Ubuntu Professional, Course 1 & 2, The official training course for system administrators

Geneva, Switzerland was the setting for the pilot courses of the Ubuntu Professional, Course 1 & 2, The official training course for system administrators being developed by Lynux Training Sarl Billy Cina, Canonical's Training Programs Manager, gathered together a diverse group of sample students (mostly community members),and subject matter experts to test drive the material. The days were long, suggestions were fast and furious and after eight (although it seemed longer) days in a small classroom we were all satisfied that our efforts would go along ways to creating a better final product. (That and our brains were really, really tired!) Billy reported that she is hoping for an April rollout of the courses to certified Training Partners. Lynux Training has been developing the course material based on their existing LPI 101 and 102 classes and adding in the Ubuntu specific material to address the new Ubuntu Certified Professional LPI 199 test objectives. Part of the challenge they have taken on is trying to overlay the new Ubuntu specific material with a distribution neutral approach by LPI in the 101 and 102 objectives.

The lucky participants in the pilot were Belinda Lopez from Texas, Mark Van de BorreMark Van Den Borre from Belgium, Dennis Kaarsemaker from The Netherlands, Yann Hamon from France, Berndt Schaechtele from Germany, Etienne Goyer from Canonical in Montreal, Billy Cina from Canonical in London, and Christophe Sahut, an instructor from Lynux Training Sarl. During the few hours ofdown time over the weekend Christophe took us for some sightseeing in the French mountains. It was here that the rumors of an Ubuntu Boy Band World Tour began. On the final evening of our time together Mark and Dennis serended the group with a wonderful version of Monty Python's "Always look on the Bright Side of Life". It was a great message to wrap up the pilot and keep us smiling all the way home.

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