Unfortunately, this program has been cancelled. If you wish to request a banner and tablecloth, please submit a Community Donations Application at

A one off gift will be given to all APPROVED Teams from Canonical, in order to receive this gift you will need to get your Team Contact person to email when once the gifts are ready with the following Details. This page is being created to list the amount of teams that will need a banner. The following information is requested

  • Loco name
  • Contact person
  • Full postal address including post/zip code
  • Telephone number of contact
  • Any other relevant shipping info (e.g. CPF number for Brazil)

Please add your team information below in ALPHABETICAL ORDER

Team Name

Contact Name

Email Address

Any other relevant information

Argentina LoCo

Guillermo Lisi

<guillermolisi AT ubuntu DOT com>

Arizona LoCo Team

Asturian LoCo Team


<marcos AT ubuntu-ast DOT org>

Belgian Local Community Team

Jan Claeys

Catalan LoCo Team

Rafael Carreras

China LoCo Team

Eleanor Chen

chenyueg AT ubuntu DOT com

Colorado Ubuntu Local Team

David Overcash

<dovercash AT ubuntu DOT com>

Florida LoCo Team

Chris Crisafulli

itnet7 at ubuntu dot com

Georgia LoCo

German Ubuntu LoCo Team

Grupo Ubuntu Nicaragua

Marcelo Gutierrez

mmgc84 a7 gmai1 d0t c0m

Indiana LoCo Team

Kurdish Kurmanji Team

Pennsylvania - US LoCo Team

Russian Team


<a.balmashnov AT gmail DOT com>

South African Ubuntu team

David Rubin

drubin at ubuntu com

Thai Loco Team

Ubuntu Australian Loco team

Jared Norris

jrnorris at gmail dot com

Ubuntu Austria LoCo team

Ubuntu Bangladesh

Ubuntu Brazil


<andregondim AT ubuntu DOT com>

Ubuntu California

Elizabeth Krumbach

Ubuntu Canada

Ralph Janke

<txwikinger AT ubuntu DOT com>

Ubuntu Chicago LoCo Team

Richard Johnson

<nixternal AT ubuntu DOT com>

Ubuntu Chile

Ubuntu China LoCo Team

Eleanor Chen

<chenyueg AT ubuntu DOT com>

Ubuntu Colombia

Andres Mujica

<andres.mujica AT ubuntu DOT com>

Ubuntu Croatian Advocates

Ubuntu Czech Republic


Ubuntu Denmark

Flemming Christensen

<fc AT stromata DOT dk>

Fabersvej 8, DK-7100 Vejle

Ubuntu Ecuador Team

Pedro Franco

<pmfranco AT fybsistemas-ec DOT com>

Ubuntu El Salvador Team

Ubuntu Finland


timo dot jyrinki at iki dot fi

Ubuntu France


<christophe.sauthier AT ubuntu DOT com>

Ubuntu Greece

Michael Kotsarinis

<mk73628 AT gmail DOT com>

Ubuntu Honduras

Diego Turcios

<diegoturcios AT ubuntu DOT com>

Ubuntu Hungary

László Torma

<tormalaszlo AT ubuntu DOT com>

Ubuntu Indiana


simon dot a dot ruiz at gmail dot com

or MichaelSchultheiss

Ubuntu Indonesian Team

Ubuntu Iranian Team

Ubuntu Ireland

Rory McCann

Ubuntu Israel


ddorda AT ubuntu DOT com

Ubuntu Italy

Milo Casagrande

<milo AT ubuntu DOT com>

Ubuntu Japanese Team

Jun Kobayashi

<jkbys AT ubuntu DOT com>

Ubuntu Kentucky LoCo Team

Ubuntu Korean Team

SeoWon Jung

jswlinux AT gmail DOT com

Jason Jang also

Ubuntu Malaysia LoCo Team


Ubuntu Maryland LoCo Team

Ubuntu Moroccan Team

Ubuntu Nederland

Sense Hofstede

Ubuntu New Mexico Team

Ubuntu New York State LoCo

Charles Profitt

Ubuntu Norge

Rubén Romero

huayra AT ubuntu D.t com

Ubuntu North Carolina LoCo Team


Ubuntu Ohio LoCo Team

Ubuntu Oregon LoCo Team


Ubuntu Peru


Ubuntu Polish LoCo Team

Ubuntu Portugal

Flavio Martins

<xhaker AT gmail DOT com>

Ubuntu Quebec

Fabian Rodriguez

<-- see here for contact information

Ubuntu Romanian Local Team

Alexandru Cucu

alexandru.cucu AT ubuntu DOT ro

Ubuntu Srbija LoCo Team

Bojan Bogdanović

Ladislav Urošević

Ubuntu Sweden LoCo Team

Pontus Ohman

Ubuntu Swiss Team

Myriam Schweingruber

Ubuntu Taiwan LoCo Team

Ubuntu Tamil Team

Ubuntu Team Philippines


Ubuntu Tunisian LoCo Team


zied.alaya AT ubuntu DOT com

Ubuntu Turkey

Ubuntu UK


<DaveWalker AT ubuntu DOT com>

Ubuntu United States - NJ

Ubuntu Utah LoCo Team

Ubuntu Venezuela Team

Cesar Sevilla

Ubuntu Vietnam




Uruguay LoCo Team

Pablo Capeluto

Or PabloRubianes

Washington,DC LoCo


Use Launchpad

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