if you did take pictures, and you post them on flickr or picasa, be sure to tag them as "1010release", and they'll show up on the loco-directory

    <mhall119> mianosm: we went to Olive Garden

    <itnet7> Thanks, they are tagged

    <itnet7> I did put a blurb up on ubuntu-fl.org

    <mhall119> itnet7: I did see yours on there

    <mhall119> were there any in the northern-half of the state?

    <itnet7> Yes, up in Tallahassee

    <itnet7> It was really cool, as it doubled as Ian's birthday party

    <mhall119> awesome! I hope there was cake

    <itnet7> I was going to try and ask them to put up some pic's with tags

    <MichelleQ> awesome. Happy belated b-day to Ian.

    <itnet7> but haven't really had the chance to talk with them!!

    <MichelleQ> I'm hoping they'll make it down for UDS?

    <itnet7> That would Rock!

    <mhall119> I haven't heard from them about uds

    <itnet7> I heard from Nathan that some of his friends are getting married, and that he probably won't be able to attend

    <mhall119> well good for them, but too bad for us

    <itnet7> I haven't had a chance to speak to Ian

    <mhall119> my brother will likely be at UDS thursday or friday

    <mhall119> I'm going to try and introduce him to members of the design team

    <itnet7> Too bad he can't come on Monday Smile :-)

    <itnet7> That would Rock!

    <mhall119> yeah, he's got jury duty

    <mhall119> speaking of UDS on monday...

    <MichelleQ> Yes. Party-town

    <mhall119> [TOPIC] UDS-N Host's Party Final Planning

UDS-N Host's Party Final Planning

  • <MichelleQ> got the pizzas ordered today

    <mhall119> alright, so this thing is officially happening

    <mhall119> Monday night, 6:30pm

    <mhall119> at the hotel

    <MichelleQ> it better happen, or we're gonna have a LOT of leftovers

    <mhall119> pizzas have been orders, total was $276.90

    <mianosm> uds is this monday in orlando?

    <MichelleQ> yes

    <mhall119> mianosm: all next week in Orlando

    <mhall119> mianosm: http://summit.ubuntu.com/uds-n/

    <mianosm> friday too?

    <mhall119> all week

    <mianosm> neat

    <itnet7> MichelleQ: did you have a chance to check the e-mail that I replied with?

    <MichelleQ> yes

    <MichelleQ> I worry about ordering too many specialties

    <mianosm> thanks for the link mhall119

    <MichelleQ> and not having enough to go around otherwise

    <itnet7> sorry looking at your reply

    <MichelleQ> no worries

    <mhall119> so, we need to come up with about $276.90 for this pizza, and so far only itnet7 and MichelleQ and I are signed up

    <MichelleQ> and, well, my pocketbook already hates me

    <mhall119> we're looking to get 10 people to give $30 each

    <mhall119> if you can contribute, please add yourself to the list here:

    <mhall119> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FloridaTeam/UDS-N

    <MichelleQ> itnet7: can you email that wiki link out to the team?

    <itnet7> I will tonight

    <MichelleQ> perfect

    <mhall119> [ACTION] itnet7 to email the team about funding the pizza party

itnet7 to email the team about funding the pizza party

  • <mhall119> also, we're going to need to buy some drinks too

    <mhall119> itnet7: staples seems pretty pricey, I think we can get them from Sams as much less than that

    <itnet7> The case count at the bottom was so that people could also put their names next to that

    <MichelleQ> I *do* have a Sams card

    <itnet7> mhall119: It was merely an example I was using for estimating

    <mhall119> itnet7: I know

    <itnet7> Oh, okay

    <MichelleQ> I'll also hit up the Sams for plates/cups/napkins

    <mianosm> put a paypal link on that page - I'll chip in for pizza

    <mhall119> okay, so if you want to bring sodas, add yourself and what you're bringing. If you want to contribute money to sodas instead, MichelleQ can pick them up as Sams

    <MichelleQ> yup

    <MichelleQ> my paypal email is michelle@quinncoincorporated.org

    <mhall119> [ACTION] mhall119 to add paypal link to the wiki page

mhall119 to add paypal link to the wiki page

  • <itnet7> mianosm: if you don't mind, once you have sent the payment please update the wiki and add your self to the sponsors list

    <mianosm> kk

    <itnet7> ty

    <mianosm> I don't see the day on here?

