See our Submit page for ways to submit a story to The Fridge.

Rough guidelines

The Fridge is seen as an official Ubuntu news source. All The Fridge editors are well experienced in the Ubuntu community. However, here are a few questions to ask when writing/approving a story:

  • Is it in the spirit of the CoC?
  • Can we be proud of the quality of the writing?
  • Is the subject something the community is happy to be associated with?
  • Do we believe the story to be accurate and fair?
  • Does this story speak to our target audiences?

Approving a story

  1. An editor enters the story into the moderation queue.
  2. Second editor reviews the story, checking facts and following any links.
  3. If the story is controversial, or technically in-depth, a third editor should check, with possible reference to #ubuntu-devel.
  4. Any necessary amendments are made.
  5. Second editor rechecks then approves the story, if appropriate.

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