Making a Gnome Launchpad frontend that allows :

  • beginners to report bug easily (and to create a LP account)
  • bug triagers to work quickly and in a more efficient way that in their browser

This Spec is part of LionelDricot SummerofCode2006

In the first time, the frontend will focuse only on Malone.


Use cases

  • Vlad uses Ubuntu. He has a problem and he thinks it's a bug. He want to report it.
  • Igor is member of the Bugsquad team. He follows a lot of bugs, want to see new bugs for some packages, ...
  • Alice subscribes to a large number of bugs, and would like to be able to quickly review and edit the status of the bugs locally.
  • Bob spends his spare time answering Ubuntu Support requests, and would like to manage his support queue and track the associated bugs.
  • Chris has uploaded bazquux-7.2.8-4ubuntu3 and wants to see the progress of the buildds.



The work is divided in two independant part : UI design and LP protocol design.

User interface

At first, we will have two main interface : the "report" interface and the "browse". They are as different as the "compose mail" and the "inbox" of evolution are. People will be allowed to use one without seeing the other. Reporting a bug and browsing in Ubuntu bug are two differents and distincts actions.



  • The implementation will be done in Python, using Kiwi (a/o PyGtk)


Data preservation and migration

Outstanding issues

BoF agenda and discussion

  • An "Attach Screenshot of Window..." button that minimizes the tool's window, turns the cursor into an X, takes a screenshot of the next window you click on, unminimizes the tool's window, and shows a thumbnail of the screenshot that will be attached to the bug report when it is submitted. -- MatthewPaulThomas


  • A deb package, installable on Edgy, that contains the software
  • A clear documentation about writing a backend for the software. (if another distro want to reuse it, for example)

Out of scope :

  • Integration with other software are out of the scope of this SoC. (like launching it automatically when a programm crashes)


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