    <mianosm> or time

    <mianosm> or location

    <MichelleQ> I've requested the pizzas be picked up, so we don't have to worry about delivery tip

    <MichelleQ> the venue is about 3 miles from the Dominos - I'll put 'em in the back of my SUV.

  • <mianosm> http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/team/242/detail/

    <mianosm> monday night at 1030p?

    <mhall119> 6:30pm

    <MichelleQ> mianosm: 6:30pm our time

    <mhall119> that's UTC time

    <mianosm> oh

    <mianosm> after all the talks and such, neat

    <mscahill> I need help

    <itnet7> not that it matters, but I had told them from 7 - 10

    <mscahill> payment in goodwill

    <mscahill> awe crap. team meeting, isn't it?

    <MichelleQ> mscahill: yup

    <mhall119> mscahill: yup

    <mscahill> I'll be back then

    <mhall119> what'd you do with tiemonster?

    <MichelleQ> itnet7: 7's fine, give us a few minutes to set up

    <itnet7> That's what I was thinking too, the team can get in a bit early

    <mscahill> tiemonster :Nickname is already in use.

  • mscahill shrugs

    <mhall119> /msg nickserv ghost tiemonster

    <MichelleQ> so... everyone good on event planning stuffs?

    <itnet7> MichelleQ: the Movie

    <itnet7> Revolution OS?

    <mscahill> mhall119: IRC is up at work - logging the rest of a meeting I had to leave

    <MichelleQ> Do you have it on DVD, or some such, itnet7?

    <itnet7> Slide show of LoCo's with Creative Commons music playing?

    <MichelleQ> if not, I can procure it from Netflix.

    <itnet7> I do believe that dantalizing has it

    <itnet7> or owns it, I should say

    <MichelleQ> ok, I'll poke him to bring it

    <itnet7> If someone has a better option, that we can publicly play without any issues

    <itnet7> let us know your suggestions

    <mhall119> itnet7: sintel and big buck bunny

    <MichelleQ> mhall119 said something to me the other night about the shorts done with Blender

    <MichelleQ> oh, well, those then

    <itnet7> That is good for 1/2 an hour

    <mianosm> I'll bring a copy of RevOS if I show up as well.

    <itnet7> cool mianosm !

    <MichelleQ> I think that will do sufficiently well

    <itnet7> Sounds good to me

    <mhall119> me too

    <mhall119> anything else for this meeting?

    <MichelleQ> nothing that I can think of

    <itnet7> chloric was going to talk about really getting an ubuntu hour off the ground in miami

    <itnet7> for the record, but that's all I can think of

    <itnet7> I look forward to seeing you guys next week!

    <MichelleQ> good times shall be had, dammit. :-D

    <itnet7> MichelleQ: would you prefer we just paypal the money, or do you want me to give it to you that day?

    <itnet7> Smile :-)

    <MichelleQ> completely up to you

    <MichelleQ> My paypal has a debit card, so we can always use that, if need be

    <X-Man> how do you update the wiki to contribute?

    <itnet7> I will send it to you right now

    <mhall119> X-Man: just add your name for now

    <itnet7> X-Man: I am going to send the money now

    <mhall119> I'll put up a paypal link as soon as you're done editing the wiki

    <itnet7> then in Parenthesis, I plan to put (Paypal)

    <MichelleQ> itnet7: I'll keep you up to date on what comes in, etc.

