An update from the Forums Council for February 2016

Moderator Team Meetings

The third Moderator meeting was held on January 16th, 2016. In addition to the now usual Staff real-time gathering, two points were discussed :

  • Slow Forums access. Although some work had been done and hardware changed, we still have issues. Low access leads to pages that cannot be accessed or multiple posting in threads.
  • New Ubuntu Forums Membership via Forums Contributions Guidelines which is all warm out from the oven here. The page was rewritten by Irihapeti and matt_symes, thanks for the hard work !


Forums spam accounts will be shared with canonical-sysadmins hoping this will help handle/reduce spam on the Ubuntu Wiki. This is a test ; if positive, hopefully an automated way to push SSO accounts ids to canonical-sysadmins will be implemented.

Should you wish to add items to the Forums Council agenda here is the link.

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