We want to make sure we have the latest and greatest of the Galago framework in Ubuntu. The current versions in Debian and Ubuntu are quite old and not complete at all. Pushing them out to users will get us working closer with upstream and improve the Desktop Experience.


Galago is a desktop presence framework, designed to transmit presence information between programs. It takes information on who is online and their away/idle states from an instant messenger (such as gaim) or other similar programs and lets other programs (such as Evolution) to make use of it.

Use cases

Oliver receives an e-mail from a friend who is in his buddy list. He'll be able to immediately tell their online status.


The aim of the spec is to integrate Galago into Ubuntu and get it updated regularly. Once all the modules are in place we can get it tested and evaluate its usefullness for main


The implementation of this spec just involves packaging tasks as outlined below.


First the DesktopTeam will merge and update the following source packages to the newest upstream version (0.5.0 on Jun 20th):

  • galago-sharp

  • libgalago

Then use the following source packages from Debian and update them to the newest version:

  • galago-daemon

  • libgalago-gtk

The next step will be to package these modules:

  • eds-feed,

  • gaim-galago,

  • galago-gtk-sharp,

  • galago-python,

  • galago-gtk-python

Data preservation and migration

For evaluation purposes and for a probable period of maturing, most of the modules can stay in Universe.

Outstanding issues


BoF agenda and discussion


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