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21th September 2014

idrogn (David Gaillard, Ubuntu-fr's President)

cm-t, idrogn, olive, Spineaker, Yoboy

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1. Release Parties

To promote each Ubuntu release, the French community organizes events called "Ubuntu Party" in collaboration with Linux User Groups (LUG). These events can be:

  • a simple restaurant gathering where users meet;

  • an install party to help people upgrade, install or use Ubuntu;

  • courses and workshops on Ubuntu and on free software;

  • lectures on Ubuntu, free software, free culture.

2. Paris Ubuntu Party

  • The Paris Ubuntu Party edition is our biggest event. Twice a year, we organise an Ubuntu Party at the Carrefour Numérique², the FabLab of the Cité des sciences et de l'Industrie (the Paris Science Center). During the whole week-end, people can discover Ubuntu and free software with 14 hours of lectures, 10 hours of courses, 10 hours of workshops,...

  • This event had welcomed between 1.000 and 3.000 guests by edition in 2013/2014.

  • Lectures : we have a fully equiped room designed for talks. The talks are about various subjects from Ubuntu specific projects to more global free software presentations or even lectures about the Internet neutrality or about private life and data protection. We try to make those subjects as attractive as possible by inviting special guests like Jeremie zimmerman (La Quadrature du Net) or Benjamin Bayart(French Data Network).

  • Courses : we have a dedicaced classroom with a computer on the latest Ubuntu release for each participant. We can teach how to take in hand the new Unity, browse the Internet, contribute to Ubuntu, use OpenStreetMap, try the basics of CLI.

  • Demos : we have different areas with demonstrations such as "free try" (12 Ubuntu Unity desktops); "gaming" (eight Ubuntu Unity desktops with Steam and games like Trine2, Frets on Fire,... installed); "technologies showcase" (a prolongation of a given talk with Nexus 4 and Nexus 7 with Ubuntu Phone OS installed).

  • Marketing: we make a 10x10cm flyer to spread ours events with a very customized face, ubuntu OS on the other side :

3. Install Parties

As usual, we have our Install Parties. It's about ~100 installed machines a day with Ubuntu.

4. Ubuntu Hours

An Ubuntu Hour is a local community gathering. We try to promote Ubuntu Hours by frequently hosting this type of event in Paris. So far, it is working well there, but not as well in other cities where similar events are already being held. The Parisian community tries to encourage other local communities on the way to more events like those ones. We have started to announce more and more Hours on social networks and on the loco website and on our forum's event section.

5. Ubuntu-fr involvement in 3rd-party computing events

Focus on the main events

  • RMLL 2014

The RMLL (Rencontres Mondiales du Logiciel Libre, Libre Software Meeting) is a conference to discover and share all the latest news from the field of Libre technologies and to get in touch with development communities. We have a booth that allow us to spread Ubuntu, host talks and sell our goodies. We often host an Ubuntu install party.

The Solutions linux/Open Source Fair takes place every year in Paris, since 1999, and is organized by Tarsus Group plc. It is dedicated to the free software and open source ecosystem, particularly operating systems based on GNU/Linux, and brings together professionals and communities. We have a booth that allow us to spread Ubuntu, launch talks and sell our goodies.

  • JDLL

The Journées du Logiciel Libre in Lyon is an annual event in Lyon hosting lectures and workshops on free software. Ubuntu Lyon have a booth that allow us to spread ubuntu, launch talks and sell our goodies.

  • Premier Samedi du Libre (First Saturday of Free Software)

Monthly free access free software meeting at Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie every first saturday of the month. We host the install party with Parinux, Fedora, Debian and Mageia teams. This project is an Ubuntu-Fr initiative.

6. Ubuntu-fr involvement in 3rd-party non-computer centric events

Focus on the main events

  • Vieilles Charrues 2013 et 2014 (Brittany)

The Vieilles Charrues festival is one of the biggest French music festival. During the festival, Ubuntu-Fr hosts its own booth where we provide Internet access through our Ubuntu Webcafé : 12 fully-equipped computers that were bought on purpose and are at festival-goers' disposal. The 12 Ubuntu webcafé team members get into action to inform festival-goers and answer questions about Ubuntu or about free software in general. We provided showcase of the Ubuntu Phone and the Ubuntu Tablet. We also have goodies and this year we had flyers too. To attract more festival-goers, we also offer temporary tattoos (CoF & Tux). We take pictures to be put on our dedicated website. That way, people can have their "tattooed" picture and share them. For the four days of the festival, our booth represents about 1.000 people reached per day, 4.000 people tattooed and 3.000 flyers handed out without counting artists and all the backstage staff such as coocks, security guards or technicians. We can see more with these below links :
Our Booth in a 3D view !
A lot of amazing pics of our booth during the festival

  • Papillons de Nuit 2013 et 2014 (Normandy)

Since 2010, we have teamed up with the Papillons de Nuit music festival to offer festival-goers Internet access by setting up an Internet café, the Ubuntu Webcafé. We provided showcase of the Ubuntu Phone and the Ubuntu Tablet.

  • Route du Rock 2014 (Normandy)

For the first time this year, we had host a webcafé at the Route du Rock Festival. This webcafé works the same way as the ones of the Vieilles Charues or the Papillons de Nuit.

  • Braderie de Lille 2014 (North)

The Braderie de Lille is Europe's biggest and most famous garage sale. We host a booth to sell our goodies and talk about Ubuntu with both buyers and passersby.

  • Fête de l'humanité 2014 (Paris Area)

We hosted a booth in the Free Software Village during the popular festival organized by the newspaper "L'Humanité".

Relationships with other Free software groups and associations

  • Locoteam Ubuntu
    • - Video meeting with the Ivory Coast team (release party 14.04)
      - Guidance for the organisation of an Ubuntu party in Cameroun (Douala)

  • April, Framasoft, Mozilla, FSFE, FSFF

Online activity


  • Quoted in 30 book.

  • Registeration of the domain name ""
  • portal : is our index page. According to Alexa (on the 2014-08-11), we are now the 7.100th website in the international "globalrank" (8.800 in 2012), 284th in the France rank (342 in 2012).

  • forum : an average of 1 million visitors reaching the forum from Google (according to Google webmasters tools)

  • doc : an average of 1 million visitors reaching the doc from Google (according to Google webmasters tools).HTTPS has recently been set. ~800 edited pages/day .
    Intensive activity creating/deleting pages

  • mailing-listes

Infrastructure We use 16 servers or VMs :

  • 1 server at Telehouse 2 in Paris (this new server belongs to ubuntu-fr)
  • 2 servers at the University Pierre Mendes France in Grenoble (those servers belongs to ubuntu-fr)
  • 2 servers at the University Paris 8 (those servers belongs to ubuntu-fr)
  • 3 VMs hosted by the FSF France in Rennes (doc/forum slave + DB + administration VM)
  • 2 VMs hosted by the University of Nantes (forum / doc slave + DB)
  • 2 servers in Mont de Marsan (Aquitaine) (those servers belongs to ubuntu-fr)
  • 3 servers provided by the Free Fundation (

  • 1 VM hosted by

2. IRC

3. :

Our online store for goodies

4. Social Networks

Since 2012, we have developed some new places in our social networks:


  • French DVD
  • USB keys : we are teamed up with the parisian FabLab Carrefour Numérique² to engrave the keys with the Ubuntu logo.

  • Aluminium Stickers (they will be redesigned soon.)
  • New Ubuntu-fr T-Shirts : the 10 years edition


Our association has changed its board and now has more than 90 active members, and more to come !

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