Welcome to the home of the Ubuntu Mozilla Team, we are the guys and gals that deal with most of the requests based on Mozilla software. We are dedicated to triaging, fixing, testing, and providing support for all the applications throughout the suite. Please see our road map for tasks we are working on. It is a vast operation as these applications are highly visible within Ubuntu, however it's a challenge that we all relish.


On IRC, on the Freenode server at #ubuntu-mozillateam.

Getting Involved

Bug Reporting

The bug reporting page contains useful information on how you can report bugs in a way that will helps the team to process them more efficiently.

Bug Triage

If you want to join the Mozilla Team or just want to help out, triaging bugs is a fairly easy task that always needs to be done. Information on bug triaging can be found on triage procedures.

Bug Fixing

The next step is fixing the properly triaged issue reports, more information can be found on our development page.

Quality Assurance

We document our QA procedures in MozillaTeam/QA

Preview Testing

The last step is testing our new build before pushing them in the Ubuntu repositories. We have a set of preview archives for testing recent fixes.

Trunk Testing

We don't provide prebuilt binary packages for the main firefox development line (aka trunk).

To test trunk (e.g. firefox 3.0 alpha) you can build the latest bzr sources. See MozillaTeam/BuildTrunk for instructions.

Wiki Maintenance

At the present moment the wiki is growing quickly, we need a few more people to help get it into shape, please see our wiki standards page for more information.

Mozilla extensions

We used to try to include a lot of extensions in the Ubuntu archive; that's no longer the case. There are some key ones, like Ubufox, Unity-*, etc.

I've deleted most of the pages regarding extentions from 2008, but a few looked like they could still be useful under MozillaTeam/Extensions/List


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