This page is dedicated to Ubuntu participation at Fosdem 2013

If you are somebody contributing to Ubuntu in any way (ranging from providing support on your locoteam forum or IRC channel, to being a core developer), please register your attendance below!

Ubuntu Booth

We will have a booth with volunteers from Ubuntu-be + whomever wants to help.

Volunteers for the booth

Jerome Trips

part of the time

Jan Claeys

part of the time

Mike Morraye

When not attending talks

Jurgen Gaeremyn

When not attending talks or helping on Bytenight (HSBXL)

Ward De Ridder

When not attending talks (will only be a few talks), might have to leave early on sunday

Ubuntu Dinner

We want to have an Ubuntu dinner on Saturday night with Ubuntu-be volunteers and other Ubuntu contributors (including employees of Canonical & other companies related to Ubuntu, of course!). The list below is preliminary; we will have a list at the booth of who really wants to come with us on Saturday (please don't forget to put yourself on the list then!).

Who is interested in coming to the dinner

Jan Claeys

Ward De Ridder

Jerome Trips

Michal Kovac

Ubuntu Developers, Contributors, etc.

It's quite common for upstream developers & developers from other distros to ask us at the Ubuntu booth if $UBUNTU_DEVELOPER_X or $AN_UBUNTU_DEVELOPER_FAMILIAR_WITH_Y is at FOSDEM, and often we don't know the answer. Because of that, it would be cool if Ubuntu developers who come to FOSDEM could somehow list when/where they can be found during FOSDEM...

Of course, if you give a talk, please also mention this in the appropriate section!

Ubuntu contributors giving a talk at FOSDEM

James Page

Sat 11:50-12:30

Test Automation dev room - Automating Openstack testing on Ubuntu.

David King

Sat 11:45-12:05

Cross Desktop devroom - Ubuntu Online Accounts for application developers.

Ubuntu contributors attending FOSDEM

Jérome Trips

Ubuntu booth and several conference rooms. Probably ariving on friday

Laura Czajkowski

hanging out in cross dev room, legal room, lightning talks. Canonical/Community

James Page

Jan Claeys

Ubuntu booth and several conference rooms

Matthieu Baerts

(only Sunday)

Martin Packman

cloud thingies and anything else interesting looking

Alberto Mardegan

Online Accounts team

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