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Laura Czajkowski Aloha Smile :) I'm involved in the Ubuntu-IE and Ubuntu-UK LoCo Teams, where you can find me online and advocating where possible about the use of Ubuntu and how easy it is to get involved. I've been fortunate to turn my love of open source into a career and I'm currently the Developer Community Manager at Couchbase.

I sat on the LoCo Council for many years and on the Community Coucncil, where you can learn what other teams are doing in Ubuntu, help resolve conflict where it arises and champion Ubuntu.

Contact information

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Presentations at Events

Future Goals

  • Increase activity in Ireland with regards to Ubuntu and within Ubuntu-ie, I intend to run more free events and have talks and demonstrations at them. (BugJams, Release Parties)

  • Continue to run more OSSBarcamps around Ireland
  • Get more involved in bug triaging, hopefully we're going to run more low key bugjams and really push this here.
  • Run less technical events in the ubuntu-UK, like meet ups, geeknicks and rugby meet ups
  • Show people it's easy to get involved and how they can do it too!
  • Take part in giving more presentation and interacting with the community where possible.

Testimonials about my work in the Ubuntu Community

  • I've had the good fortune of interacting with Laura across a number of teams but most often in her role on the LoCo council. Laura has always been very helpful and patient with any issue I've raised and willing to go into bat for a cause if required. She is very approachable and is an asset to any project she puts her efforts towards. -- jarednorris

  • I've known Laura for close to five years now and during that time she has been a tireless organiser. She's someone who gets stuff done and helps other people get stuff done. That's the sort of thing that makes communities work. She has also been invaluable in helping us on the Launchpad team to find user testing participants. Thanks Laura! -- matthew.revell

  • "I have had the pleasure to interact with Laura several times in the #ubuntuone channels. She has always come across as an enthusiastic person that strives to push forward the community. Laura has always given me (a canonical employee) useful comments and advices to get closer and more open towards the community. Having a person that has no fear to speak up is a great asset for the community." -- mandel

  • I met Laura first at LRL. The three things I like about Laura specific to the CC are she can organise, may GOD she can organise from simple meet and greets through to big event she has done it all. She's not afraid to open her gob, it can be bad but on the whole it's to stop things derailing. She has a strong and fun character that people admire and are interested to hear what she'll be up to next. I'm hoping that this will bring new blood to the CC and maybe help re invigorate it a little. --davmor2

  • I've known Laura for a number of years, she has always had great community interest and influence. Ranging from her event organising, to conflict resolution as part of the LoCo Council. She has always had a great and positive impact on everything she touches. Her sound judgement makes her a great candidate. -- davewalker

  • I have worked with Laura for a few years in the Ubuntu Community and in particular in the Loco Council where we are both seating. I have been completly amazed by her capacity of work and her tenacity to conduct product. She is clearly a great asset to the Ubuntu Community. -- christophe.sauthier

  • Laura has been doing a great job on the LoCo council from my perspective as leader of the UK LoCo team and I have no hesitation in supporting her application for the community council. -- alanbell 2011-10-07 11:17:41

  • Laura is passionate about LoCo teams, events and the community in general and great to work with. -- dholbach 2011-10-07 10:14:04

  • I have been working with Laura for a several years now from the Ubuntu Women project to Council and Board positions that we've worked together on. I am always impressed by her dedication to open source, attention to detail and ability to get tasks completed efficiently even when there are difficult barriers and conflicts in the way. As a fellow LoCo enthusiast I also find myself frequently inspired by all the events she helps organize and was truly made to feel like part of the team when I attended the Maverick release party while I was visiting Ireland in 2010. -- lyz 2011-09-15 04:01:23

  • Laura is hugely committed to Ubuntu and FLOSS in general. I have worked with her on two OggCamp events where she quickly became a core part of the organising team, dealing with sponsors and making contacts like crazy. I have also attended two OSSBarCamp events organised by Laura and both were very effectively planned. She made the Ubuntu Podcast team feel like rock stars! She even guest presented an episode of the podcast, very bravely for someone who doesn't like talking on microphone! -- Tony Whitmore

  • I've worked extensively with Laura on the Ubuntu LoCo Teams Directory project, of which I am one of the primary developers. She has performed all the duties of a project manager for us, interfacing with our end users (the LoCo teams), helping us gather requirements and set goals every cycle. She is highly effective at getting the necessary conversations going and making sure things stay on track and meet the needs of the users. She has also been able to moderate disputes and resolve conflicts for us when they have arisen. I would look forward to working with her on any projects in the future. -- mhall119 2011-09-07 15:26:39

  • "Laura has a natural talent to get the right people connected so great things happen. I've seen here do this again and again in Ireland with great outcomes as she points above. I'm very thankful for her unmeasurable work (with sweat and tears) making ossbarcamp happen and her huge involvement ubuntu-ie. Laura definitely is a open source HR superstar." -- Luis de Bethencourt
  • "Laura is one of the core members of the Irish Local Community. Without Laura and her organizational skills we wouldn't be able to run events like the Software Freedom Day 2008 and the Global Bug Jam in February 2008. Laura is always the first one up for writing an event report. Very active on both #ubuntu-ie IRC and mailing list." -- Maciej Danielski

  • "Laura is a very energetic and ongoing contributor. I had the chance to share community sessions with her at UDS Karmic and I believe her enthusiasm is one of the things that really impressed me but also her push to get things done is amazing. She has proven to the Irish LoCo Team and she is now begining to share with the world wide community with her work at UDS and her commitment for the Karmic Moala Release Cycle. " -- EfrainValles

  • "Laura's commitment and enthusiasm are contagious. Her dedication to her LoCo team and other areas, such as Ubuntu Women, really make her stand out. Her participation really helped make UDS-Karmic the best UDS yet. I look forward to working with her more!" -- dantrevino 2009-06-02 05:33:29

