Video Cards

Note: Most nVidia-cards will work if you just install the nvidia-glx ("nvidia-glx-legacy" for older cards) package, and run this command: "sudo nvidia-glx-config enable"

Note: For most 3D requirements the system will work, but slowly unless you install the binary driver for your video card. See the BinaryDriverHowto for information on how to install binary drivers for your video card. This is true for at least ATI, NVIDIA and 3DLabs cards.

Note: Some video chipsets have buggy VGA BIOS implementations; they may render text consoles incorrectly, especially when connected to flat-screen displays (including laptop LCDs). Depending on your localization, you may be able to work around this at the LiveCD boot prompt by typing "live debian-installer/framebuffer=false".

http://free3d.org has more information about video cards with 3D acceleration that work with free software.

The Free Software Foundation publish a list of Free Video Cards which do not require binary drivers.


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