My name is Hilario J. Montoliu. I'm a 32 years old GNU/Linux junkie since 1997. I've been using Debian on my server, and Mandrake as the desktop distro since almost the very beginning. It wasn't until last summer when I tested Ubuntu. Since then I'm in love with this superb distribution and the friendship of its people.

My Launchpad Profile is at

You can also contact me on IRC at #ubuntu-mozillateam (hjmf on network

Finally, you can read some random thoughts at


Having fun.

Learning every day a bit more (or much more).

Helping people joining and enjoying the GNU/Linux world.

Giving back to the GNU/Linux Community part of all it gives to me.


I'm an active member of the Mozilla Team (wiki: MozillaTeam); most of my work in this team is dedicated to triage the mozilla related crashes (more). My involvement in this group implies being part of the Mozilla Council.

Here is a couple of bug reports triaged as an example of my work:

  • bug #120971: last example of bug triage at the moment of writing this text (firefox crash at edgy).

  • bug #117575: Non crash triage example. Includes upstream opening of a bug report and a proposed patch.

Lately, and related also to Mozilla Team, I'm working in the Firefox Apport Hook (see bug #88506), and helping in the Firefox Add-On Support blueprint.

Other groups where I'm involved are:

I've done some Spanish translations too (more).

To Do

Keep investing most of my free time for Ubuntu (as I'm currently doing) to bring back all the fun it gives to me.

Learn loads of stuff I still have to learn.


AlexanderSack ( asac )

Hilario's contributions in mozillateam are highly visible (through loads of bugmail produced by him) and unquestionable outstanding. Besides what you can see in his bug karma, he is pretty good at coding and learning new stuff as well. For instance, he implemented automatic-retracing for us long before apport auto retracers have been invented; first he did this using shell scripts ... later by using python-launchpad-bugs.

Even better, he started to help on mozilla related packaging lately and again proved his script-fu skills by fixing a really tricky bug in the upstream firefox start script (bug 117575 + mozilla bug 384304).

So obviously, I fully backup his application for ubuntu membership. His contributions have been constant and of high quality; I am sure he will continue to do so in future.

John Vivirito ( gnomefreak )

I think Hilario(hjmf) is a great canidate for ubuntu memebership for his work on the Mozilla Team has been great and he has done alot, with apport-retracing by running them with apport-retrace commands and writing scripts to automate the retracing for edgy and feisty retraces now he is working on firefox apport hooks. His bug triaging has been nothing but outstanding.


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