    <itnet7> mhall119: I was hoping that other's would just bring the beverages in the Morning, so we can place them in a storage area, wouldn't that be less burdensome for you guys?

    <itnet7> So if someone wanted to bring the Diet Coke's, they could just put their name next to it

    <itnet7> or @sig@

    <itnet7> Unless you really don't mind collecting the money and purchasing them too

    <itnet7> from Sams

    <MichelleQ> we'll go with that, and if all else fails, I'll run out the day-of, if we don't have enough

    <itnet7> Well I can start encouraging either way, I have co-workers that use Ubuntu that I have been helping learn more about things they are trying to do with their new OS, and they aren't attending but might want to chip in

    <MichelleQ> sure thing. Smile :-)

    <mhall119> also, your donation doesn't have to be $30, it can be whatever you can/want to send

    <MichelleQ> of course.

    <MichelleQ> want to send fifty bucks? Sure!

    <itnet7> Smile :-)

    <mhall119> $30 was just a suggested amount, that would let us spread the cost over 10 people

    <mhall119> ok, paypal link is up at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FloridaTeam/UDS-N

    <mhall119> can someone else test it and make sure it's going to michelle [at] quinncoincorporated [dot] org

    <itnet7> Thanks mhall119 and MichelleQ for getting this locked on

    <MichelleQ> awesome. mianosm, I just got yours. Smile :-)

    <mianosm> Wink ;)

    <mhall119> also, make sure you register as attending at http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/team/242/detail/

    <mhall119> okay, anything else about the host party?

    <MichelleQ> nope, good

    <mhall119> [TOPIC] Open


  • <mhall119> any other topics anybody wants to bring up?

    <itnet7> MichelleQ: you should be seeing mine

    <mhall119> going once....

    <MichelleQ> I'm looking forward to my rocking U-W dinner party wednesday night, but other than that, nothing else!

    <mhall119> yeah, that'll be fun

    <MichelleQ> itnet7: yup, got it

    <Swian> U-W?

    <mhall119> wow, talk about just in the nick of time

    <mhall119> Chloric: we were just about to end the meeting

    <mhall119> do you want to talk about a miami ubuntu hour?

    <itnet7> Swian: Ubuntu Women

    <Swian> wow

    <Swian> is there a calendar for that

    <Swian> Ubuntu Women 2011 Calendar

    <zoopster> how are we getting the word out for the party?

    <mhall119> Swian: watch yourself

    <MichelleQ> not funny.

    <mhall119> zoopster: yes

    <MichelleQ> zoopster: email

    <Chloric> >< SHOOOOOT! i was out for dinner

    <Swian> no sense of humor, later

    <zoopster> will Mark/Jono mention it?

    <itnet7> zoopster: blog on planet

    <mhall119> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FloridaTeam/UDS-N

    <mhall119> zoopster: czajkowski has been spreading the word already

    <itnet7> I had sent an e-mail asking that it get mentioned internally at Canonical

    <zoopster> I'll see if I can get Jono/Mark to mention it in their keynote on Monday

    <itnet7> zoopster: ^

    <zoopster> to whom itnet7?

    <mhall119> Chloric: we've got time for you, don't worry

    <MichelleQ> I'm sure we can twist someone's arm

    <itnet7> Marianna

    <zoopster> haven't seen anything

    <itnet7> Ah!

    <zoopster> I'll send something out too

    <itnet7> I didn't receive a reply yet

    <itnet7> cool

    <mhall119> zoopster: we're raising pizza funds right now

    <zoopster> I'll send it out to the generic internal list

    <zoopster> added myself mhall119

    <zoopster> I'll be there, too

    <mhall119> thanks!

