Approval Application for Greek Team (ubuntu-gr)

The Greek Ubuntu LoCo team started in 2005 with a simple website and a mailing list. Since then our LoCo has become one of the largest FOSS communities in Greece. We run a website, a wiki, a mailing list, a forum and an irc channel so we can exchange ideas, promote Ubuntu and FOSS in general, support users and help the development to Ubuntu.

Key Details


  • Mailing List - More than 350 members and 2000+ posts in 2010

  • Forum - 5500+ members and 125000+ posts since May 2008, 730000+ visits since September 2009


Activities 2008-2010

Ubuntu Greek Community Magazine
(Official Site)

8 Issues since November 2008


Booth and talk at FOSCOMM 2010 at Thessaloniki and FOSCOMM 2009 at Larissa. FOSCOMM is the Greek FLOSS communities conference

Ubuntu Brochure
We composed an elegant brochure with the aim of promoting Ubuntu to the average users and 3.000 brochures have been printed with the donations of LoCo team's members

Ubuntu Translations

We completed in April 2010 the translation of Ubuntu-specific packages that come with the default Ubuntu distribution.

Ubuntu Translation quality testing

Optimised Ubuntu Linux in Greek for at least 800x600 resolution.

Ubuntu Manual

Full translation of the Ubuntu Manual (Getting Started with Ubuntu 10.04 v.1) in Greek , you can find the pdf here

Website administration and maintenance

We run a Drupal website at, a documentation Wiki at (by the WebTeam)


Our Ubuntu-gr forum started in mid-May 2008 and currently we have over 5500 members and 125000 posts in 11000+ threads. WebTeam

CD shipping

We distribute our Loco CD package to events all around Greece. (by Zissis Vardakas)

Mailing list management

We run a mailing list at (by Giorgos Logiotatidis)

Ubuntu Bug Day

Participated in an Ubuntu Bug Day and busted most of the bugs (by Simos Xenitellis (simosx)

Release Parties

Lucid Lynx

Athens - May 9


Patras - 9 May

Karmic Koala

Athens - November 1

Jaunty Jackalope

Athens - April 26

Thessalloniki - April 26

Patras - May 3

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