We have several methods for people to submit stories to be published.

Method: Submit via email to

Description: This method is the same as with the old Fridge. It has the advantage of allowing all people involved with the News Team to see it, which increases the chances of it getting posted to the Fridge quickly. The potential downside to this method is that all messages sent to this mailing list are available in a public archive ( This means that the submitters message, name, and email address are made public, and you can't submit stories anonymously.

Method: Submit in #ubuntu-news on

Description: Most members of the News Team idle in #ubuntu-news on If you request a story get published on the Fridge in this channel, it is very likely that an Editor will get it posted. Some disadvantages of this method are that not all Editors are in the channel 24/7, so they might miss the request. It is also hard to submit more than just a link to an article to be reposted via this method. However, this method does allow users to submit articles relatively anonymously (their IP address is public and the request is logged on, but there is no real name or email address made public).

Method: Use the 'ubuntu' account on

Description: The new Fridge comes with a special account that is available for everyone in the community to use. This account allows people to write, format, tag, and preview stories right on the Fridge. To do this, simply go here ( and login with username:ubuntu and password:ubuntu. Write up your story as you would if writing a normal blog post on a Wordpress blog. When you are done, 'Preview' your post. If everything looks good, hit 'Submit for Review'. Once you do this, be sure to notify a Fridge editor (most likely using one of the previous two methods) about the post (possibly including a link to your post to make things easier/faster). The editor will then preview the post and publish it if it looks good. The disadvantages to this method are that it takes a bit more time to submit an article. However, this method is also one of the best for minimizing the time between requesting something get published and the time of publication (due to minimizing the work involved for the editor). This method is also one of the few that makes it easy to properly format the article you are submitting to be published.

Method: Email

Description: If none of the above methods work for you, you can email as a last resort. Several Fridge Editors have access to this account, and check it for new submissions. The benefit to this method is that it allows people to submit stories via email without having their email displayed in a public archive (like with The downside to this method is that only a few editors have access to this account.

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