    <MichelleQ> awesome, thanks, zoopster

    <itnet7> Since the pizza place is less than 3 miles we can take runs if necessary Smile :-)

    <zoopster> they will all fit in my truck, btw

    <zoopster> as will the rest of it, too

    <mhall119> zoopster: ours too

    <zoopster> good point

    <mhall119> we've got a cooler we can bring as well

    <MichelleQ> yup

    <mhall119> okay, before the hour is up

    <mhall119> [TOPIC] Would like to discuss an Ubuntu Hour for Miami-Dade Area, Ideas for Venues, Times that would be good for everybody, etc.

Would like to discuss an Ubuntu Hour for Miami-Dade Area, Ideas for Venues, Times that would be good for everybody, etc.

  • <MichelleQ> sorry, silly window

    <mhall119> Chloric: you're up!

    <itnet7> So, If your an Ubuntu Member and haven't gotten yourself on planet, add yourself and lets blog it up

    <itnet7> and dent, and "the twitter"

    <itnet7> :-P

    <mhall119> lol, the twitter

    <Chloric> Oh ok

    <Chloric> Where's Govatent though?

    <Chloric> thats the first question

    <MichelleQ> will twitter it up some

    <Chloric> and as for the second question, are there any South Florida Ubuntu members on right now?

    <itnet7> let me check on IM

    <itnet7> stickystyle: ping

    <Chloric> within the tri-county area

    <itnet7> Chloric: unfortunately he is the only one that is idling at the moment

    <Chloric> ouch

    <mhall119> Chloric: there seem to be more miami-dade people listening to the mailing lists than lurkin on IRC

    <stickystyle> Inet7:pong

    <Chloric> well, thats fine for now. And if thats the case, i guess i can mail the mailing list

    <itnet7> stickystyle: we were discussing the possibility of an Ubuntu hour in Miami, any thoughts?

    <itnet7> Chloric is thinking of starting one

    <itnet7> what locations might be good from your perspective?

    <stickystyle> humm....

    <Chloric> and as for locations, we were thinking of alternating between Miami Lakes (north dade) and Miramar (south broward)

    <Chloric> But, any ideas are welcomed

    <stickystyle> I was supposed to email the HackMiami guys, see what the deal was with their locations. but I'm way out in Doral which is void of anything decent unless we have someone that goes to FIU.

    <itnet7> RoAkSoAx: ping

    <itnet7> stickystyle: RoAkSoAx attends FIU, not sure if it's the same campus

    <Chloric> I live with in a few miles of Doral

    <itnet7> Wow!

    <itnet7> let me see if I can ask RoAkSoAx to join us if he has a sick, (text messaging)

    <itnet7> s/sick/sec/

    <itnet7> pinging govatent too

    <X-Man> MichelleQ I sent my donation for the UDS Pizza Party, can you check and see if you got it? I haven't used Paypal to sent to person before and just wanted to make sure you got it.

    <itnet7> He'll be right here

    <MichelleQ> X-Man: yup, it's here.

    <MichelleQ> Smile :-)

    <X-Man> MichelleQ, Cool Thanks

    <MichelleQ> thank you!

    <itnet7> both of them should be here any minute RoAkSoAx and Govatent

    <RoAkSoAx> booting up laptop brbr

    <itnet7> Thanks RoAkSoAx !

    <Chloric> awesomer

    <Chloric> s/awesomer/awesome

    <itnet7> Chloric: I really want to try and get you some support!

    <itnet7> Miami is fun!

    <RoAkSoAx> itnet7: what's up man?

    <itnet7> RoAkSoAx: Chloric and stickystyle were talking about starting an ubuntu hour, and FIU came up

    <itnet7> Your campus is in Doral?

    <RoAkSoAx> itnet7: not exactly, it is right below Doral

    <Chloric> Yeah, sweet water

    <Chloric> thats perfect

    <Chloric> Govatent and I are trying to make an Ubuntu Hour happen monthly

    <RoAkSoAx> I mena, there's one at wetchester, the Engineering Center btween flager and 107

    <RoAkSoAx> but the main one is between 8st and 107

    <Chloric> yeah, my girlfriend goes there

    <mianosm> Why are some homosexual women attracted to women that look very masculine, but find men unattractive?

