Members meetings/Workshop

Every thursday evening, French Ubuntu members from Paris meet each others at the Fondation for Human progres under Contribution to Free projects Evening (alongside of Parinux particulary) March, 03rd@Atelier (Paris): Workshops meetup and members userspace March, 10th@Atelier (Paris) Workshops Ubuntu Party and members userspace March, 17th@Atelier (Paris): Review progress on projects, Free Day preparation March, 24th@Atelier (Paris): Start of the work on Ubuntu project booklet March, 31th@Atelier (Paris): Scribus formation (booklet), Ubuntu Party preparation and Team Reports

Board meetings

The new Board elected on February 21 met all weeks, especially for treating the following topics: March, 01st: Review of hot issues, signing and sending of the minutes of the General Meeting March, 08th: Events of Week 12 preparation March, 15th: Review of partnerships and communication products March, 22th:: Review the events, goodies, communications equipment, partnerships and administrative March, 29th: Update on events, DVD, USB sticks and goodies orders, administrative

Public Events

There've been many public events organized in partnership (or not) with other structures this month: March, 05th@Paris: Premier Samedi du Libre (eng. First Saturday of Free Software) March, 05th@Rouen: Micro Ubuntu Install Party March, 23th@Paris: First Meetup for professionals, with Canonical and (~ 40 pers) March, 23-27th@Paris: Ubuntu-fr Webcafé in front of the City Hall (~ 150 pers/day)

Micro Ubuntu Install Party Rouen (March, 5th 2016)Meetup Pro with Canonical & (March, 23th 2016) Ubuntu-fr Webcafé in front of the City Hall (March, 23th-27th 2016)Ubuntu-fr Webcafé in front of the City Hall (March, 23th-27th 2016) Website Rental of a pair of additional servers for infrastructure consolidation (especially for MX and monitoring) Pre-order form for Ubuntu 16.04 LTS DVDs and USB keys

Miscellaneous Ubuntu Party Paris in France 4 (Public Channel) TV report Order of 5000 'Ubuntu-fr' stickers for distribution Purchase of two banners with the COF for outdoor events Spotting in Morlaix for a possible Webcafé Ubuntu at Panoramas 2017 Opening conference call for Ubuntu Party Paris 16.05 Preparation for JDLL Steps with prefecture and Credit Mutuel done following the change of the association Board Steps with Banque postale to close the bank account First membership corporation: wda-fr Depot of 6000 ubuntu party flyers in digital spaces in Paris (with our partner StreetDispatch)

Ubuntu Party Paris in France 4 TV report

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