  • Got to work with her for the first time during UDS Karmic. Excellent contributions! -- jorge 2009-06-09 04:52:49

  • "Laura is an active member in irc channels , she has helped me and many people , I was happy to know her" -- vivlio

Testimonials for EMEA Regional Membership Board (since elected)

  • "I met Laura at UDS Barcelona and have been in frequent contact since regarding Ubuntu-NGO, Ubuntu-Woman and some other Ubuntu-related projects. She is sincere, honest and compassionate. I recommended that she run for the EMEA regional board since I believe that she has just the right combination of human skills, community insight and Ubuntu knowledge to make a great membership reviewer." -- JonathanCarter

  • Laura is a very active Ubuntu Member -- Ubuntu-ie, Ubuntu Women Project, Ubuntu-NGO, Ubuntu LoCo Council, UDS-Karmic, UDS-L. Through her many areas of community contribution and participation she will be able to apply that knowledge and understanding of both the Ubuntu OS and Community to the Ubuntu Membership Process. Combine this knowledge with her ability to encourage and nudge others towards success through careful compliment and compassionate criticism I believe she would be an asset to the EMEA Regional Membership board. -- akgraner 2010-04-15 01:08:01

  • Laura is involved in many areas of Ubuntu and seems to know everyone there is to know. She is a great judge of character and knows what makes a great member of the Ubuntu community - and she shows this by being one. I would unreservedly support her nomination to the EMEA membership board -- AlanBell

  • Laura is a dedicated Ubuntu Member, I have had the change to work with her n the LoCo Council and the key values that make her fit for the EMEA Regional Membership board is that she is Constant, Accessible and resourceful. I belive she has a great hability to inspire the rest of the group she works with. This definitely makes her a great candidate. -- effie-jayx 2010-04-15 16:08:01

  • Cztab/Laura is a great asset to our LoCo Ubuntu-ie. She is a great help when it comes to getting things done. She has great knowledge of the Ubuntu community. Any time someone is looking to get involved with Ubuntu in our LoCo , Laura works with them finding an area where they can contribute and feel that they are apart of the cmmunity.Laura is super when it comes to events.Not only is she great at organising them, but she also open to other people helping out too. She is more than happy to share her knowledge of event organization. In one sentence , we would not be the active LoCo we are with out her. Jeffrey Roe

  • Laura is part of the reason I'm involved in the Ubuntu community, with all her enthusiasm and encouragement. She's a friendly face to new people and works hard to help them feel part of the community and get them involved. She is always working to expand her own knowledge and understanding, as well. When I got to the point of applying for my membership, she provided good insight, showing how well she understands what makes a good Ubuntu Member. -- pendulum 2010-04-20 10:22:22

  • I first met Laura in Ubuntu Women, but her name crops up in many of the other Ubuntu projects that I am working with. Wherever I encounter her, she's always actively involved and organizing something interesting, or helping new people get started. I believe she is an asset to any team that she is a part of. etali

  • I ran into Laura in Ubuntu Women team, where she very active and always around. Later I realized, she's there wherever I go, whether it be the Community Team, the Loco Council, or Foss Events. Her role in all these teams is commendable. Also, OSSBarcamp is an awesome event that she runs. I believe she's an excellent judge of character and will serve as an amazing board member. All the best of luck Laura. -- nigelbabu 2010-04-20 14:15:10

  • Laura is an energetic, level headed and calming influence to everything she touches. Her enthusiasm for the projects she undertakes is viral, overall she is a good egg. -- DaveWalker

  • Laura is an incredible person, both with her roles within the Ubuntu project and in person. She has shown great leadership skills and faces challenges head-on. She has put tons of effort into the LoCo Council and her love for the community is incredible and contagious! She has been able to meet and exceed every challenge that has been placed in her path, and I feel that the EMEA would absolutely benefit from her knowledge and experience, and would love see her elected. -- itnet7 2010-04-21 12:29:03

  • I am convinced there are 2 Lauras. That is the only way to explain how she gets so much done. I first met her through the Ubuntu Ireland LoCo 3 years ago. She blew me way with how she was able to get things done and organise events. She has been the driving force behind so many great events that have really helped the Ubuntu Ireland LoCo take off in the last few years. Simple put, when Laura is involved, things get done! -- rorymcc 2010-04-21 21:29:30

  • I recently started to go to events in Ireland despite being a long time Linux / Ubuntu user. Laura is responsible for this, her energy and enthusiasm know no bounds. I am now getting more involved in the Irish community thanks to her. I Have now given 2 short talks on Linux translation at OSSbarcamp and the GlobalJam that she has been organising -- laurent.

  • I met Laura for the first time at an Ubuntu Ireland LoCo event last year. She was very welcoming and eased my introduction to the Irish LoCo. I don't believe I have met anyone who is a more passionate and positive advocate for Ubuntu. Her enthusiasm for Ubuntu knows no bounds. She encourages others, in a very positive sense, to become more involved in the community and uses her extensive knowledge and understanding of the community to answer questions with authority. She actively promotes Ubuntu through her own and Ubuntu-ie LoCo events. She is without a doubt an excellent Ubuntu Member and strong driving force within the Ubuntu community. The Ubuntu-ie LoCo owes Laura alot and is very lucky to have her. I believe she would be an excellent addition to the EMEA Regional Membership Board. Mike O'Donohue.

  • Laura's work has been excellent in the LoCo Council, and she has proven herself to be capable in a governance role and help a team keep up to date and succeed in their goals. I think she could transfer these capabilities to the CC too, although I would be concerned about Laura taking *both* CC and LoCo Council roles on and as that would be quite a workload. -- JonoBacon


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