January 9 2007 - Meeting Discussions

We had a great first meeting. Things accomplished

  1. Vorain was elected to be the FC Secretary, which will hold a 1yr term.
  2. We selected candidates that will be elected for team lead positions at he next FC meeting.

Team Leader Selection List

Beginners Team

Hardware Team

Unanswered Post Team

Forum Council meetings will be held the second Tuesday of every month at 16:00 UTC on #ubuntu-meeting on (this is subject to change)

General Agenda Items and Proposals

If you put an item on the agenda, you will have to show up. Otherwise the item may be deleted from the agenda. Please add your name to items you add.



Ryan Troy

Welcome to the first meeting.
Introduction to the FC and purpose.

Ryan Troy

We need to elect a secretary to record and update the wiki/forum after each meeting.
If you would like to be considered for this position please read this discussion.

Ryan Troy

Forum Team Leader Discussions.
Discuss how to build/implement the forum teams etc.

Henrik Omma

Dev team contact introductions.
Just introducing myself as the devel team contact point for the forums. I'll be working with the Forum Ambassadors and I generally lurk here and here. Our first project is ISO image testing. (note: I am a contact for the dev-team, a small part of the wider community. The forums should probably also establish similar links with the doc team, art team, translators, etc. and of course the CC and TB)

Discussions on this meetings topics can be found at the Ubuntuforums FC section.

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