2012 ReApproval Application for the Greek Team (Ubuntu-gr)

The Greek Ubuntu LoCo team started in 2005 with a simple website and a mailing list. Since then our LoCo has become one of the largest FOSS communities in Greece. We run a website, a wiki, a mailing list, a forum and an irc channel so we can exchange ideas, promote Ubuntu and FOSS in general, support users and help the development to Ubuntu.

Key Details

Our Projects


  • Mailing List - More than 430 mailing list members and 5000 messages in total (in 2010, 350 mailing list members and about 2,000 posts)

  • Forum - 9,500 members posted 240,000 posts in 21,000 topics (since the start in May 2008)


  1. Organise more meetings (non-virtual) of our members.
  2. Recruit new members to take leading roles in the community.
  3. Complete the translation of Ubuntu Manual to Greek and make it broadly available in electronic and print form.
  4. Assist our top contributors to apply for Ubuntu Members.

Activities 2010-2012

  • Ubuntistas

The Magazine of Ubuntu Greek Community
(Official Site)

14 Issues since November 2008

  • Conferences/Festivals


Booth and two presentations from our members at FOSCOMM 2011 at Patra and FOSCOMM 2012 at Serres. FOSCOMM is the Greek FLOSS communities conference. More photos here.

Ubuntu booth at Serres 2012


Booth from our members at OpenFest 2011 at TEI of Piraeus. Openfest is a festival for open source software in Greek educational community. It is organized by postgraduate students from the Department of Electronic Computer Systems Engineering of TEI of Piraeus. More photos here.

Ubuntu booth at Openfest 2011 2012

  • Other events

preRelease party & Presentation for Unity

An open meeting in Athens from our members with a presentation about Unity and the oncoming new Release. The aim of this event was to discuss about Ubuntu and to introduce Ubuntu to the populace. More photos here.

Our members are smiling

Ubuntu-gr in Kastoria

Members of our community participated in an event dedicated in Ubuntu which organized by Kastoria's Linux team (March 2012). More photos here.

@Kastoria's Linux team place

Ubuntu-gr in Koropi

Members attended a technology meetup at the Municipality of Koropi and presented the Ubuntu-gr community.(photos)

  • Ubuntu Global Events

Ubuntu Global Jam

Our community participated in Ubuntu Global Jam on 4th March 2012 in Athens and on 2nd April 2011 in Preveza.

Release parties

Release parties are organized in every release to places all around Greece.

  • Translation project

Translation teams

Our community manage two translation teams: Ubuntu Greek Translator Starters team with 198 members and Ubuntu Greek Translators with 31 members.

Ubuntu Translations

We completed in April 2012 the translation of Ubuntu-specific packages that come with the default Ubuntu distribution. The Ubuntu 12.04 is fully translated in the Greek language.

Ubuntu Desktop Guide

We completed in December 2012 the translation of the Ubuntu Desktop Guide into Greek. 25 people took part, and in 2 weeks we translated over 50,000 words. On-line documentation here.

Take a tour

The web page take-the-tour is fully translated and customized in Greek language. Click here if you want to run Ubuntu 12.04 from your web browser in Greek language.

Unity poster

We translate the english poster in Greek language. Here is the Greek poster as .png, .pdf and .odp

Ubuntu Translation quality testing

Several members tested the Greek translation on Ubuntu 12.04 Alpha/Beta versions and we fixed/enhanced many messages

  • Internet services

Website administration and maintenance

We run a Drupal website at, a documentation Wiki at (by the WebTeam)


Our Ubuntu-gr forum started in May 2008 and currently we have over 9,500 members and 240,000 posts in 21,000 threads. WebTeam

Mailing list management

We run a mailing list at (moderated by Simos Xenitellis)

  • CDs and other materials

CD shipping

We distribute our Loco CD package to events all around Greece in which our community participate in but also we sent cds in many activity LUGS and Linux teams. (by Zissis Vardakas and George Christofis)

Canonical gift

As an approval team we receive the gift of one PVC banner and one table cloth.

The Official Ubuntu Book

Our team received two books from Canonical.

Ubuntu Brochure

The brochure have been printed with the donations of LoCo team's members and delivered in all events of our community.

  • Teams of Ubuntu-gr

Ubuntistas team

This team is consist of members in aim to work in the magazine of our community. Ubuntistas team is created in September 2008 and since then the Ubuntistas magazine has 14 issues.

Wiki team

This team is created in September 2011 with the aim to maintain and administer our Wiki page ( The Wiki team has a project in progress to refresh the wiki. They already cleared the Wiki from pages that were old or useless and now they are trying to change its look and refresh several pages and add other.

Art/Graphics team

Created on September 2011, aims to design artwork for the projects of our community. Contributed updated logos, t-shirt designs, objects for MakeBot and more. The logos and newest artwork is here.

Release Parties

Ubuntu 12.04 «Precise Pangolin»

Athens 20/May/2012 (photos)

Athens Release party 12.04

Lamia 21/May/2012 (photos)

Lamia Release party 12.04

Ubuntu 11.10 «Oneiric Ocelot»

Athens 6/11/2011 (photos)

Ocelot's cake on fire!

Athens Release party 11.10

Ubuntu 11.04 «Natty Narwhal»

Athens 15/May/2011 (photos)

Athens Release party 11.04

Thessaloniki 15/May/2011 (photos)

Thessaloniki Release party 11.04

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