Purpose: create an Ubuntu Handout to describe to parents and youth the use of Ubuntu at Mission Beacon.

Scope: one page black and white handout to post and give out free copies at the parent computer (left of the front desk); also post near the computers with an electronic (linked) version eventually posted at http://www.missionbeacon.org/computers. This may become longer or provide more information (via the web page only) to cover everything in language that is helpful and not overwhelming to both parents and youth.

Share and Share Alike: Consider uploading finished product to Spread Ubuntu


What is Ubuntu?

  • Description from ubuntu.com Sponsored and lead by Canonical Ltd.. Community developed Linux distribution project. Description from wikipedia

  • Name comes from a Southern African philosophy (includes a video of Nelson Mandela).

  • Why use it? Tours of desktop, netbook and server versions.

    • beliefs driving development and "Light" brand values

    • secure (no viruses)
    • translations including Spanish.

    • linux operating system - what is an OS?
    • open source software, copyright, licensing, EULA
    • ties to social justice, data safety

What software are youth using?

  • Firefox web browser
  • open office suite
  • hundreds more features

Home Use, Learning More


  • what you might have heard
  • how are these computers set up?
  • We use Long Term Support (LTS) releases

release chart

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