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 1. [[UbuntuSpec:foundations-m-software-center-backend|packagekit as backend for software-center]]  1. [ACCEPTED] [[UbuntuSpec:foundations-m-software-center-backend|packagekit as backend for software-center]]
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 1. [[UbuntuSpec:foundations-m-btrfs-support|btrfs Support]] (seconded by OEM)  1. [ACCEPTED] [[UbuntuSpec:foundations-m-btrfs-support|btrfs Support]] (seconded by OEM)
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 1. [[UbuntuSpec:foundations-m-distributed-development-review-and-planning| Review and Planning for Distributed Development]]  1. [ACCEPTED] [[UbuntuSpec:foundations-m-distributed-development-review-and-planning| Review and Planning for Distributed Development]]

Note: This page is for prioritizing Foundations track UDS-M sessions. For general Maverick planning, please see FoundationsTeam/Maverick/Planning.

Proposed Specs

  1. [ACCEPTED] 10.04 Review - hold this early to aid breakout topics, maybe in the first roundtable

  2. Software Center Dynamic App View

  3. Software Center Dynamic Testing Improvements

  4. Software Center Screenshots for Third-parties

  5. [ACCEPTED] packagekit as backend for software-center

  6. Upstart Q&A UDS session

  7. [ACCEPTED] Finish Upstart (seconded by OEM indirectly for their interest in continued boot performance improvements)

  8. Multiarch Redux

  9. [ACCEPTED] btrfs Support (seconded by OEM)

  10. move CD booting to grub2/gfxterm (ColinWatson)

  11. smoother boot splash via grub2 and a boot framebuffer (ColinWatson, ScottJamesRemnant)

  12. Package Culling - find and aggressively deal with packages whose merges have been lagging for several releases

  13. Discuss testing (seconded by OEM)

  14. Implement the installer redesign spec (EvanDandrea)

  15. Refactor update-notifier - make update-notifier a more modular design (probably with vala), it has out-grown to be a update-notifier since some time (MichaelVogt)

  16. Remove Demoted Packages on Upgrade - We need to explore the removal of demoted packages on upgrade (all, only auto-installed ones, only default installed ones, only unused... how to detect).

  17. Download updates while installing (EvanDandrea)

  18. D-Bus Refactor of release-upgrader - discuss refactoring the release-upgrader backend as a dbus service to improve reliability/responsiveness (MichaelVogt)

  19. Boot Performance/Experience (seconded by OEM)

  20. UEFI Firmware Support

  21. OpenJDK6 updates for older Ubuntu releases (MatthiasKlose)

  22. CD build speed - CD build speed has been creeping back up of late; attack it again

  23. Spring Clean - right after an LTS release is a good time for an aggressive cleanup of things we don't need or that should be extensively refactored

  24. Automated transition testing framework (build, run upstream unit test, 2to3, report on ftbfs and test failures, against any/every python version) (BarryWarsaw)

  25. Migration to Python 3 (BarryWarsaw)

  26. Eliminate symlinks for python-[central (BarryWarsaw). This is a duplicate of foundations-lucid-robust-python-packaging.

  27. Python 2.7 (BarryWarsaw) That should be tested before UDS as a basis for a decision.

  28. Freezing (e.g. cx_freeze) critical dist upgrade tools? (BarryWarsaw)

  29. Drop the IA64 and SPARC community ports

  30. Compile for i686 as the default on i386 - instead of i486

  31. Toolchain decisions for Maverick. May be followed up with architecture specific sessions. (MatthiasKlose)

  32. [ACCEPTED] Review and Planning for Distributed Development

  33. Use Energy Star compliance power settings by default (proposed by OEM)

  34. Use xz compression by default for binary packages (proposed by community member)

  35. Use Swap Files Instead of Swap Partitions (carried over from Karmic)

  36. Better archive crawler (carried over from Lucid)

  37. Improved Platform-Internationalization Collaboration (seconded by OEM)

  38. Enable Hybrid suspend/hibernate by Default (proposed by OEM)

  39. apt Ordering

  40. update-manager Improvements

  41. Speed up downloads of .debs by using apt-sync

  42. Improving the installation process of Edubuntu

  43. Improved server boot

  44. Implement the Open Vulnerability Assessment Language for Ubuntu and derivatives

Accepted Sessions


Declined Sessions


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