2014 ReVerification Application for the Greek Team (Ubuntu-gr)

The Greek Ubuntu LoCo team started in 2005 with a simple website and a mailing list. Since then our LoCo has become one of the largest FOSS communities in Greece. We run a website, a wiki (in maintenance), a mailing list, a forum and an irc channel. We are also active on social media so we can exchange ideas, promote Ubuntu and FOSS in general, support users and help Ubuntu development.

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Our Projects


  • Mailing List - More than 440 mailing list members and more than 6.500 messages in total (in 2012 430 members with 5.000 posts, in 2010 350 members and about 2,000 posts)

  • Forum - 11,750 members posted ~310.500 posts in 26.700 topics since the start in May 2008 (9.500 members in 2012, 240.000 posts in 21.000 topics)


  1. Organize more meetings (non-virtual) of our members
  2. Encourage members to participate and organize events in their towns
  3. Participate on the next Fosscomm conferences and other events
  4. Continue working in our projects and the release of our magazine
  5. Encourage and assist new members in taking leading roles in the community
  6. Keep the Ubuntu translated in Greek language
  7. Assist our top contributors to apply for Ubuntu Membership

Activities 2012-2014

  • Ubuntistas

Greek Ubuntu Community's magazine.
(Official Site)

18 Issues since November 2008

Since issue 13 the magazine is also available in Ubuntu software center

  • Conferences/Festivals

Fosscomm 2013 - Athens

Our participation included a booth and an install event. We also attended the conference's round table discussion alongside several other FOSS communities in Greece. Ubuntu-gr community was represented by the LoCo contact. More photos here.

Ubuntu booth at Fosscomm 2013

Fosscomm 2014 - Lamia

We participated with a booth and a preview of Ubuntu 14.04 on a laptop. More photos here.

Ubuntu booth at Fosscomm 2014

Fosscomm 2014

  • Other events

2013 & 2014

Vasilopita 2014

Vasilopita 2013

Tech Kids Day

A day dedicated to kids, in which we participated with a presentation and installation of Ubuntu 12.10 to parents and middle school children. We also played with small kids using education applications

Playing with little friends!

Meteorological stations

In September 2012, lepidas member with the community's support installed a meteorological station with a rotated webcam in an old pc at Distrato (mountainous village near Vassilitsa's snow center ) which was running on Ubuntu Server 12.04 (recently the pc was replaced by a cubieboard and now the weather station runs on Debian Wheezy). Since then lepidas has installed 3 mroe stations in Thourio/Oresiada, Avdella/Grevena and Pades/Ioannina

Sticker on site!

  • Ubuntu Global Events

Ubuntu hours
Nea Philadelphia & Peristeri

Nea Philadelphia


Ubuntu Global Jam
S-series & T-series



Mini-Install fest
at Fosscomm 2013

Installing Ubuntu 13.04 alongside with Windows 8 and Secure Boot ON

Windows 8 and Secure Boot ON

  • Translation project

Translation teams

Our community manages two translation teams: Ubuntu Greek Translator Starters team with 235 members (198 in 2012) and Ubuntu Greek Translators with 30 members.

Ubuntu Translations

We almost completed (~96%) the translation in Greek language of Ubuntu-specific packages that come with the default Ubuntu distribution.

Translations meetings

We organize at least two translation meetings on IRC before every release. The main purpose for this is to help newer translators with the familiarization and knowledge of the translation process and promote cooperative working.

Ubuntu Desktop Guide

We work on the package and we have almost translated 92% of the Ubuntu Desktop Guide into Greek

Ubuntu Translation quality testing

Several members and our QA team tested the Greek translation on Ubuntu 14.04 Alpha/Beta versions and we fixed/enhanced many messages

  • DVDs and other materials

DVD shipping

We distribute our Loco CD package to events all around Greece in which our community participates. We also send dvds in other active LUGS and Linux teams. (by George Christofis )

Conference packs

We received 2 conference packs in order to equip our booth on Fosscomm 2013 and Fosscomm 2014


Our team has three copies of «The Official Ubuntu Book» (5th, 6th and 7th Edition) and one copy of «The Official Ubuntu Server Book»

Ubuntu-gr t-shirts

The white

The black

T-shirts in action

Ubuntu-gr Conference cards

Beautiful cards for our lanyards!

Conference Card


We create and print posters about how to create an Ubuntu bootable USB and also we translate and print the poster for Unity usage

Bootable usb        poster for Unity

  • Teams of Ubuntu-gr

Ubuntistas team

This team consists of members aiming to work on our community's magazine. Ubuntistas team was created in September 2008 and since then the Ubuntistas magazine has published 18 issues

Wiki team

This team was created in September 2011 with the aim to maintaining and administering our Wiki page ( The Wiki team has a project in progress to refresh the wiki

Art/Graphics team

Created on September 2011, with the aim of designing community projects artwork. The team has contributed updated logos and banners, future release countdowns and t-shirt designs. Also, the amazing figures on our Release party cakes belong to the team.

Release Parties






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