Something about me

I was born in Guarujà (Brazil) in 1983 but soon moved to Italy; I have lived in Milan, Monza, Modena and I've been living in lucca for 9 years now.

In "real life", I obtained a degree in General Physics in Pisa with a work on the characterization of silicon photomultipliers.

Computers have always been my passion; I first installed linux 7 years ago and I started using Ubuntu since Warty Warthog. After using Debian Sid for a year during Edgy/Feisty release, I now switched back to Gutsy. I think I have reached a quite profound knowledge of linux and its tools and sometimes I write some little bash scripts that are only useful to me, in all likelihood. Smile :)

Contribution to the Community

I'm an ubuntero and member of the Italian Team.

My main occupation in the Ubuntu Community is giving support on the #ubuntu-it IRC channel (since 2005); I joined that channel first when I installed Warty and I've almost always been there since then. I have become an operator on #ubuntu-it on late 2006 (if I remember correctly). In these days we are defining the new structure of #ubuntu-it-* channels and their administration and two other ops and I are leading this process. The italian review "Dietro le quinte", inspired from BehindUbuntu, asked me for an interview that will be ready in a few days.

Years ago I made some translations for the Italian wiki, but as of now I think they are obsoleted... Smile :) I would like to contribute to translations in the near future, probably focusing on FCM.

I'm an Ubuntu member since November, 29th 2007

Packaging activity

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LP: #211910


Hardy FFe


LP: #211910


Hardy FFe


LP: #229050


Merge accepted


LP: #228482

Merge accepted


LP: #229260


Merge requested


Email: <no0tic AT SPAMFREE ubuntu DOT com>

IRC: no0tic on (#ubuntu-it, ubuntu-it-chat)


Cheers for Ubuntu Membership

  • Gabriele is a very active person. He's doing a GREAT job in the italian community providing support in the channell of support irc and wiki. Nice work, Gabriele! Smile :)

-- PalmaSalvatore 2007-11-28 17:32:45

Gabriele plays a very important role in the Italian IRC channels, spending a lot of time supporting users. He has played an important role in the recent IRC team's reorganization (in fact he's one of it's administrators Wink ;) ), too, and he definitely does a very good work for the whole community!

-- LorenzoSfarra 2007-11-28 19:01:57

Gabriele is very active in the Italian community, a very gentle person on the IRC channel and one of the founder of the newsly IRC team insede the Italian community. He's applying fot the Italian Translation Team and he's doing a great work there too. -- Milo 2007-11-28 19:39:19 Milo


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