    <Chloric> lol random mianosm

    <RoAkSoAx> lol

    <RoAkSoAx> Chloric: so what up with FIU?? Wanna do the Ubuntu Hour at FIU?

    <mhall119> mianosm: same reason heterosexual men don't typically find feminine men attractive

    <Chloric> Well, stickstyle was saying that he lives in Doral and FIU is close to me as well

    <RoAkSoAx> Chloric: well I guess that'd actually be a good place for me too since I'd just have to cross the street xD

    <Chloric> However, Govatent lives up in Sunrise, so i was think Miami Lakes would be a good place to meet up

    <stickystyle> Yeah, I just mentioned it as I've been to a few infosec meetups that was hosted by students there...not sure what's involved in getting a room.

    <itnet7> Chloric: govatent can weigh in, in a moment

    <Chloric> ok

    <mhall119> [ACTION] Chloric, govatent, stickystyle and RoAkSoAx to start a regular Ubuntu Hour in the Miami area

Chloric, govatent, stickystyle and RoAkSoAx to start a regular Ubuntu Hour in the Miami area

  • <mhall119> now you're obligated Wink ;)

    <itnet7> if you guys do some stuff near FIU, you can probably get a bunch of the students interested

    <mhall119> there's an action item

    <stickystyle> So it is written.

    <Chloric> oh snap@

    <RoAkSoAx> stickystyle: prolly not a room but the Library is also good place

    <mhall119> RoAkSoAx: find a professor who likes Linux, you can probably get a room

    <Chloric> Thats true! Perhaps FIU is the best place afterall

    <itnet7> RoAkSoAx: is there any real interest on Campus that you've heard about?

    <Chloric> I have friends there who are in the administration

    <RoAkSoAx> mhall119: i already know the only two Smile :)

    <mhall119> the lakeland linux group regularly holds theirs at USF-Lakeland thanks to one of the professors there

    <RoAkSoAx> itnet7: well the FIU's LUG is realy interested in doing stuff

    <Chloric> Dennis Wiedmen (head of the anthropology dept)

    <RoAkSoAx> but they really don't do much

    <itnet7> Nice Chloric, that's a shame RoAkSoAx !

    <Chloric> I just need to talk to dennis, he's a family friend

    <RoAkSoAx> itnet7: will e-mail them again though to see if we can setup the ubuntu hour together and so that get to request a class

    <itnet7> RoAkSoAx: cool!

    <itnet7> We did get the team's CD's in

    <stickystyle> I just emailed the guys I know.

    <itnet7> Thanks stickystyle !

    <mhall119> awesome, I'm glad there's gonna be an ubuntu hour down there

    <itnet7> Well, govatent said he was going to try and get in, so we can just fill him in if he is able to join in a bit

    <mhall119> alright, if there's nothing else, I'm gonna close the meeting, but don't let that stop the planning

    <itnet7> we can end the meeting if no one else has anything

    <itnet7> cool!!

    <mhall119> going once

    <mhall119> going twice..

    <itnet7> Thanks mhall119 !!!

    <mhall119> SOLD! to the man in the Ubuntu shirt

    <Chloric> i think im donem anyone else?

    <itnet7> I'm actually at the Melbourne Lug meeting, I need to vacate the premises, will try to be on later!

    <mhall119> #endmeeting

Meeting closed at 01:14

People Present

  • itnet7
  • mianosm
  • mhall119
  • MichelleQ
  • mscahill
  • X-Man
  • Swian
  • zoopster
  • Chloric
  • stickystyle
  • RoAkSoAx

Actions Recorded

  • itnet7 to email the team about funding the pizza party
  • mhall119 to add paypal link to the wiki page
  • Chloric, govatent, stickystyle and RoAkSoAx to start a regular Ubuntu Hour in the Miami area

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